8 Great Horror Games

Survival horror and action horror games are near and dear to many gamer’s hearts. Fans of horror love the in-depth experience that these games can bring. They also love the fear and delight that comes from these scary worlds that they get to (cautiously) explore. Since it’s that time of year, Happy Halloween 30plusgamers, here are some great horror games to play on the spookiest night of the year!

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sonicsidewinder1845d ago

Sound list.

Great to see recognition for Dark Corners of the Earth.

Iltapalanyymi1845d ago

>Silent Hill 2

>Condemned: Criminal Origins

>Amnesia: The Dark Descent
meh, but good story

>Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

>Dead Space

>Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth
haven't tried, but i will someday

>Eternal Darkness
haven't tried, but i will someday

>Resident Evil

AT ONCE a GOOD list like this.

Kyosuke_Sanada1845d ago

Needs more love for Haunting Ground, Cry Of Fear and Extinction.....

Venox20081845d ago

haunting ground is amazing game

Neonridr1844d ago

You have to include Outlast in that list. I realize it's a new game, but that game was terrifying.