Drone by Evolution Controllers, One Controller Solution To A Multitude Of Devices

Drone is a new type on controller by Evolution Controllers. Sporting a lightweight, portable body which is easy to carry around and durability which will give you the feel of a mainstream type of controller. What sets Drone apart from all the other controllers is that it connect with a multitude of devices. You can use Drone to connect to an OUYA device, an iPhone, an Android phone, Tablets or PC etc, anything you prefer. Drone feats an open source environment, which means if you want the controller to support for your device, you can simply download the source code, work on it and upload your own custom firmware on to Drone via micro USB cable and make it work with anything.

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GentlemenRUs1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

That's one way to screw my hands up... I need something more symmetrical.

kingPoS1639d ago

A robot seeking symmetrical perfection would self-destruct at the site of that controller.


MisfitsInc1639d ago

that looks very uncomfortable to hold.