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Final Fantasy 15 May be Linked to Final Fantasy 13

IGN: "Square Enix has shed some light on what effect transforming Final Fantasy Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV has had on the game." (Final Fantasy XV, PS4, Xbox One)

MightyNoX  +   712d ago
Not content on shoving Lightning down people's throats in XIII, XIII-2 and XIII-3, Toriyama had to go and give Lightning a canon appearance in FFXIV.

Welp, thank goodness that with FFXV we'll--- *looks at article* SONUVA---
Darrius Cole  +   712d ago
Now the only thing left is for them to announced that they want to make sure the FFXV is perfect so they are pushing it back and are going to release FFXIII-4: Lightning Won't Die...and She Won't Leave Either.
hay  +   711d ago
"They’re different stories and different projects. So while it’s the same character, her involvement is very different."

Because any FFXIII storyline and character was shit.

Square wanted to reuse assets with FFXIII, because of more cash-ins with lower dev cost. Nothing to do with completing the story. We might want to expect with FFXV, or XVI for that matter.
I wouldn't be surprised to see FFXVI being a trilogy sequel to FFXIII trilogy. Sounds bollocks enough to be Square.
badz149  +   711d ago

duhh...it WAS "vs13" up until E3 this year and it would be more surprising if it DOESN'T have any connection to 13!
Funnymonkey013  +   712d ago
I really hope XV doesn't involve in any way with the stupid 13 series cause I just want the 13 series to dye already and be forgotten as the worst piece of shit ever made in a final fantsy game.
wishingW3L  +   712d ago
we can only hope. -__-
Irishguy95  +   712d ago
Look, in FFXV's universe, Lightning, cocoon, all that **** doesn't exist. The lore does.

There will be L'cie of some sort(Noctis and Stella are Lcie) obviously Etro will be a Falcie. As Noct and Stella's powers are connected to the god of death, and they can see the light in the sky whenever someone dies. This is completely different to how FFXIII handled the lore. Either way there is not a chance we'll see anything from FFXIII in it, just the same names of gods and ****/

Toriyama explicitly states this and it has been stated time and time again. Look at God of War. Then...Clash of the titans. Same lore, Completely different stories.

Izumo, the story has not changed at all since Versus 13.

Read the article for a start, to all complainers. FFXIII is connected to Fabula Nova Crystallis.
FFXV is connected to Fabula Nova Crystallis.

The games not connected to each other. You take a starting point for a story, and then make your story from it. FNC has such low details that any story can be made out of it. The only connecting detail that is making FFXIII and XV alike is that the Main characters get their powers from a god. Or that the god was the original source of their power. There is also a 'focus' for l'cie however clearly the MC's don't have to follow this 'focus' unlike FFXIII's characters. As Noctis barely even knows it exists despite Stella believe there is a reason they have the power. In FFXIII l'cie turn into Cieth if they don't complete their focus. FFXV is nothing that.

Here is the starting point XV and XIII were created from: http://finalfantasy.wikia.c... There very first thing that shows up in the FFXV trailer was Fabula Nova crystallis
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izumo_lee  +   712d ago
When the game was FFvs13 there was lore that was present in the FF13 games. Mainly the idea that a Goddess Etro existed. It was the same in FF Type 0 as well.

Whether the lore of the Goddess Etro is still present in FF15 remains to be seen.
J@D  +   712d ago
I swear if Lighting appear on FF15 I going to be REALLY piss... even Lighting references xD
Darrius Cole  +   712d ago
I just hope that in FFXIII-3 that they actually answer the frickin' answered questions from the original XIII.
wishingW3L  +   712d ago
for example?
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Godmars290  +   712d ago
What questions were in FF13?

What story was actually in FF13?
Enemy  +   712d ago
FFXV ruined.
MegaRay  +   712d ago
Chill out. She's not gonna make appearance. Unless SE Didnt learn from FFXIVs mistake
helghast102  +   712d ago
What mistake?
My_precious  +   712d ago
not again?
LAWSON72  +   712d ago
There is no maybe about it and if any of you read the article you would not be overreacting.
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Godmars290  +   712d ago
They've had nearly ten years to work on this game, and have shown troubling signs as far as story production and development is concerned. At the very least, if they were capable of realizing the controversy surrounding FF13, they'd remove as much reference towards it as they could.

Nevermind that they've made two sequels trying to explain it and tacked the characters into FF14 as if they think they've only done good.
pinkyxyz  +   712d ago
i just dont understand why squareenix tries so hard to shove lightning down out throats.
shaft0140  +   712d ago
Fail title.

According to the producers, a character from FFXIII will be in FFXV, but in the sane sense that Ifrit and Shiva appear in more than one of the Final Fantasy games -- same character, but different interpretations of the character.
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Godmars290  +   712d ago
FF15, after FF13 I want to give you a chance. As a *former* fan of the series I promised myself I'd give you a chance. This is what you do for me giving you a chance.

F*** You. Just. F*** You.

Actually I take back those f*** yous. its not the series fault, its the fault of the new gaming culture to ruin any and all surprise in a game well before its been released. If Lightning made a surprise cameo in the game and it was only that, I wouldn't be half as pissed at finding it out myself or in some forum spoiler post than I am in this stupid rumor of a game which hasn't so much as a release date or any other real detail after being in production hell for nearly ten years.

So no, its not f*** you FF15, its F*** You Square for being so Goddamn obviously clueless and pandering.

They should not be that specific. Saying that a chocobo or Cid is going to make an appearance in a game in the series is something they shouldn't even bother announcing.
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My_precious  +   712d ago
that's just typical squenix today, man, think about how Square soft turn into such disgusting company like thí really bother me

and somehow i'm sure that their next KH3 will be flood by the ridiculous mount of DLCs
Irishguy95  +   712d ago
They did not announce it. They got asked it. Just read the bloody article and use your comprehension of English to understand what they are saying. The title is an ultra fail. Lightning, nor anything in FFXIII's story will appear in FFXV. In fact, it NEVER happened in FFXV's timeline nor will it happen. Just as FF7 never happened in FF8. It's literally exactly the same thing here.

Some people even believe they are 'set in the same universe'. No, they are not. The devs never said that. They are only connected by the original lore SE made and then told their devs to go and make a story out of it. 3 games were announced to be using this lore as a basis for their games, however they were unrelated other than that. FFXIII, Versus and Agito.
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KainHighwind  +   712d ago
I hope Snow makes an appearance in FFXV lol
-Gespenst-  +   712d ago
I know most people will hate this, but I've always liked this possibility. The potential for some really cool narrative twists and turns is pretty huge if this is true. Plus anything set in the same universe ftw. Maybe XV will even redeem the FNC universe for a lot of people.
XboxFun  +   712d ago
Well wasn't VS. suppose to be like a companion to 13 when launched? That's why it was called FF vs.13 right? I always figured it was set somewhere in the same universe.

I have no problems if any of the cast members made it to this game. Looking at the demos this games looks pretty boss.
tiffac008  +   711d ago
The Fabula Nova Crystallis games (FFXIII series, Type-0 and FFXV) are not set in the same Universe, they only share the same lore. Which is the only thing that connect the games together.

Like the Ivalice Alliance games that came before.
phantomexe  +   712d ago
If it's linked...i won't buy it,that a promise. FF13 was so bad it's still the only game i've ever traded in. In fact just hearing this is to much to think about. bury that taint and move on.
Bluebird8  +   712d ago
Maybe we'll get to kill lightning on our way to see the death goddess in XV. :)
Blacklash93  +   712d ago
It's just the mythos that's connected. If Lightning does show up in any form it'll be a hidden cameo or something.
SirBradders  +   712d ago
Just create a new final fantasy from 1-12 there was no spin off shit thats what was unique in my eyes they told a smashing story in one game. Now its reverse im super pissed if this is true and turns out to be another fucking series.
Seriously SE make on damn ff and make it great.
EXVirtual  +   712d ago
It's just the mythos that's connected.
XishikiX  +   712d ago
if anyone can read...

it says Etro is the only same thing that's connected... Which was announced long ago, all they did was reiterate because they were asked a question about it.

"When Etro is mentioned in the context of XIII and XV, we’re referring to the same goddess of Death. It’s the same goddess, but how she’s featured, how she appears and how she’s involved with the story is completely different. They’re different stories and different projects. So while it’s the same character, her involvement is very different."
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richierich  +   712d ago
FF15 associated with FF13 Oh Dear God NO!

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