Game Piracy

Everything you need to know about game piracy. Who does it and why. Piracy over the years and what it is like today. And the affect that it has on the games industry and the games you get to play.

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Kakkoii3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Playstation wasn't the first to use CD's.

The Sega CD was the first to use CD's :).

And you didn't need a modchip for the PS1. You could merely load a real disc while holding down the tiny trigger at the back that keeps the disc spinning and then swap it with a pirated game at the Playstation logo screen lol.

It made the Playstation verify that you had a real game loading, but after that verification was done.. When you switched disc's it would then start loading the game thinking it was verified :P.

Anyways nice article. Although I have a few different views on Piracy.. But I'd rather not get into it now. (Long story short, Piracy isn't as bad as it's made out to be in a lot of cases. And also helps while hurting, By allowing people who normally couldn't afford the game, to play it anyways. If you were a musician, wouldn't you want people to hear your music, money or not? (You don't really NEED that gold plated pool do you? XD))

Mariye3863d ago

Its a very interesting and comprehensive article. I'd recommend reading it.

I do disagree on the writer's thoughts that piracy will deter developers and publishers from creating games for the DS. The DS is a proven force, so it will definitely continue to be successful.

darthv723863d ago

I do have some pirated games. They are ones I know I could never get (import: radient silvergun / expensive: panzer gragoon saga) or ones never released (half life w/blueshift for DC). It would sound hipocritical for me to say I dont condone piracy when I just admitted I had some games.

I really dont condone it and believe in the idea that money spent on a retail game goes to the devs to help them continue to make better games. If games werent so expensive these days I would buy more retail titles. I am more of a used game purchaser than anything else which I know used game sales go to the store and not the devs. I dont have a problem paying $30 for a used copy of Mario Galaxy but I do when it comes to paying $50-60.