GTA V UK sales shocker with Tesco dominance

Product-Reviews writes: We all know that Tesco has become a fantastic way of picking up a new game at a reduced price upon launch. We have seen it with Call of Duty and FIFA in recent years and it looks like Tesco has once again had the last laugh against retail rivals GAME in relation to Rockstar's latest effort.

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tr00p3r1791d ago

Who still buys their games at GAME anyway with Tesco's crazy prices? Can pick up a cooked chicken and a Red bull with the price differences.

danswayuk1791d ago

Stupid really when you consider GAME is all about games, so should be able to deliver lower prices, but I guess this is the power of supermarkets.

tr00p3r1791d ago

GAME lost their mojo years ago. It's a rip off whenever I go in there.

Zichu1791d ago

The problem with stores that only sell games and consoles, is that people go in there just for a game or a console.

When you walk into a supermarket for a game, you most likely won't just walk out with a game. You might get a snack or two, a drink, etc. This is where supermarkets get there money from, they can afford to keep certain products low and rely on other products to get them more money. Then you get tricked into the buy 1 get 1 half price "deals".

sephiroth4201791d ago

its a shame, the supermarkets will pay! but for the mean time ima get my games from there if they;re cheaper.

pompombrum1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Exactly, not to mention I bet tesco don't harass you multiple times about their special deals when you go to get the game at midnight either.

Just like businesses are there to make money, consumers are there to get the best deal. Wouldn't surprise me if GAME went back into administration, why people shop there is beyond me unless you're a clueless mum who doesn't understand her Nintendos from her Playstations.

Matt6661791d ago

I still prefer Game (or Amazon) over Tesco any day, Tesco ruin every bodies business and all that will be left is Tesco that the problem with big supermarket chains but some people are too stupid to realize things like this until it happens

danswayuk1791d ago

GAME has always cost more, so Tesco or Sainsbury's has always been the better place to shop.

mcstorm1791d ago

I agree game will only carry on to slide unless they change things. For me when Game came out of Administration they should of dropped the Game name and used the Gamestation name and look at how Gamestation was run back in the early 00's as this would of helped them against the super markets ect. I don't think it will be long again until Game look at closing for good.

SirBradders1791d ago

I have been waiting years for game to go under they rip people off and then wonder why they are sinking. With online shopping and supermarkets being better priced game need to start changing their ways.
The other day a shop worker was trying to sell the psvita to this poor guy with like one game and 8gb for over £200 i told the guy to do one and advised the buyer where to get the better deal. The shop worker said but your paying for the convenience of having it now so i said then why is your psvita games priced at £35 when i can download them for less without having to leave the house. The shop worker blushed and walked off.

HarryMasonHerpderp1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

I completely agree with you.
The staff that work there barely know anything about games in general. GAME are a complete joke.
They want £45 for Beyond Two Souls and £50 for GTAV.
I paid £35 for GTAV on Amazon and got it delivered on release day. It bugs the hell out of me the way they just rack up the prices and hope for the best.
They closed down all of the independent game shops by monopolising the market and killing the competition, bought Gamestation out which were probably their biggest rival. Then racked their prices up because there was nowhere else to buy games. Now we have supermarkets selling games and people using the internet more and finding much better prices. Whoever runs GAME clearly doesn't care about the industry and wants to get as much quick cash as possible and then move onto the next thing when it goes tits up.

tr00p3r1791d ago

Every Tom Dick n Harry out there just needs to read this comment from Harry.. spot on I think about the way GAME run their business operations.

hiredhelp1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Well game was going under they did actually go bankrupt got saved by another investor i hoped they learnt there lesson with greed prices.
They dont deserve to be apart games industry i used to prefer EB before game took over.

If you looking to save few pounds and pre order for free and get your game day before launch plus reward system to save even more money. Go to free delivery too
Its deadicated games online retailer for several years now even beating

Kran1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Tesco's prices: brilliant.
Tesco's delivery: not so much.

That's the only faulter of them. Most times I've preordered from them I don't get what I want on release day.

ps360s1791d ago

Well I am not sure about you but whenever I pre-order from Tesco I get it a day before the retail releases :)

Guess different locations have different services :)

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