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Fallout 4 Intel Leaks From Inside PR Agency

Steven Estevez from motoringcrunch.com writes:

"Fallout 4 is expected to be the next big game from Bethesda. With the gaming giant already confirming that there will be no further Skyrim DLC coming, and word that we may not see an Elder Scrolls VI for at least another year, all eyes are on a possible Fallout 4 release sometime early 2014." (Fallout 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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Iltapalanyymi  +   554d ago
Every time i see something new about Fallout 4, i get more and more excited.
zeal0us  +   553d ago
Same here hopefully this leak turns out to be true.

Far as leveling goes Bethesda does not need to take anything from Skyrim.
Blacktric  +   553d ago
Although I don't like what Bethesda did with Fallout 3, I'm liking what I've read so far. But I'd be much more comfortable if they let Obsidian handle the IP and gave them enough time to finish what they've started.
NukaCola  +   553d ago
I'm hoping for it now.

VGA reveal trailer, E3 2014 demo... then

OCTOBER 2014 release on PC/PS4/Xbone

Preordering as soon as it announces!
MajorJackHoff  +   553d ago
Possible release early 2014? I don't knowwwwww about that one. They haven't even announced the game yet. Seriously doubt it'll come out in the next 4-5 months.
Pogmathoin  +   553d ago
For me, Fallout 4 is when next gen has truly arrived!! I cannot wait for this...
FunkMacNasty  +   553d ago
Same Here! Especially if it is set in my hometown of Boston!!

GO SOX!!!!!!!
Ausbo  +   553d ago
sorry dude. Go cards.
jrbeerman11  +   553d ago
Would be interesting to see Boston used, We have seen plenty of New York, and Fallout has already touched on Vegas and DC.

Can already see the green monster standing above the wreckage of Fenway Park in the game.

Cant really remember too many games with a Boston location other than Assassins Creed 3.

GO SOX!!!!! 1 more to go!!!!
SirBradders  +   553d ago
They should explore somewhere else like London.
FunkMacNasty  +   553d ago
Yea, the Only Games that have used Boston as a backdrop, that I can think of were AC3 and The Last of Us. The Last of Us was especially detailed with it's Boston levels, in that the State Street subway station looked EXACTLY as it does in real life present day Beantown. Same goes for the I93-I90 interchange where the highway signs had the legit exit and street info on them, as they hung crumbling from the State Street overpass. Although, Ubi did a great job with AC3 bringing to life Fanuel Hall, Quincy market, Liberty Square, and other Colonial era landmarks that still stand in Boston to this day

Tbh, Although I'd obviously root for Boston to be the setting, I'd really be fine with any settting as long as it's NOT the typical NYC, LA, Vegas, etc. Outside the US could be a cool setting too.. France? The UK? Even somewhere in Spain, perhaps?
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SeanScythe  +   553d ago
Should be somewhere in the South. Swamps with mutated Alligators, Giant Crawfish, Massive Anacondas, Radioactive Mosquitoes, giant Alligator Gars, Giant Snapping Turtles.
BuLLDoG909  +   553d ago
"all eyes are on a possible Fallout 4 release sometime early 2014"

it would be nice, but keep dreaming. i bet next e3 before we even see ingame footage.
T2  +   553d ago
Ya , early 2014? Surprise to me but def psyched!!!! Dont want to get hopes to high
JunioRS101  +   553d ago
Well... Yeah?

Lol it's only one of the funnest franchises around!

I can't wait for FO4. FO3 I had a lot of hours with, and loved every second.
Mr_cheese  +   554d ago
Fallout 4 will be good but im very excited about a new elderscrolls! I just hope that with te new generation here, we have less bugs and glitches.
zeal0us  +   554d ago
Oh Elder Scrolls Online is just around the corner

Mr_cheese  +   553d ago
Unfortunately, its not the elderscrolls i am after. I need the skyrim follow up, the next in the line and hopefully with the new gen they will be feature rich as well as graphically beautiful as they always are.
MAULxx  +   553d ago
Not interested in Elder Scrolls mmo.
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jrbeerman11  +   553d ago
More likely more experience with the new engine they used for Skyrim will prevent more bugs and glitches.

Considering how the PC versions had problems as well points to the game itself rather than the systems.

Ive heard great things about Skyrims engine and had minimal issues with my copy of Skyrim so I would assume a cleaner product in 2014
Foxgod  +   554d ago
early 2014, i seriously doubt that.
end 2014 is more likely...
dumahim  +   554d ago
Really. Who was expecting Fallout 4 early 2014?
jay2  +   554d ago
Hoping for the best.
The_Fool  +   554d ago
There are no words to describe how much i need this game in my life. Very fond memories of 2008, playing Fallout 3, ignoring my need to pee, my need to eat and my need to sleep. Ahhhh those were the days, exploring DC with vintage classics on the pip boy radio.

Bring the goods Bethesda!
HugoDrax  +   554d ago
I hope so, I loved Fallout 3 and can only imagine how great 4 will be on next gen consoles & PC.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   554d ago
i just hope they have a true 64bit engine to work on now atleast.
dont want that 3.1GB CTD failures Skyrim is having problems with.
Dark11  +   554d ago
2014 will be the year for the WRPG's fans!
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   554d ago
HAHA @ early 2014.
kipsta  +   554d ago
Been waiting a while for Fallout 4! I hope it gets announced soon.
xenz  +   554d ago
Fallout 3 was very good. And I bet with the next-gen systems Bethesda can make a truly amazing experience. Excited to see how Fallout 4 pans out.
SITH  +   554d ago
My first Fallout game was Fallout 3 on the xbox. I have been hooked ever since. I bought all of the DLC and received a thank you poster from the Development team. I was shocked when I got it. Totally was not expecting it.
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CaRnALDeCAy  +   553d ago

Link to the post: http://www.reddit.com/r/gam...

reddit profile: http://www.reddit.com/user/...

He/She commented on the post, "lol This was all a lie. I made this shit up cuz I was bored".
The_Fool  +   553d ago
Damn, hype and excitement instantly crushed :(

Those lies actually sounded like pretty cool concepts.
TacticAce  +   553d ago
This is a joke. These people have no idea how Bethesda moves.
MattyG  +   553d ago
The guy admitted that he got bored and made this all up.

Plagasx  +   553d ago
Brb going to throw myself down a flight of stairs now.
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BadgerDeluxe  +   553d ago
Ahahaha! I totally missed this back when this was making the rounds! Hilarious. What a troll.
Tctczach  +   553d ago
Is this real? :)?
Heisenburger  +   553d ago

War ne- dafuq you say?

*throws hands in air*

I quit!
Sideras  +   553d ago
Hearing "Cyberpunk", "Retro-futurism" and "Lovecraftian" in one article really turns me on.
NewVegasTroop  +   553d ago
Fallout 4 and Destiny are the only nextgen games i'm actually excited about, can't wait for more news!
Aleithian  +   553d ago
Oh. My. Fuck. Cyberpunk retro-future Lovecraftian horror??? Day-fucking-1.
Heisenburger  +   553d ago
Aleithian  +   553d ago
Haha. Go you.
FullmetalRoyale  +   553d ago
Aleithian  +   553d ago
Go you, bro. Go you. Now why don't you go report government oppression to your local statist manager. Enjoy the sense of power while it lasts.
barb_wire  +   553d ago
I don't think we'll be seeing Fallout 4 until at least Oct/Nov 2015 - just don't see it happening at all in 2014, at least not on the PS4/XBOne.
310dodo  +   553d ago
take all the time you need Bethesda.

Cannot wait to put my life on hold when this drops...
BadgerDeluxe  +   553d ago
Oh my god this "leak" came out MONTHS ago, please stop getting my hopes up for nothing T_T


EDIT: And LOL just saw the post a little above mine showing the post that proved he was bored and made it all up. Aw, man.
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Krosis  +   553d ago
Author: Hits achieved. *leans back and kicks feet up on desk*
greatcrusader44  +   553d ago
I remember I read this exact "leak" months ago because I remembered how the last paragraph didn't make any sense. It says they don't want to make leveling system like sky rim then says they are looking to make a system like sky rim.

So an old "leak", and a nonsensical one.
ATi_Elite  +   553d ago
I don't want to see an Elders Scroll until Holiday 2016!

Fallout 4 needs all the time it can get.

I'm 110% positive bethesda is working on it and they want at least 15 million XB1 and Ps4's sold before releasing it so they can get 5 or 6 million units sold on each console plus another 5 or 6 million on PC.

Looking forward to Fallout 4 but NO RUSH, got plenty to play until then like The Witcher 3 and Survarium.
Smelly1sam  +   553d ago
"Bethesda has no plans to reinvent the leveling up system to make it more like Skyrim and want to make Fallout 4 more distinct from Skyrim since of the complaints that Oblivion and Fallout 3 were too similar. Bethesda is thinking about introducing a system, similar to Skyrim, where your skills can level up if you perform certain tasks."

aLiEnViSiToR  +   553d ago
Quality and freedom from Fallout 4, that's the only thing i can ask thx :)
qzp  +   553d ago
my body is ready
cactusjack  +   553d ago
i wonder what glitches bethesda is going to give us for the next gen.
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