10 Must Buy Games for Next-Gen

The next generation of console gaming begins in less than 3 weeks. There is no denying that a handful of titles on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One look fantastic, but the burning question on everyone’s mind is: “Which games should I buy first?”
DigiBytes puts together a list of the top 10 games you must buy on a next-gen console

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VENOMACR12271639d ago

So let me get this straight....

Tom Clancy The Division

.....are not in the top 10 for must buy Next-Gen games,
yet Plants vs Zombies and Starwars are? And the article was 10 Must Buy, I'm pretty sure Project Spark is free.

Idk about you, but The Division, Killzone, and Titanfall are going to outsell the majority of the games on that list. This list is a joke.

aconnellan1639d ago

I have no doubt in my mind that those three games will outsell a lot of the games on the list, but I did state before the list began that it's based on personal preference - specifically on my own anticipation (how keen I am for them, not necessarily how good/bad I think they are).

If I had have made a top 15 list, those three games would be on there, and while they all look amazing and I will be buying them, they just don't hold the same level of anticipation as the others do.

As for Project Spark being free you are correct, and that's a typo on my part. I will update the title to 'Must Own' so it makes more sense, thanks for the heads up

VENOMACR12271639d ago

Last I checked, Titanfall is one of the most anticipated games for 2014 (along with Destiny). Heck, even PS4 players are waiting and hoping it gets released on PS4. No offense, I know it's your opinion, but your honestly going to tell me your more excited to play Plants vs Zombies than either of those 3 games?

Although I disagree with your list, you've got a couple solid games on there.

aconnellan1639d ago

Yeah that is a good point, I should have thought about that more before putting the list together. Bubble up for being helpful my friend, I may have to update the list in its entirety

Radamantous1639d ago

Come on!!! Killzone,Titanfall,the Division only mention...Halo 5? R u kidding me?

aconnellan1639d ago

I've realised that I've done a pretty poor job of putting the list together, so I'm going back and revising it as we speak. Granted, I'm not as excited for those three at this point in time as some of the other games on the list, but you and Venomarcr make some good points.