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Submitted by BiggCMan 835d ago | news

Nvidia cuts GTX 770, 780 prices, primes GTX 780 Ti for 11/7

According to Nvidia, suggested e-tail prices for the GeForce GTX 780 and GeForce GTX 770 have dropped to $499 and $329, respectively, down from the current $649 and $399. The company expects these cuts to go "live in e-tail by 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 29th." (NVIDIA, PC, Tech)

xKugo  +   835d ago
Holy crap...
$150 price cut on GTX 780. God Dammit!!!
(Looks at my two GTX 780s) FML -_-
wtopez  +   835d ago
Oh damn. Do I get a GTX 780 now or do I wait for the 800 series?
SlapHappyJesus  +   835d ago
I am planning on waiting.
I hear a lot of good things concerning the next generation of Nvidia cards. Supposedly a major step forward in terms of performance.
Drummerdude41  +   835d ago
Waiting is never a bad thing, but i would just like to point out they say that about every new generation of cards. What i have found is Nvidia has the ability to shatter standards in the market but will never push that far unless cornered. Its a proper market strategy to only put as much as you need to forward to become profitable so you have headroom to work with.
vulcanproject  +   835d ago
The difference with waiting for the next cards are that they should end up on a smaller process and will actually be a bigger jump.

Sometimes waiting for a refresh nets you little, or maybe a price cut, but waiting for a brand new generation on a brand new process is usually always worth it because it destroys prices and you'll get a lot more bang for your buck.
ginsunuva  +   835d ago
Yes, Maxwell will be substantial in gain.

Look here:
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johny5  +   835d ago
wait for Maxwell and get a GTX780 equivalent for $250!
SuperBlur  +   835d ago
why not drop the price of the 760/660 while you're at it ?
Convas  +   835d ago
This. I could got for an $200 GTX 760
kingduqc  +   835d ago
cause their 770 and 780 where not competitive on price and their lower end segment is about dead on
SuperBlur  +   834d ago
if they can afford to drop the price of the 770 and 780 then they can afford to drop the price of the 760 .

Either way now is not the time to upgrade anything , all the good deals will come before and after christmas
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Bolts  +   835d ago
Thank god for AMD. It just goes to show how much Nvidia was over charging and the importance of competition in the market place.
Pandamobile  +   835d ago
If only AMD weren't 8 months behind Nvidia at every turn.
Giru017  +   835d ago
Wow, those GTX 770's look sound amazing at that price + with those games...
Gonna wait and see how the price of the 770 4GB versions ends up, but if the current prices are anything to go by, a superclocked 4GB 770 + EVGA backplate + 3 games + $100 off Shield coupon (lol) at potentially $360-$380 is one hell of a deal considering this card easily steps into 780 territory with some minor clock adjustments.
porkChop  +   835d ago
Haha. Nvidia says they don't need to lower the price to compete with AMD, then slashes the price a week later.
Pandamobile  +   835d ago
They don't. That's AMD's game. Nvidia competes by offering the best GPUs.
porkChop  +   835d ago
They obviously do need to lower the prices if they just slashed the 780 by $150. And Nvidia doesn't really offer "the best" GPUs. AMD and Nvidia usually offer very similar performance, the main difference is that Nvidia always overprices their products based on brand name.
Pandamobile  +   835d ago
The 7xx series GPUs have been around for like 6 months lol. GPUs drop in price after half a year on the market.
Maxor  +   835d ago
I hope that AMD can get their act together for the nextgen, because as a gamer I'm tired of Nvidia commanding a premium for their cards.
FlyingFoxy  +   835d ago
Glad we have AMD bringing nice competition, Nvidia, always overprice their cards at first.

Last cards they made that were great value were 8800 GT's.

the r9 290x looks nice for the price, since this gen of cards is now starting its likely the best time to buy.
Parasyte  +   835d ago
Couldn't have picked a better time to start building a new PC! :D
FlyingFoxy  +   835d ago
Yeah it'll likely be a while before Nvidia can pull another ovepriced and barely better Titan now, you get used to these cycles and know when the best time to buy is.
DiTH  +   835d ago
Imo best time to build a new PC next is March-April 2014. Lets wait and see how Mantle fairs first and also next RAM.
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FlyingFoxy  +   835d ago
DDR4 won't be around until late next year, though GDDR6 may be worth waiting for if you can hold onto your current gfx card.
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deadfrag  +   835d ago
I really dont know what to do,should i switch my gtx 580 with a 780 or wait for Maxwell.The problem is that i still have a backlog of PC games to play that my 580 will max easy and frankly i dont buy new cards just because BF4 is coming out.Not to mention my game backlog for the 360 and PS3.Another reason that im only going to pick a PS4 and keep my Wii U and PC for the next years too many games and no time to play.
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johny5  +   835d ago
If you wait for Maxwell the upgrade will be substantial! GTX 580=1.50TFlops - GTX 880 14TFlops!

Maxwell GTX 780 equivalent would be maybe a GTX 860 or a Ti for $250!
HammockGames  +   835d ago
^ This

I'm in the same/similar boat as you, Dead. Currently sporting twin 580s (Classifieds) which will let me work through my backlog with solid performance until the next quantum leap in GPUs.

Then hopefully the Maxwell upgrade will hold me for another 2-3 generations.

So I'd say worth the wait as Johny5 suggested. I doubt you'll be disappointed either way, just a bit more return on investment with waiting.

Just my 3 cents.

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deadfrag  +   834d ago
Yeah better wait mate!
Plagasx  +   835d ago
Man, Nvidia has been on a roll recently..

Shadowplay, G-Sync, Game this..

I think I might sell my 770 and put up some extra cash for a 780 :)

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