How We're Reviewing Next-Gen Games and Hardware - SESSLER'S... SOMETHING

This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam wants to discuss how Rev3Games will be reviewing next-gen hardware and games. Look for our first reviews of Battlefield 4 and Assassin's Creed 4 very soon!

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Sci0n1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

hes still jelly tho lol, begging on the low for that early PS4 console lol.

SlapHappyJesus1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Uh-huh . . .
One of the most well known and respected names in gaming totally won't have access to the next crop of consoles.
He totally needs to resort to begging. Being hopeful and begging are two different things. You would hope someone with such a prominent voice in the industry would be given access to the tech early. If not, that's purely Sony and Microsoft making a dumb decision.

P0werVR1488d ago

Love his expression on cant wait till November. I believe I understand that, and folks will see it through early next year. Boy things are going to be flipping crazy when both consoles release, wait and see.

mandf1488d ago

He's not begging, he's whining. I like him but he needs to speak like a professional instead of coming off as entitled to something.

Sci0n1488d ago

if you hadn't lived under a rock you would know that there was a huge blow up and speculations are because he wasn't sent a early console for reviews by sony and if you pay attention to this vid you will see he has said hes still waiting to get one of the next gen consoles to be able to give his review.

xHeavYx1488d ago

He should have pre-ordered it #DealWithItSessler

majiebeast1488d ago

Think he should have renamed this to Sesslers entiteled bitching.

Death1488d ago

"A console that can play future software".

That would be a debug or test console. Big difference between that and a retail console. A PS4 test unit is $2500. Without it, Adam will be limited in what he can preview/review. That would be odd since retail units could always be used to do reviews for media outlets. They simply get the games prior to release. From the sounds of it, they have a retail console coming, otherwise they couldn't review it. It may be a timing issue though. They can't review the software in time for launch if they don't have a console to review them on. Looks more like the gripe he has is Sony isn't allowing access to consoles early for game review. They are inviting reviewers to a controlled and limited showing for that purpose.

the worst1488d ago

yes he is begging. i hope he doesnt get sh!t early.

Death1488d ago

Assuming Adam is still doing what he does for a living, the cost of a PS4 is a business expense and not a personal expense. It is not uncommon for someone in his field to gain early access to hardware and software for review. If he does not have access to the hardware to use the software prior to the systems release, then what is he doing? For the kids on the internet that review as a hobby, then early access is not justified. Depending on what program they are on they are lucky to get softwares from some of the publishers.

Seriously, this has nothing to do with begging. There is a business model that for some reason you are incapable of seeing. Adam is paid for what he does. Game publishers submit software for the publicity/marketing. Hardware manufacturers don't have to give away hardware, but it is in their best interest to supply the professional reviewers with what they need if both parties are to benefit. This can be done at a cost, but timing is key.

Think about it. If he has an Xbox One and can spend time with it, how does not having a PS4 before launch benefit Sony? Adam can't spend time reviewing PS4 games, so that time is spent with the competitions consoles and games.

JokesOnYou1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Oh look at Heavy the same guy who takes every negative rumor from a internet fanboy as gospel, now trying to paint and downplay one of the biggest names in gaming as just a nobody who doesn't deserve a review console and unrestricted access to review X1/ps4/games. As always nothing but hypocrisy from Heavy.

DragonKnight1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

@SlapHappyJesus: "You would hope someone with such a prominent voice in the industry would be given access to the tech early."

I don't hope that at all. Madam Sessler is no different than you or I and his prominent voice doesn't deserve anything for free or early.

Remember the saying: An opinion is like an s$$hole, everyone has one. So why is his somehow more important that it requires free and early access?

@Death and JOY: A business expense can be written off for taxes and he can buy one and be reimbursed that way, he's still whining/begging. Buy it like the rest of us. And JOY, he doesn't deserve shite. He gets paid to yap off about what he thinks, but what he thinks is only important to people who need to be told what to think/buy. He deserves to get his a$$ to a GameStop or something and BUY the damn consoles. He's not hard up for money.

ZodTheRipper1487d ago

Unsympathethic as hell,c ould be working at Microsoft.
They would be the biggest bros.

gaffyh1487d ago

So it seems like his "I might be out of a job debacle" came down to Sony not sending him a console. Drama queen is a major understatement, just BUY one, and review on day one, if you didn't whine so much people would have still watched your video on the hardware. Also HDCP has loads of workarounds.

JokesOnYou1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Yeah Dragonknight all of a sudden something thats been standard practice is no longer the transparent way to do business just because sony has decided to restrict access. lol, so tell me if he were screaming this about micro tell me with a straight face you wouldn't be here swearing micro was hiding something???

Lol hypocrite, hypocrite, hypocrite but I digress.

Of course the usual media sources that are responsible for informing the public ARE DIFFERENT FROM ME AND YOU, NO THEIR OPINION ISNT MORE IMPORTANT BUT DUE TO CREDENTIALS AND HISTORY CARRY MORE WEIGHT. Like it or not that is the truth, no one is saying YOU or I have to believe them but properly credentialed professionals are more creditable unless they themselves ruin that creditability among a large segment of gamers.

Its no different than reading Merill Hodge or getting professional advice from stock broker sites. Sure they can be wrong but its still a professional opinion based on the individuals own knowledge and experience its also why their are multiple professional opinions available to those prefer experienced professional advice vs asking their neighbor.

Finally how is it heplful for Sesslers large fanbase who values his opinions/impressions and want to make a careful informed decision to buy day one based off Sesslers assessment; how is there any value to them if he himself doesnt get a ps4 until launch day?...thus the reason industry norm is that established professionals get it early. Him having to purchase his own is besides the point but you knew continue to deflect instead of recognizing whats going on here.

first1NFANTRY1487d ago


Guaranteed I've purchased more games and contributed more money towards Sony than he has, does that make me entitled to a free ps4?

4Sh0w1487d ago

That doesn't mean anything unless you start a website/business, gain a fanbase and develop a creditable reputation within the gaming industry= Adam Sessler is a well known professional and respected game reviewer.

You guys are waaaay off point no one is saying he is a god or that whatever he says cannot be challenged but he is in fact a well known "voice" of the industry as such that is the very reason he and others like him get early consoles instead of regular joes like me and you. Why suddenly is the concept hard to grasp? Weird.

SilentNegotiator1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

"One of the most well known and respected names in gaming..."

Riiiiiiight....sure he is...
Maybe if this were 2006.

DragonKnight1487d ago


How hard of a concept is that for you to understand?

There is no "standard practice." Free product is the decision of the owner of said product AT THEIR DISCRETION! It is not to be expected AT ANY TIME for ANYONE! Don't act like it's some kind of unwritten rule or law that this must occur just because Journalists say so. They are nobodies when it comes to the industry. They are people being paid to give their opinion as if it matters, and it doesn't. So no, there can be no "standard practice" when the key element is the discretion of the product owner.

These people aren't professionals. They're average people who play games and then spout off what they think. By those credentials, everyone here is a professional. They don't even come CLOSE to being the same as a stock broker that can give you tips on the market because a stock broker has to go to school and is responsible for real money, a game journalist is just someone who needs to know basic grammar and games a lot.

How does it help Sessler's fanbase? Who the hell cares about people who need someone to tell them what to buy? Literally everyone else in the world has to go out and actually buy the console in order to form their own impression on it, and no amount of reviews in the world will be able to describe everything immediately, nor will it be able to tell the buyer what their own experience is. Why the hell should some random douchebag, and yes Sessler is a random douchebag in the larger industry, be given preferential treatment just because some network decided what he has to say needs to be heard when literally nothing he says applies to anyone but himself at any given moment? Why should he be given preferential treatment when the rest of us, who have opinions and can review the console ourselves, have to go out and actually buy the consoles? Why should he be given preferential treatment to cater to people who can't think for themselves? Why should he be given preferential treatment when there are BETTER reviewers not subjected to corporate B.S. who still have to go out and buy the console and review it on launch day?

Him having to buy his own console is precisely the point. He should have to buy his own damn console like the rest of us. He's no professional. When's the last time he entered a gaming tournament and won? When's the last time he played a game in its complete entirety to give a complete, and fleshed out review? The answer is never because he's not a professional gamer, and no "big time" reviewer ever completely finishes a game before they review it unless the game is short and can be finished in one sitting.

Bottom Line: Everyone has an opinion, and no one should be rewarded for having something that everyone has. He's a whiny b*tch, anyone who stands up for his whining is just as bad. Boo-frickin'-hoo the guy who makes a lot of money has to buy a PS4 like the rest of the world, however will he sleep at night?

4Sh0w1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Dragonknight that makes no sense so basicly you are saying reviews dont matter now but when games that you like are reviewed well you all support reviews by referencing all the accollades/ high reviews its received.= Spporting them. Just because you throw a few "what the hell" 's around doesn't make your comment here any less nonsense. Reviews are not there for sheep to follow nor are they representative as fact nor are they worthless for smart people who value a particular opinion from someone they followed for years and trust= its a beforehand opinion so that you can decide if you want to spend your hard earned cash. We've all be burned and wished we hadnt brought something that we did, in that regard reviews are very helpful even though its always ultimately your decision to buy a product or not.

Jokes is right for you to suddenly say media types should be cut off for no apparent reason other than to limit access and control PR before launch is ridiculous Id bet anything if it was micro that he were pointing blame at you would no doubt accuse the of hiding something, while grandstanding about how this is killing the industry and hurting the consumer.

DragonKnight1487d ago

@4Sh0w: Reviews have never mattered and I have never said they did only because a "game I liked" got a good score. And there's nothing sudden about it, I've ALWAYS said reviews don't matter because they don't.

Reviews are for people who can't think for themselves. The only "reviews" that matter are from gamers, the only part of those reviews that matter are when multiple gamers are saying the same things about the game. Average, every day people not being paid to give out their opinion posting issues they have with a game, or what they liked about a game is infinitely more useful and trustworthy than some mouthpiece like Madam Sessler.

People like you and Jokes are just reaching for anything you can find to shout "THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE PS4 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, SONY PONIES, DELAYSTATION, INDIESTATION, (and just because I can picture it) YOLO!"

Reviews don't matter, Madam Sessler is an entitled brat who doesn't matter, any company that doesn't give these nobodies free product are correct.

Sono4211487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

oh look it's Jokes.. the guy who takes every bit of negative Xbox One news and trys to spin it into something positive..

Literally all negative news.. he even defended DRM... so yes there is no hope for this guy.. he will defend Microsoft to the bitter end.


Sessler said "I can't wait till November... uhh December.."

So this means he didn't reserve one because he expected to get one for free in November, but now learned he isn't so he has to wait till December because pre orders are full... sounds like he deserves it to me, anybody expecting free stuff from a company that your typically one sided against deserves to be shutdown.

Sono4211487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Maybe if Sony was in damage control mode then yeah.. sure.. give out free consoles.. but Sony doesn't need damage control.. so far they're getting through this without even a scratch.. there has been no legit negative major news about the PS4, there are a few uninformed/ignorant articles here and there but overall the PS4 is riding a huge hype wave with everything clearly in it's favor, so why give a PS4 out to get a little positive news when there's already so much of it?.. not to mention every PS4 they make is already sold, so why take one that could already be sold and give it to someone who's a known fanboy of the competition?




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malokevi1488d ago

I don't pretend to know how the videogame industry works. But, it seems to me, an accredited videogame journalist like Sessler - a man whose name pops up, arguably, more than any other video game journalist - would typically get early access to new consoles.

I mean, isn't that just good marketing? Get your console in the hands of well known and trusted reviewers so that they can start getting gamers excited. I mean, Forbes... but not Sessler? That makes zero sense.

Something is not right.

xHeavYx1488d ago

He said in one of his videos that he used to favor the 360 over the PS3, he also said that he is not sure which next gen console he should get Watch_Dogs for, even though one of the versions has 60 minutes of exclusive content.
He does make a lot of good points on his videos, but other times he just talks and talks.

The only thing that is not right is the fact that he expects a free PS4 sent to him

Az1mov1488d ago

Sessler used to work for big gaming websites but now he's kind of a freelancer and published by Revision3 as an indy journalist; his voice isn't as reaching or counted upon as much as before. He lost a bit of his aura.

malokevi1488d ago

If the PS4 is as good as it has been made out to be, Sony should have nothing to wory about by sending sessler a console. They would have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Only sessler would have anything to lose, because if he really is as biased as you make him out to be (doubtful) than he would lose all credibility.

Is Microsoft equally as selective about which media outlets get access to their console? A serious question.

KwietStorm1488d ago

You're making it sound like Sessler is the game God that Sony is obligated to make an offering to. If he doesn't get a free system, big whoop.

malokevi1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

If this is still even 1/100th true:

"Revision3 does cable TV network numbers — viewership hits 800M in 2011"

And this is also true:

"On November 12, 2012, Sessler announced that he was joining Revision3. He is currently Editor-in-Chief and Executive Producer of games content. [13]"

Then he is, in fact, gaming god. If someone like this, with such a vast viewership, is barred from getting a review copy of the retail console... something is wrong.

Seriously. I don't pretend to know how the industry works, but it seems like Sony is taking something that is typical/customary/logical and throwing it right out the window. How can anyone explain that?


This is in the "cool facts" section of the Revision3 website:

"Cool Facts

More than 250 million views per month
Founded by Kevin Rose (Digg, TechTV), Jay Adelson (Digg, Equinix), and David Prager (TechTV) in 2005
Acquired by Discovery Communications in 2012
We love sharks

For a company that is trying to be transparent, gamer-friendly, and has everything to offer over the competition, deciding to forgo Sessler is completely counter-intuitive. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

xHeavYx1488d ago

What makes no sense is how hard you are trying to make Sony look like the bad guy just because they didn't send a PS4 to this average guy

malokevi1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Lol, heavy, how did I know you would attack me, rather than address the actual issue at hand. Whether you like it or not, this is real.

Edit: "average guy".... really? lol. So the "Editor-in-Chief and Executive Producer of games content." of a media outlet that sees "More than 250 million views per month ", with "cable TV network numbers" and "viewership hits 800M in 2011" is now an "average guy"?

btw, I didn't have to "try hard" to find this information. At all. It's widely available. Two minutes of google searching revealed to me that Sony is intentionally shunning what very well may be one of the largest game-centric media outlets on planet Earth.

Your agenda is clear. Address the issue. Bashing me and bashing Sessler doesn't change the situation. In fact, it makes you look desperate.

Sevir1488d ago

My question to you is, SO WHAT? So what if Sony didn't send him a PS4, so what if they didn't give him a pass to the review event!? Is the world coming to an end because Sessler makes a big deal? Is REV3 the ONLY gaming media out there that is worthy enough to have a PS4 before everyone else?

Gamespot, IGN, EDGE, GI, 1UP, Spike TV with Gametrailers, PLAY, Kotaku, all of these editorial media outlets will have coverage on the console itself.

None of these have any particular brand loyalty to either platform so them receiving consoles early for review isn't a guarantee and the platform holder is NOT under any form of obligatory contract agreement that they "HAVE TO" Ship review units to media.

As many have stated in the past that some editors of various publications had to go out and spend company money or their own money to purchase previous generation consoles to have a review out on said hardware, so making a fuss and saying something is fishy because a company neglected to send a retail review unit out for review is completely unfounded.

Sessler is a lovable guy but carrying on the way he does because he has notoriety is spoiled and immature. He's not the be all end all on gaming media and he's certainly not the Only on in the media who is considered reputable.

Give it a freaking rest! REV3 will get PS4 one way or another and the review of the units will get posted. if he's being paid to review machines and their software, they will find away to get said units in so they can pay their "Editor in Chief or gaming Media" to do his job!

xHeavYx1488d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Wow, wooow, you, of all people, telling me to address the issue.
If you had cared to read my other messages, you would have noticed that I "addressed the issue" already. He is in no way entitled to a free console, especially when he is biased towards MS (check my other comments, I already explained why)

@Your edit: I already said it, what's wrong is how hard you are trying to make Sony the bad guys for not sending free consoles to a few people

Quoting yourself trying to make Sony the bad guys

"Something is not right"
"If the PS4 is as good as it has been made out to be, Sony should have nothing to wory about by sending sessler a console."
"For a company that is trying to be transparent, gamer-friendly, and has everything to offer over the competition, deciding to forgo Sessler is completely counter-intuitive."

malokevi1488d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


Here is your answer:

"From an outsider perspective, what it seems is that video content is restricted heavily before the PS4's release, with the only way for major outlets to properly offer launch week coverage being through the attendance of an upcoming PS4 Review Event in New York—hosted by Sony, of course. At this November 11th event, a limited number of outlets will be able to not only play the PS4 and its games a few days early, but publish the world's first reviews of PS4 hardware and software. What's published during these days is critical to Sony's marketing success, so it isn't all that surprising that it's a controlled environment. In a nutshell, publishers will be able to decide what content is shown to consumers for the days leading up to launch. "

I would like to see a link stating that "Gamespot, IGN, EDGE, GI, 1UP, Spike TV with Gametrailers, PLAY, Kotaku" will all have unrestricted access to retail units.

And no, wining, dining, and testing in a controlled environment has nothing to do with the Playstation that I will be getting my hands on on the 15th.

something is not right. I'm a paying customer... I'm allowed to ask questions when something happens that makes absolutely no sense, as much as that irks people.

Why go to all that trouble, when it would be so much easier to give all those media outlets unrestricted access to what you have repeatedly claimed is an amazing console? That's what the competitions doing/has already done. That's what is traditionally done. Why break from tradition to impose unnecessary restrictions on the people who you expect to shout your console's praises from the rooftops? Why resort to unnecessary showmanship if you're confident that you have an infallible product?

Again, it makes no sense.

Edit: heavy, once again, dodging the issue, saying a whole lot of nothing. What about my quotes is untrue? Because all of that seems perfectly reasonable to me.

JokesOnYou1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

You hit the nail on the head malokevi, but they will dodge and deflect why would sony want to control once respected outlets who just recently reviewed and praised ps3 games, now suddenly Sessler is not worthy? Are ONLY select media going to be able to review esrly? (who are they, which ones?, link?) and lets be honest if this were micro then the sky would be falling; "OMG what are they trying to hide?", "I knew it was rushed". For the record I just think sony knows that there are still small issues with software and UI, its normal these days, which Im sure sony is working on and they will have a patch very soon at launch or days after but they just want to control any bad PR that will blow such issues out of porpotion prior to launch. Thats my best guess because obviously they know guys like Sessler right or wrong are going to be dead honest, then of course some journos will editorialize on the sensational side. I get it but still fair is fair and its BS to restrict access to coerce only favorable early impressions.

DragonKnight1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

LMAO! I love how some people were just WAITING for something to be wrong with the PS4 to the point that they latch on for dear life that there MUST be a problem with it because Madam Sessler didn't get her free, early, debug PS4. I mean, this is Madam Sessler. Her opinion is law and everyone should bow down and respect that she has an opinion because NO ONE else does. We should all want someone who gets paid to tell everyone what they should think or what they should buy to get free stuff while we have to work hard to pay for it out of our own pockets.

And of course there is something wrong with the PS4 if this doesn't happen. Nevermind the fact that Sony did the same thing with the PS3, the PS2 AND the PS1. No, that doesn't matter. It's because entitled Madam Sessler didn't get a free debug PS4 that can literally be used to do anything and everything the PS4 could possibly ever do (and allow for the pirating of games) that is the flare to tell us all that there is something wrong with the PS4 and that we "have to ask questions."

Deflection from the Xbox One's mountainous bad news that keeps coming out is the name of the game for Xbox One fans latching on to this. It's nothing more than an entitled cry baby who thinks too highly of himself with that attitude being reinforced by people looking for something, anything, to be wrong with the PS4.

kneon1487d ago


Well if you have a product that needs the extra promotion then you would be correct.

But when it looks like you're going to be able to sell every box that you can make then you could take the view that it's more important to get the boxes in the hands of actual customers rather than these so called journalists.

Sono4211487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Sessler is as biased as it gets! During E3 when the Xbox One had DRM he was more focused on the fact that Sony has you pay for online than the DRM.. now which of those 2 is the bigger issue?

Making it so you don't actually own your gamess, or doing what the competition has been doing since they first got into the business? I think it's pretty obvious whats a bigger deal. One shows a negative change in the industry and one shows something that's been in the industry a while.

and I don't remember everything sessler said back then but he certainly wasn't hard against DRM..he either barely touched base against it, or wasnt against it at all, and certainly didn't focus on being against it.. to put it in short.. he is not one of the people who helped get it reversed. Kinda like Jokes... ;)

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Muerte24941488d ago

OMFG, so that is what it was about!? I thought it was something much more serious. He spazzed out on twitter because he didn't receive a free PS4? If you're company knew about this why didn't someone at Rev3ision games preorder one?

Fireseed1488d ago

No, no one knows for sure why he spazzed out. But Sony ponies are claiming it's because he wants a free console, in order to downplay the fact that it's really looking like because Sony is controlling what content is allowed to be taken from the PS4 with HDCP.

Sci0n1488d ago

Yea he made it seem like the gaming world was coming to a end then rephrased his animosity and made it seem like his gaming world was coming to a end. His blow up actually started trending on twitter and this is all because he wasn't given a console early for reviews, crazy right?

CocoWolfie1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

because they expected sony to give all the reviewers one, my guess is they were feeling to high and mighty watching pre-orders go out of stock thinking 'oh yeah week before release, all the games, all the time i need!' that they didnt count on sony going uhh so thousands of reviewers want our new console just to review games? you mean thousands of consoles that can go towards people who paid for it, fans who want it when were being sold out in most places already? yeah maybe go be like everyone else in the industry who are standing outside waiting for midnight and try not put a few hundred thousands in debt on a new product during possibly the busiest weeks in our company ( at least how i see it :) )

BattleTorn1488d ago

I'm quite sure Rev3 games would have zero problem getting a PS4 on Nov. 15th.

I beleive they are upset that they aren't being given one *early* - and that leaves them in quite the crunch, being forced to play&review games by the time that most other gaming journalist are posting their already written reviews.
For them it's like starting a lap behind.

That also leaves many people to speculate on why Sony has opted not to give a PS4 to one of the more respectable gaming journalist.

Muerte24941488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

What about the fact that on the Xbox One tour if you try to access the OS you get booted off the station? Why have we already seen direct capture of Killzone SF/AC4 and it's not canned footage?

He can't show PS4 OS due to NDA contract.

Adam Sessler isn't the face of Rev3 as a whole. But this isn't the first time he's had some sort of meltdown, remember HDCP? Even though a workaround was found in mere seconds. Like I predicted, even though HDCP is on we have already seen countless direct feed uploads of Killzone SF, AC4, COD Ghost, and Battlefield 4 on youtube.

BattleTorn1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )


Let me explain how good companies view it.

People watch gaming journalism. Putting free consoles in those journalist hands tends to provide many positive impressions of thier product ending up in the ears of consumers. AKA making journalist happy, gives them more hyped consumers.

A company with a outstanding product stand very little to lose (the retail cost, in fact) and very, very much to gain - by putting their product in the hands of journalist.
Why they'd chose not to, is another question.

DragonKnight1487d ago

@BattleTorn: Not giving free product to some person that thinks his opinion is important doesn't equate to said company being a bad company.

That kind of relationship between companies and journalists needs to end. Journalists need to understand that they have no power, and that they only report the industry, they aren't a PART of the industry.

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bigboirock1488d ago

thats there job if i was in his foots steps i would to

Mr Pumblechook1487d ago

Sessler will be getting an Xbone early because he is classified by Microsoft as a 'company friend' In light of his favorable preferences towards their platforms.

So he doesn't get a PS4 unit early and then he throws his toys out the pram. He spends 3 days writing cryptic barbs at Sony, even getting his wife to tweet about what a horrible state he is in because of this company! He is unprofessional and entitled and is burning bridges with a company he should be keeping good relations with. Shameful.

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EBTpickle1488d ago

Good on you for participating in Extra-Life Sessler, we'll be playing right alongside you November 2nd.

deadie1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

So "all that jazz" was about not getting a console for free @ launch? I really dont hope so cuz that would be kinda embarrassing. Really.

BattleTorn1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Does no one understand the benefit of giving journalist early-product?

A company with an outstanding product stands to lose extremely little (the retail cost), and gain an incredible amount by giving journalist free consoles early.

The amount of publicity that usually comes from it is almost always far outweights the mere retail cost of the machine.

So, he's not simply "whinning" that he hasn't received freebies - he's voicing his doubts on why they'd choose not to, and why the "free publicity" that is usually always a Win-Win, is not in this scenario..

BABY-JEDI1487d ago

Yes. It's always good to bribe the journalists. Maybe that's the problem with this industry.

Hicken1487d ago

Oh, people understand the benefit just fine.

But there's no obligation to do so. If Sony thinks they'd be better served by sending those units they would normally give to journalists instead to stores, then who's to say they're wrong? And hell, what good does it do to give Sessler a console, have him say how great it is or whatever, and then not have a console to sell because it's in his possession?

Tell me: in what other industry are the reporting journalists entitled to early access to a product? GM isn't obligated to put the Road and Track editors behind the wheel of the new Corvette. It's not mandatory for Maytag to send their latest fridge to Consumer Reports. These companies do it because they CAN, and because they WANT TO, not because they have to.

Sessler complaining about Sony not doing so- and all the silly, so very silly people agreeing with him- is purely entitlement. Hell, if people that actively SELL the damn things- like GameStop employees- aren't entitled to systems, why should someone who just talks about them get anything?

WeAreLegion1488d ago

Good video, Sessler. I hope Rev 3 can become a bigger player this generation. You guys worked so freakin' hard to get previews out during E3. You had better coverage than anyone. You have got to chill out though, man. Your heart's going to explode.

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