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Simon Says: Why All The Sudden Hatred For GTA IV?

GameNTrain Author Simon Marshal writes: As far as gaming series go, gamers normally have fonder memories of the games which preceded the latest release. Everyone reminisces about the wonderful mechanics of Assassin’s Creed II compared to Assassin’s Creed III and the same goes for franchises such as Dead Space and Bioshock. With one of the largest releases this generation in Grand Theft Auto V, why has it become so popular to think of Grand Theft Auto IV as being a terrible game which everyone hated? What has happened over the past 5 years for the community to suddenly turn its back on something which was considered a masterpiece at the time? For me, the game did lack something that was clear in previous Grand Theft Auto games but it is still an excellent game and should not be dismissed so easily now that the sequel has arrived. (Grand Theft Auto IV, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

ape007  +   172d ago
GTA IV is one of the greatest games in this generation, it has the best main character in the series imo, the best atmosphere(along with vice city) sunsets along with the journey FM is breathtaking, the best vehicular physics mayhem/crashes/stunts in the series(gta v was disappointing in that aspect), city was absolutely stunning and brilliant and it had that fresh nextgen shock value

yes gta v is overall better but IV had that amazing unforgettable atmosphere

i think GTA IV haters are mostly casual player that don't appreciate pure quality and just want more stuff to do regardless of its quality and want easy almost on rails driving mechanics
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-Foxtrot  +   172d ago
"GTA IV is one of the greatest games in this generation"

It's not

"it has the best main character in the series imo"

Worst character...and a horrible annoying voice

" the best atmosphere(along with vice city) "

Nope...the doom and gloom was dredfull. Fair enough if you have a bright, upbeat character to stand out but Niko just blended in and made the place worse.

"the best vehicular physics mayhem/crashes/stunts in the series(gta v was disappointing in that aspect)"

Why? It added the arcade feeling back in GTA which people liked about GTA: SA. What's the point of realistic car physics in the game when it's about driving around like a crazy person. It wouldn't be fun if your car breaks down or sets on fire every bump you hit

Sorry but GTA 4 was and is a major letdown. For what the franchise was about, it's core fun gaming elements it was a step back.

"i think GTA IV haters are mostly casual player that don't appreciate pure quality and just want more stuff to do regardless of its quality and want easy almost on rails driving mechanics"

lol...I've been a fan of every GTA since the first one but GTA4 sucked. It's a pure example how hype can consume you and can get a game perfect reviews.
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ape007  +   172d ago
i respect your opinion but i disagree
MajorJackHoff  +   172d ago
"Sudden hatred"? lol... I think people have stated their disdain for this game when it was released. In my opinion, the most overrated game I've ever played. 8.5/10 is much more accurate when talking about GTA4
itBourne  +   172d ago
Actually it was hailed on release... highest rated game of the generation I believe..Hype can consume people.. it will happen with a lot of GoTY awards this year too.
badz149  +   172d ago
seriously, where were Gametrain.com all these times! the hatred for GTAIV is not sudden, it was since long ago!

I wouldn't call it "hatred" though as the game is definitely NOT BAD but it was a huge step back from what made SA such a fun game. it was overhyped to the max but it's just THAT, a GOOD game, not GREAT!
morganfell  +   172d ago
I have GTA IV along with TBOGT and TLAD. But when the game first premiered sites like IGN gave it a 10. In the graphics department they published statements such as "We award a 10 not because the game is perfect but because it pushes the envelope..." meaning that is sets a new standard for graphics. Really? They gave Uncharted a 9. And therein lies at least part of the rub. There is no symmetry in these review organizations. This is what happens when you have no standards and zero editorial policy in effect. But the fact remains GTA IV is far from perfect and was never scored based on its merits but rather on hype.

GTA IV was judged by the majority of reviewers in the same thoughtless manner by which gamers by CoD titles.
snipab8t  +   172d ago
I'm with you bro. It was the first true next generation experience on consoles and had revolutionary A.I. thanks to the Euphoria game engine which destroyed every other open world A.I. Also the car physics were amazing and every cop chase was fun.
Irishguy95  +   172d ago
Its not new. GTA4 bored me. Worst in the series.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   172d ago
It was overhyped and boring.
imXify  +   172d ago
Never had any problem with any GTA. And never will.
Pintheshadows  +   172d ago
x5exotic  +   172d ago
I always hated it, for one I'm tired of
Uninspired remakes of fucking new york/liberty city in like 20 gta games
dcj0524  +   172d ago
2. Psp one. Ps3/360 one.
ape007  +   172d ago
um u call the gta IV LC uninspired???

x5exotic  +   172d ago
No I call new york one of the most boring cities to base an open world on... for one game... making multiple games is completely idiotic.

Not to mention the fact that they did not even bother to expand on the world of GTA 4 as much as they did on GTA 3, which had most of the following games tied in with it.

Let's just hope we get Las Venturas game within the GTAV world
Tontus  +   172d ago
I always thought the general consensus about GTA IV is that it's one of the most overrated games ever made and that it is a very disappointing game?

Didn't just suddenly happen since GTA V released, maybe more people are now expressing hatred for GTA IV because GTA V released not long ago and is a far superior game.
johny5  +   172d ago
The reason I liked GTA 3 compared to GTA 4 was because it played out more like the Godfather and also had better more interesting characters!

I liked GTA Vice City because it played on inspirations from Scarface and was set in the 80s! I liked San Andres because it story was like Boyz n the Hood and Menace II Society that was set in the early 90s.

That leaves GTA 4 with? The only thing I can think that it' similar too is the Movie The professional (LEON) "one of my favorite movies of all time" but even then it failed to capture that movie in it's story!

GTA 4 could have been something great but instead was just an above average game at best. The world was just too plain and should have been more dynamic. Last but not least it was way too hyped and people expected too much from this game like it was going to be the next Citizen Cain for videogames!

I liked GTA V because it reminds me of Heist movies like Heat (1995) and they mad the world way more dynamic then GTA 4 so it wasn't as boring and it had more likable characters then 4.

I think if they ever visit Liberty City again they need to take some cues from movies based in New York like Leon, New Jack City and Juice.
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Number-Nine  +   172d ago
always thought gta4 was overrated. i dont even consider it a good game.
AnteCash  +   172d ago
It just was not fun.
And ps3 ver i bought made my eyes bleed.
tigertron  +   172d ago
because IV was a huge disappointment?
ilovefatgirls  +   172d ago
people are beginning to realise how overhyped it was and that it didnt exactly push the envelope in the way they were expecting, at least people have woke up a bit those of us not into the whole debacle of gta5 got called everything under the sun

it was never going to do anything more than the previous games also it wont be the last game this year to be a let down
MilkMan  +   172d ago
Sudden? I for one hated as soon as I played it. But then again I don't jump on bandwagons. Like for example I hate GTA V more than I like it. Guess we wont hear about that until GTA VI. But part IV was one of the worst games I've ever played. Guess it takes time for the truth to surface.

Whatever, those that knew said their piece and kept it moving and those that tattooed GTA on their wife's crotch could only see what they wanted to see.

What can you do?
Let's move on to the next unsolved mystery.

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