Battlefield 4 Live GamePlay Right Now

Don't know if its PC or not watch now before its over


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RaptgamersUnited1429d ago

It's PC version guys

Caleb_H1429d ago

Yeah, the prompts are for pc controls.

mikeslemonade1429d ago

Underwhelming.. Nice Debris effects. This is single player. If it looks this good on multiplayer then I would be impressed.

ZBlacktt1429d ago

Was it the mouse that gave it away, lol.

ATi_Elite1428d ago

The Glorious PC Version!

I love when the HOT Asian Chick says "You got my back right"

4 more hours and I can leave work, go home, and Play BF4 in all it's Glory.

LEOPARD10301429d ago

Graphically looks very good.

Jac5al1429d ago

Tons of BF4 live streams on Twitch tv right now.

Nekroo911429d ago

i see myself getting annoyed pretty often with my team since theres a lot of good places for camping in city maps. few guys are going after the flags

Funky Town_TX1429d ago

Everyone wants to snipe or fly.

Ashunderfire861429d ago

I don't like the hole multiple target thing. It gives away the enemy position. battlefield still looks great.

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