Three video game consoles enter the ring for the 2013 holiday season

Exploring how three major video game consoles – the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U – may perform during the 2013 holiday season.

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Kingthrash3601672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

ps4 will win the holiday season imo ...i may be stretching it but wiiu may take #2 if...IF all these x1 rumors are true....snap crashing being the newest of MANY MANY rumors the x1 has suffered this week.... man its a mess from trusted leakers too. i hope it isnt true for thos gamers who will buy a x1 day 1.

ricochetmg1672d ago

Wii U has the strongest lineup ironically.

darthv721672d ago

@kingthrash...honest question there such a person as a "trusted leaker"?

mcstorm1672d ago

I agree the wiiu has the best line up for me. I have an Xbox one on pre order as I want Forza 5 and ki more than any other game for the pa4 at the moment but I have had pikmin 3 wonderful101, windwaker HD, sonic lost worlds already for my wiiu and I have Mario world 3d, dk, Mario kart and super smash bros on pre order still and also got Pokemon x for the 3ds so the next few months is going to be a busy gaming time when I get chance.

Pogmathoin1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

KThrash, there was never any doubt that you would say nothing good about X1. PS4 and X1 will put up good numbers for launch, then expect a drought. You may think if shortages, people would go WiiU, but I think PS3 and 360 will benefit the most from PS4, X1 shortages. WiiU has missed the boat entirely I think, too little too late.

KT, Unless I am dyslexic, you have bashed on X1 every time I have seen a comment from you. Based on pre order numbers, I expect PS4 and X1 to crush WiiU anyway. I am not putting you in anyones war, I care less, always speak my opinion, as a gamer of all (almost) systems, no WiiU for me. I like your first sentence in response too, Facts about the rumours... Priceless....

Kingthrash3601672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

what did i say bad? all i said were facts about the rumors...i never said they were true but they are indeed there. please READ my last sentence ...."i hope it isnt true for thos gamers who buy a x1 day1." smh how can u say i never say something good. i've never ever said xbone or m$ or other sh!t. i could care less about the war but i stand by my opinion. ms is killin x1 with their silence and just the way they've handled the console's reveal and the things they done... just stop with trying to put me in your "war".

ricochetmg1671d ago

Take in to consideration we are referring to people buying a new console. I am 1000000% right.

Kingthrash3601672d ago

this^^ too we as gamers will all win.

JackieCruise691672d ago

Well, with all these new Wii U bundles, despite people thinking it's stupid or it'll 'fail because Nintendo', I think Wii U will take the cake. They have the best deal and I'm pretty sure that's what parent's are looking for.

A Wii U bundle with 2 games, NSMBU and Luigi U for $300, vs Ps4 or the One which are both $400+ either way...
I think we can see the better deal here.

I honestly don't really care though, I'll be sticking with my Wii U + 3DS and just want my games coming this holiday.

sprinterboy1672d ago

Just got back from GAME UK Retailer PS4 event and knack was awesome, played it on normal and it was hard, no one could finish the demo on hard setting, contrast was excellent played a theatre musical section and a horse carousal fun fair section with horse shadows bobbing up and down, very cool. No freezes, no slow downs just great gameplay and graphics. If knack looks that good can't wait for gadget show this friday to play kz4, driveclub and bf4 ( plus other titles)

sprinterboy1672d ago

How can i get a disagree giving my own personal experience lol

Reeze1672d ago

I've never owned a Sony console, but Knack actually does look pretty interesting. I've seen trailers and I'm still not quite sure how it all works, but I think it looks neat.

CocoWolfie1672d ago

not long left to see i all unfold! :D

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