Crash for PC version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 takes up 1GB of HD space

Not the greatest of news for the PC release of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, but it appears that the game contains a pretty bad flaw which causes your hard drive space to be eaten up every time the game crashes as it creates a "MemDump" file that takes up nearly 1GB of space.

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Ghoul3863d ago


you make the worst pc ports in gaming history

Captain Tuttle3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Pathetic Ubisoft, pathetic.

thereapersson3862d ago

This just proves their inadequacy to spread their resources among anything other than

a) single platform development

b) publishing games

Pathetic, really...

Pathard3862d ago

Honestly.. I played this game.. and cried. It sucked. It was worse then the first one, because that was a decent game. This one was just horrible.

This proves it even more. UBI sucks with Ports. Assassin's Creed, however, was a decent port. I still enjoyed the game overall.
Not this time though.

I Call 9MM3862d ago

Ubisoft has definitely had quite a few disappointing games that were ports of console games, I can't argue there. RE4 being one of the standout examples (Capcom game, Ubisoft published and ported, weird). The PC port should always be the standout version just because of the powerful hardware out there, not some crippled wannabe version that crashes and takes up HDD space or runs like molasses on new hardware. Lately, it seems to be a trend that development and quality on the PC has taken a slide. Sad, because I'm planning on building a new one for gaming sometime soon (once ATI and Nvidia release their new cards and I can decide which one has better performance for the price).