GTA IV: PS3 outselling 360 3:1 at UK's Asda

VG247 writes: "Both titles have generated great interest on the Asda website, with strong pre-orders, and the PS3 version is selling three times that of 360, which is surprising and not in line with what we'd expect" said Duncan Cross, Asda's head of games.

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Capt CHAOS3888d ago

After all, there isn't any other game worth playing on the PS3 is there?

But there's no way it'll outsell the 360 version, too much of an install base.

nofilter3888d ago

Yeah, we had this last week. Interesting stuff.

yanikins1113888d ago

But if the 360 install base is 20 million worldwide, and the ps3 is 13 million (upping these figures from the last confirmed-ish numbers because they are both still selling)but there are 3x....ok lets make it 2x (just to take into account the fact that NA may be swinging more towards the 360 version) the pre order numbers for the ps3, to me, in my humble opinion, that shows that either alot of people with 360's are not interested in gta4, or there are a hell of alot of people planning on buying a ps3.

PirateThom3888d ago

I think it's a lot of people buying PS3s for GTAIV.

I personally know 4 people, one of which with a 360 already, who are buying a PS3 to play GTAIV.

That's the power of brand recognition.

yanikins1113888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Thats the combined power of brand recognition and quality

EDIT: The thing is 3:1 is a big ratio. Assuming the same percentage of the userbase for each console are going to buy GTA4 (actually i think a smaller % of ps3 owners would buy it due to the more diverse nature of the ps3 gamer) and you put that number at say, 10 percent of the userbase (your only talking 10 out of every hundred gamers), thats 2 million 360 sales (which i believe is high, yet attainable within a short period) and 6 million ps3 sales. Your talking huge numbers here. 6 million is 10 percent of 60 million. This is all theoretical of course, but hopefully you can see where i'm coming from. your either looking at a massive surge of ps3 sales, or 33% of the user base is buying this game. Either way those numbers are big

Fallen_Angel3888d ago

You might want to try readin more then just the title next time. That is only one store it go on to say that another store is reporting more pre orders for the 360. So ya to what one will sell better or the number that will sell there is no way for telling.

yanikins1113888d ago

That says more than once that i know these are not accurate numbers or math.

gaffyh3888d ago

@Fallen Angel - Asda is owned by Walmart, and is the second (I think Tesco is first) if not the biggest Supermarket chain in the UK. So if it's outselling 3:1 there then you can expect it to be a little similar elsewhere too.

From what I've seen of the specific Game stores, most of them are advertising the PS3 bundle specifically, no mention of 360 DLC anywhere.

PirateThom3888d ago

Retailers aren't advertising the DLC for the simple reason, they make the same amount of money from the games and more from the PS3 bundle, while they make nothing from the DLC.

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thereapersson3888d ago

Every other region outside of the US (UK / Europe, AUS / NZ, etc): 2 or 3:1 in favor of the PS3

Inside the US: 1.5 or 2:1 in favor of the 360.

I have a feeling the PS3 version will hold its own against the might of the 360's attach rate, however I think that because the 360 is strongest in the US it will be slightly outsold here in the US.

I hate sales articles with a passion, but this is one game where I will be interested to see which version, after being out for at least a week, will come out on top.

poos33888d ago

ps3 trolls roll the net we will see when the games comes out hahaha stupid droids neve r learn hhahahahhahahahaha

PSMonster213887d ago

You still haven't learned how to write.

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