Nintendo reconfirms Wii 480p

Nintendo's moved quickly to reaffirm that Wii will output in 480p, after Official Nintendo Magazine suggested it would offer higher resolutions.

According to reports, the official mag wrote: "At the time of going to print, Wii games will output in 720i and 720p - 720i is your standard TV picture."

But it turns out this was a simple mistake, with Nintendo UK confirming this morning: "Wii will output in 480p".

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Mr Pumblechook4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

what is wrong with the editors of this magazine.
First they incorrectly 'revealed' that the base section of the Wii acts as a charger.

Now they incorrectly reveal that the Wii outputs at 720p (raising and dashing the hopes of many)

This magazine has lost a lot of respect and become a laughing stock of the industry.

(I also know for a fact that 2 of its staff writers are militant 360 fans which surely indicates a conflict of interests)

BIadestarX4373d ago

They are just to excited about the wii they don't have time to pay attention to small details. Heck, they even made a new standard 720i, last time I checked there are no specifications for that.

malachi234373d ago

This is the reason why i won't buy a Wii, cause it does'nt do HD!

HRP4373d ago

That's quite stupid, you know...

jacen10004373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

i have a 50inch sony HD ready tv i could have bought a 360 months ago but dident, HD dosent attract me to buying a new console its innovation that is why im buying a wii beforE any other console

Jakens4371d ago

480p can look ok on a 50" HDTV if you turn the sharpness down.

I wish they would have two versions of the Wii, one with 720p, bigger HDD, and more processing power. I guess I'm looking for the newest tech, and not the most creative.