PS4 vs. XB1: The Size And Frame Rate Issues

This weekend has seen some real confusion regarding the capabilities of the soon to launch next generation consoles. It seems as though several press embargoes have been broken regarding upcoming launch titles - specifically "Ryse: Son of Rome," "Call of Duty: Ghosts" and "Battlefield 4".

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yellowgerbil1700d ago

I find it damaging that first party games are coming out under 1080p native. 3rd party it is to be expected, they need a year to learn the hardware, but 1st party devs don't have that excuse. They can just talk to the higher ups on how to best implement things.
There should be no games a year from now under 1080p I won't be purchasing any of those games and if gamers want a true next gen they won't be either. It is laziness, not lack of power that will stop 1080p from being the norm.

I_am_Batman1700d ago

I think you are exaggerating. I'd like as many games as possible in 1080p but to say that you won't buy games that run under 1080p is going to far imo. It's obviously your own decision but when I see a great game I won't be stopped from buying it just because it doesn't do 1080p.

darthv721700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

My philosophy is..

A good game will always be a good game no matter the technical specs.

A crappy game will always be a crappy game no matter the technical specs.

What distinguishes a good game from a crappy game is not the technical specs. Its the dedication by the developers. The fun and creativity behind it that makes it stand out.

Please note: good/crappy part is subjective.

Wigriff1700d ago

darthv72: Precisely! This is exactly why games like Super Metroid still hold up. It's also the reason why many indie titles with sub par graphics by today's standards can bring such incredible experiences.

Unfortunately there are a lot of gamers who refuse to see past less than perfect graphics and resolutions to the wonderful game which may lay underneath.

vigilante_man1700d ago

2 points to make here:

1) It does not matter at all as long as the game is great, the controls are easy to handle and the developer has done the best job possible on that platform to make the game run smooth.

2) Let's all admit we were wrong about developers cowering to MS this time around with multi-platform games. It seems like they are making the most of the PS4 and the most of XB1. This is how it should of been all along. Well done developers!

Now, can we all forget about this and join together as gamers and look forward to some amazing games and experiences with next gen?

SlapHappyJesus1700d ago

Having been made used to pretty much everything I play being run in 1080p or higher and at a solid FPS, the idea of buying a game for $60 and have it, overall, perform worse than the majority of games I own would definitely keep me from paying full price it.
A lot of the things I am hearing of the performance from games on the new consoles just cements my plans on waiting on the new consoles until they go down in price, both for the tech and the games.

I_am_Batman1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

@slaphappyjesus: I've recently played Metal Gear Solid for the first time (Somehow missed it back in the day and never got to play it). That game is running in 240p or something like that and you know what? It's one of the best games I've played recently. It's has more value than a lot of present day AAA games. I've been playing a lot of Classics lately like FFVI and VIII, Vagrant Story, Crash Bandicoot and honestly those games didn't get any worse over the last two decades in my opinion.

SITH1699d ago

Well said darthv72. I totally agree. I play old PC DOS games because they are fun, not because of the way they look.

inveni01699d ago

All I know is that The Last of Us wasn't 1080p, and it looks better than anything else last gen. If devs want to improve lighting, AI, particle effects, physics simulations, animations, geometry, AND gameplay, then I could care less if we stay in 720p. I want to see improvements in EVERY other area before I see improvements in resolution. Why? Because the power of a game is not determined by how many pixels it can fit in a single column.

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Philoctetes1700d ago

I'll give BF4 a pass on this because they're doubling the player count on next-gen consoles. Otherwise, I absolutely expect every game to at least hit 1080p / 60 fps. That should be the standard for next-gen game. Otherwise, why upgrade?

I_am_Batman1700d ago

I hope that you haven't preordered a next gen console. If you have you will be disappointed cause 1080p at 60fps for every game isn't going to happen. If that is so important for you you should consider getting a gaming PC.

yellowgerbil1700d ago

1080p yes 60fps no.
30fps is better in many instances and it isn't a case of faster picture means BETTER picture, 30fps is what we are used to and what "looks" best to our eyes. Just look at the grief Hobbit got for being double the fps as normal movies, came off looking less real because we are tuned to see it a certain way. films should always be 24fps in my mind you'd never see the beautiful "documentary" style of Saving Private Ryan if it didn't have that choppy framerate.

TRD4L1fe1700d ago

so by your logic nobody should buy a game that isnt 1080p.......SCREW THAT.....720p, 900p, 1080p it doesnt matter to me. just give me a fun to play game with a good story.

Its not like we're talking 400p to 1080p

yellowgerbil1700d ago

not having 1080p is simply laziness. There is NO limitation that hinders that from happening. These consoles can handle it if the developers are smart enough to use the systems correctly. That is why I am especially critical of 1st party devs as they have no excuse to not maintain that.
I've had a 1080p tv for 6 years. Its about damn time my games actually use my tv to its fullest. Or are you saying my old Toshiba from 2007 is super advanced?

lets_go_gunners1700d ago

I'm sad....When did we as gamers started to care about resolution. When halo3 came out no one cared that it wasn't 720p, so unless every game is 1080 we riot? Come on as long as we see a visual difference or a gameplay difference from our previous console we should feel justified.

TRD4L1fe1700d ago

@ yellowgerbil im sorry but i myself can not shut down a game on next gen console becuase it's not 1080p. Having a game that isn't 1080p isn't going to break a sell for me

@ lets_go_gamers My exact thoughts exactly!

bryam19821700d ago

I'm whit yellowgerbil in this, play games at 720p/30fps I stay whit my ps3, next gen we are talking.about! so games under 1080p/60fps or at least 1080p/30fps

Ulf1700d ago


"lazy" devs not going full 1080p? Are you serious? You should probably keep your opinions to yourself on said matter, if you don't (and you clearly don't) know what phrases like overdraw, thread warping, and shader cycles mean. Throw in GPGPU and mesh skinning, physics narrowphase, and animation decompression, for good measure.

Get back to us after you know WTH it takes to put 1080p and 60 hz onscreen in ANY genre, let alone EVERY genre. Get off your lazy tail and learn

yellowgerbil1700d ago

What I know is. it is 2013. 1080p has existed since like 2005. So your saying this cutting edge piece of hardware isn't capable of handling the max limit of a 8 year old tv?
4k res already exists. I am fine with a console being 1gen behind PC but to say 1080P is still not the standard is to admit these systems are 2 whole generations behind PC gaming. That I will not accept, so I go to the logical outcome of the developers are being lazy.
so what's it going to be, these systems that still aren't even on store shelves are already obsolete, or the developers are too lazy to use these systems to their potential.
And to say ANY launch game is pushing what a system is capable of is the real IGNORANCE ULF.

bryam19821700d ago

@ulf are you a developer? you.must be since you are implying that is hard to develop 1080/60-30fps in next gen.consoles! so sorry mister.kojima i.didn't knew you were a.n4g member lol lazy developers my friends how come sony fist party can 1080/30-60 fps huh?

DomceM1700d ago

if you want higher res get a PC.

And if you think it is so easy to develop games and everyone around you is lazy, then you should give it a shot yourself.

Tired of all you panzies running around yelling you need 1080p. You didnt pay for it, so why are you yelling about it?

chill out.

evilhasitsway1700d ago

its because they are games for both next and current gen. that's why they "suck" ecxlusives to the next gen is were it will shine. not to mention we wont see the fulpotentioal of the next gen systems for a few yrs anyways. look at current gen launch games vs the games that are now avilbel .

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SpitFireAce851700d ago

Let's wait until the consoles come out.

MrCastle1700d ago

@spitfire - Sage advice. By the time reviews come out, there will be plenty of time to cancel XB1 Preorders. Grabbing a PS4 on launch day may be tricky....

ProjectVulcan1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Not long!

No hiding from anything in just over three weeks. I'll all be blown open, be it PS4 and Xbox one

N4G will be exploding come that weekend of November 22nd when both are out in the wild

Ulf1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I think what Vulcan is trying to imply, huge PC fanboy that he is, is that neither console will be capable of hitting both 1080p and 60 Hz, outside if simpler genres (like racing).

The sad thing is... he's probably right. Even PCs, with higher-grade GPUs than the PS4, and faster CPUs than the XB1, have trouble hitting that mark, with decent graphic details enabled on some of these games.

It's all about balance, and frame rate trumps resolution, in most people's opinion. Vulcan will have a PC fanboy festival after the next year's catalog of console games don't hit 1080p consistently. 1080p x 60Hz is about 5x the work of 720p x 30, which many games had trouble with, thus Gen... and that's before you factor in that they also want to do more complex work, per pixel.

Some simpler games will hit that mark... and yeah, racing is simple, from that perspective anyway.

Godmars2901700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Yes. Let the first adapters find out what the real deal is, as always.

Getting screwed over, as always.

skydragoonity1700d ago

Every 3rd party game will be superior on the ps4. End of discussion.

Kurogane1700d ago

Including assassins creed black flag? Ha! the ps3 version is already on par with the ps4 if not better

TheEnigma3131700d ago

Stop embarrassing yourself. The new consoles will not reach their ceilings in launch year.

Robearboy1700d ago

Like the PS3'S cell, once Devs work out the ins and out of how to capitalise the xbox ones innards, I would expect 90% of all games on both next gen systems running at 1080p (not that this will make the games any better)

BRAD-RIDGE1700d ago

I don't get all this nonsense about 1080p 900p 720p. i've seen game this gen playing at 720p looking better than those at 1080p. i agree with yellowgerbil that the first parties should have set the standards. but my only hope for ms is that they don't make the mistakes ps3 did which is being harder to programm am i kidding.

sigfredod1700d ago

The issue is not that a game on 720p cannot look better that one at 1080p, is possible if they use the resorces to put more effects, particles and AA, the issue will be if the SAME game, same engine, same effects is display a 720p in one and 1080p in other

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