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VGU - Oculus Rift Preview

Gaming companies are always trying to bring us the next big thing in gaming. Nintendo brought motion control to the masses with the Wii, Microsoft gave us the Kinect and Sony the PlayStation Move and Sixaxis. All of these features and devices are designed to improve the gamer’s immersion into the virtual world. (Oculus Rift, PC, Tech)

Panzart  +   308d ago
Just one step closer to jacking into the matrix.
GentlemenRUs  +   308d ago
Coming to the consumer in 2016... *cries in corner*
Clover904  +   308d ago
I need a release date! Or a time frame, something! I'm just as excited about the Rift as I am next gen.
SonyKong64  +   308d ago
so tempted to drop 300 on the kit.

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