Rayman Legends sells under 1,500 copies in its first week in Japan

Rayman Legends was the second best-selling Wii U title in Japan during the week of October 14th. Sadly, that’s not saying much.

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hollabox1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Not surprising, Ubisoft screwed this game last year with delays and porting it to X360 and PS3. We all know what's coming next, Ubisoft will release another statement threatening to pull support from the Wii U if Rayman Legends and AC 4 don't sell.

dark-kyon1511d ago

in japan wiiu is dead,only nintendo games have chances of sell.the tokio game show have cero wiiu third party games.

hollabox1511d ago

I wouldn't say its dead yet, but Nintendo needs to get the ball rolling. Next E3 will make or break the Wii U, so Nintendo needs to show something interesting, something not seen before, and only available on their platform. Otherwise I can't see Nintendo supporting a system dead in the water going into year 3 or 4. They will be the first to announce a new next gen systems if dismal sales continues by TGS2015.

Misaka_x_Touma1511d ago

funny monster hunter tri ultimate sold well in japan

1510d ago
YodaCracker1511d ago

It's a great game that deserves better sales.

hankmoody1511d ago

Loving this game myself currently on the XB360.

thomasmiller1511d ago

Like i said, this does not suprise me at all, every one is waiting for Mario 3D world, Ubisoft made a big mistake by releasing this title so close to mario's release date, I am sure after the holidays and Ray man gets marked down, it will pick up in sales.

Chrono1511d ago

And they say Wii U isn't dead.

MrCastle1511d ago

So Nintendo intends to release Mario 3D world the same day as the Xbox One is released? Did Nintendo learn nothing about timing over the years? It is gonna be forgotten about in the flood of new games and features. Rayman could have been the first hit on Wii U if they would have kept it exclusive.

Misaka_x_Touma1511d ago

someone will play ryse over mario lmao wtf lol

MrCastle1511d ago

I would! Hands down! I've played Mario games for almost 20 years. Time for a change. I'm sure I'm gonna buy a new Xbox on day one and for some reason dust off my wii u for this one. I can hold out till Black Friday for another Mario game.

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