Kinect Sports Rivals Free Trial Experience Launches Nov. 22

By Major Nelson -

I wanted to let you know that you can be among the first to play “Kinect Sports Rivals” this November and discover the power of the all new Kinect, in “Kinect Sports Rivals” Preseason. Starting on Nov. 22, Xbox One’s launch day, fans can download a free trial experience of “Kinect Sports Rivals’” wake racing, unlock exclusive in-game rewards and get ahead of the competition before the full game launches in spring 2014. Players can get information on upcoming challenges, rewards, and Xbox One news in the “Kinect Sports Rivals” Hub, also available to download starting on Nov. 22. The “Kinect Sports Rivals” Hub will be the best way for players to track progress across the monthly challenges and stay on top of their competition.

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christocolus1666d ago

finally i have been waiting for ms to announce this..i actually thought they would include it as a demo with every console but this will do too... it will definitly keep me occupied till the full game is released.

CoLD FiRE1666d ago

I was disappointed when they announced the game was going to be delayed to spring 2014 but for launch this will do. This will be a lot of fun playing with the family.

4Sh0w1666d ago

Great. I've been waiting to check out this game with the new Kinect. Despite all the rumors micro is just adding to launch day offerings, you would think they would be cutting stuff if things were as bad as they say.

Naga1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Wow. This is actually a pretty big deal.

I thought Microsoft took a sizeable hit when they pushed the release date and kicked it out of the launch lineup. But with this, they've added justification to Kinect inclusion, and in my opinion made up for the initial delay. This is pretty exciting.

mhunterjr1666d ago

That game looks like a lot of fun. I wonder if the face modeling feature will be included with this download...

Sitdown1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

It's actually a lot of fun... they had tournaments at the Xbox one tour. This game will also give you a nice little workout.

Godmars2901666d ago

What Kinect-only game do they have for launch?

1666d ago
the worst1666d ago

why not give it free for gold members.

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