New Square Enix horror game: Nanashi no Geemu

Today's Famitsu issue announces Square Enix is working on a new horror game for the Nintendo DS. Current information:

- July 3rd, 2008 Japanese release.
- 1 player.
- 5040 Yen.


It's called Nanashi no Game - "The Game with No Name". There is an urban legend that those who play the game will die a week later. Also it mimics the DS menu screen, to send you mail and freak you out with things within the game.

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PS360WII3859d ago

huh a Square Enix horror game. That should be crazy.

bakasora3859d ago

More Square-Enix games!!
They are god for me!

Mariye3859d ago


I'm glad they're making so many great games for the DS and PSP. XD

NOTORIOUSzeke3858d ago

That's what it sounds like.