Nvidia will give you three new games when you buy a GTX 780

Nvidia's shiniest new graphics cards will come with digital copies of up to three new games, the company has announced.

Buy a GTX 760/660 and you'll receive Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, as part of Nvidia's new Pirates, Heroes and Spies promotion.

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pwnsause_returns1671d ago

question, does anyone know if the GTX 770/780 are DX 11.2 compatibile?

JsonHenry1671d ago

Yes, 11.2 ready. The real question is can I get a workaround for DX11.2 so I don't have to buy and use Win8.1?

Perjoss1671d ago

This is the real thing isn't it. Micro trying to force people to upgrade to the latest OS and latest updates by promising stuff like the latest Direct X and dangling stuff like 'Halo 2 Vista only'. Its like pretty much anything Micro does when it comes to gaming on the PC is just half arsed :(

dark_1011671d ago

No, sadly DirectX 11.2 is exclusive to Windows 8.1 and XBox One
so even if your card support it, you still cannot get the benefit. Its not like windows 7 is not compatible or anything, its how Microsoft is forcing gamers to switch

(line in case you want to learn more)

Also, so far i dont see something significant with 11.2, if your card can support DX11 than you are good

And at last, mah, I dont think that going to help Nvidia a lot especially with titan since you are (already) paying 1000 put for sure it will get people to buy cheaper cards.

JsonHenry1671d ago


They said the same thing about DX10/11 being on Vista/Win7 a while back but we had a workaround that enabled them on the older OS versions anyway. I am hoping it will be an easy fix like that because I don't want Windows 8 till there is better support for it and Win8 has a lot more updates to make it what we all want it to be.

neogeo1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Damage control because AMD just destroyed Nvinda with the 290X for half the price of Titan and it's a faster card.

Wow the 280x is also amazing. Better then the 770 and $100 less. Go check the benchmarks. AMD all the way. call me a fanboy because I HATE Nvinda.

Deividas1671d ago

Im not an AMD fanboy by any means, I will buy the best card for the price, But I did get the R9 280X and I do have to say it is phenomenal. Going to pick up another one for christmas for Crossfire. Cant wait!

r1sh121671d ago

value for money, free games and AMD uses less power.
AMD have returned to profit, and they will get better because of the R&D from the consoles.

Should get better, I still believe Nvidia are ahead, but AMD have caught up quickly and are now on the offensive.

Who remembers in 2005 when AMD almost killed off Intel - intel came back hard.
AMD are most likely going to implement hyper threading apparently, rather than hyper transport.

Could be good competition in the coming months.

saber000051671d ago

Not sure why anyone would down vote this. I'm more of an Nvidia guy than AMD, but I agree that they have some AMAZING GPUs out there right now. It will, indeed, be a good competition. I always saw a trade off between AMD and Nvidia. I think this is the BEST thing that could happen to BOTH of them, to have them continue to work hard and come out with something new and exciting. Unlike Apple..

TwistingWords1671d ago

Looks like somebody is suffering delirium from severe heat exposure

Must have been using too many AMD products in one rig.

arexw1671d ago

oh wow really a brand new card with new technology barely beat an almost year old card at a little more than half the price??? oh i wonder who would have thought so???

get a grip.

and JUST caught up with nvidia. once nvidia releases their next products, and will again be behind.

im so glad amd isn't involved in drivers for new consoles, because their drivers are utter trash. always late, weeks to months late after a game comes out, and even after all that time invested, the drivers still suck by comparison to nvidia.

there's a reason nvidia didn't put their hardware in next gen consoles, and that is because nvidia makes top quality products. you get what you pay for. xbone and indiestation 4 would have given nvidia too little returns to make it profitable.

enjoy crappy amd hardware in your indiestation N4SP (news for sony ponies) and low end quality hardware and drivers in your cheap AMD crapware

SavageFlamingo1671d ago

Wow, you win the douche award for the day. Congratulations. You must be proud.

chaldo1671d ago

I am not a fanboy, but it didn't 'destroy' the 780 or titan. In some games it matches the titan and 780, and in some games its powered just a bit over those two.

In regards to the titan, the card was meant for high resolution + multiple screen gaming. And do note that it wasn't mean for for just normal one monitor gaming, as stated by nvidia. The card is capable of performing like a beast, with 6GB of VRAM and high bandwith, especially for a single GPU..

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Grave1671d ago

What happens if I get 2 of them?

MidnytRain1670d ago

And half of them will be redundant.

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