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Submitted by s8anicslayer 835d ago | news

PS4 Controller Supposedly Works With Xbox 360

A YouTube user has posted a video claiming that the DualShock 4 controller works with Xbox 360 consoles. (PS4, Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

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Lalanana  +   835d ago
Lol.. cool. why would anyone want that too? relearn in game the button functions too?
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cleft5  +   835d ago
This is too hilarious. At the same time it is so odd, but it's also really cool technology as well. Even my 360 is hyping me for the PS4 now. Too good.
Baylex  +   835d ago
LOL this is too funny ahah
Imagine if DualShock 4 works on the X1?? ahah Sony would sell controllers like hot cakes
gaffyh  +   835d ago
If true, expect MS to block it in their next update. They aren't in the business of making their competitors money, and Sony would do the same if the Xbone controller works on PS3 or PS4.
FarEastOrient  +   835d ago

What are you talking about? Microsoft is already going to pay for the Blu-ray royalties, just as they did for the DVD royalties on the original Xbox.
mikeslemonade  +   835d ago
Finally I got my answer. I proposed this question a couple days ago. Too bad I'm done playing current gen to try this out.

And controllers are too expensive now. I usually go solo for a while when I get the launch system. Especially now when I can just go online for multiplayer. Local multiplayer is pretty weak these days
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FamilyGuy  +   835d ago
Surprised it doesn't work natively, without the workarounds this guy is using.

The DS4 is like any other 3rd party controller once plugged in. Just like how it works on PC and is easily/instantly recognized as a controller.

I never thought about this till now but it makes perfect sense.
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Septic  +   835d ago
Eh? They could use it for beat em ups? The d-pad on the DS4 is brilliant.
smoothop  +   835d ago
If you're into beat em ups just use an arcade stick, both d-pads are crap for fighters its that simple.
OlgerO  +   835d ago
Dont you think that it is great that xbox 360 users can now experience the greatest controller ever made ?
Septic  +   835d ago
Well hold your horses there. 'the greatest controller ever made'? Maybe in your opinion but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves.
Codey47  +   835d ago
Septic, pissing on peoples bonfires since 2011 :P
Rayansaki  +   835d ago
@Septic, at the very least they now have a proper controller to play fighting games...
s8anicslayer  +   835d ago
Also a better build quality than the 360 controller as well.
THamm  +   835d ago
Wonder why he's not testing the sticks? I think the X1 d-Pad has microswitches which would be great for fighters...
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MasterCornholio  +   835d ago
For fighting games?

We all know how horrible the Xbox 360s Dpad is for those sorts of games.

Nexus 7 2013
sigfredod  +   835d ago
Finally a good d-pad for fighting games on the xbox360
isarai  +   835d ago
i would for improved d-pad
THC CELL  +   835d ago
Lol Sony are at this point going to sell out on controllers
JimmyLmao  +   835d ago
I hope they have enough to go around!

it seems that everybody wants a bit of Sony in their life lately

RedSoakedSponge  +   835d ago
haha! thats awesome!
Mohlest   835d ago | Spam
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   835d ago
i can tell you for a fact that MS is going to patch the crapppp out of this. still the coolest thing ever regardless. theres also a video of the controller working with mac, which means theres solid workarounds to make it also work with PC.

you could literally use 1 controller for 4 different platforms.
Mikelarry  +   835d ago
i doubt ms will care because if they can allow the xbox one to work with the ps4 i don't see them caring for this.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   835d ago
completely different situation though. MS will not lose any money on having the xbone work with ps4. they WILL potentially lose a lot of money if a ps4 controller works with their console though.
OrangePowerz  +   835d ago
That wouldn`t be a good idea, because that would mean they patch out every wired controller support. It works because the PS4 controller is recognized as a generic controller, the same reason why it works on PC, Mac and PS3.
s8anicslayer  +   835d ago
It would be cool if it did actually work though.
Sy_Wolf  +   835d ago
Clearly fake, the 360 doesn't even have a blueTooth receiver.
shivvy24  +   835d ago
You might be on to something
Mikelarry  +   835d ago
it might be connected to the 360 via the cable. that has been the only way the get the ps4 to work with any other console /pc
Sy_Wolf  +   835d ago
Even if it was wired the 360 doesn't have the drivers to support the controller. It's technology, not magic.
monkeyfox  +   835d ago
its wired...
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   835d ago
the 360 bluetooth headset comes with an external bluetooth receiver. not saying thats whats going on here, but thats just about the only thing i can think of aside from the vid just being fake.
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Linzoid  +   835d ago
At 35 seconds you can see that the controller is wired.

It actually makes sense that it works with 360 as it works with Windows too.

Wouldn't surprise me if Xbox One controller works with PS4
BlueBlood17  +   835d ago
It is wired friend! You can see this early in the video but it's clear at the 30 second mark.
Shake_Zula  +   835d ago
You CLEARLY see the cable at :35... wtf?
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   835d ago
DS4+360 has more functionality than the DS4+PS3, that's actually kinda funny.
Rayansaki  +   835d ago
why? It works with PS3 too...
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   835d ago
Apparently the PS button doesn't work. Least that's what I heard. Also a few games are incompatible with it, strangely enough.
No FanS Land  +   835d ago
Yes I bought a DS4 and some games do not work with the DS4. games that happen to work with will have "share" mapped as select and "options" as start.

The build quality of the DS4 is impressive, the DS3 feels awfully cheap compared to it.
blackstrr411  +   835d ago
Ps4 finally has backward compatability then hahahaah. Well, the technology is ancient if it can run on 360.
torchic  +   835d ago
good attempt at a stealth troll in the beginning of your comment then you went full fanboy and trolled hard right at the end :/
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sandman224  +   835d ago
That's great. It would be cool if the Xbox one controler worked on ps4
Shake_Zula  +   835d ago
lol I don't think Sony would patch it out either. Hell, I'd add the extra support for it. Yeah, MS make a tiny bit more profit, but the controller debate effectively stops immediately. What reason not to buy the cheaper/more powerful console then?
alexkoepp  +   835d ago
Needs to use Xbox controller on ps4, Microsoft has controllers down and Sony had yet to prove themselves
Hicken  +   835d ago
I'm sorry, what?
alexkoepp  +   835d ago
Oh you never got to use the Xbox S controller or the 360 controller? You've only used a dualshock? I see why you question it then...
Scatpants  +   835d ago
I agree. I bought one of the new PS4 controllers, and while it is way better than the DS3 which I thought was horrible, I still like the xbox design better. Looking forward to the vibrating triggers.
Hicken  +   835d ago
I did, actually. Unnecessarily bulky, battery pack bulging out the back side, crappy D-pad and asymmetrical analog sticks, triggers that felt way too loose and sounded like old screen doors when you used em.

Never felt pleasant in my hand. I'd rather use the original Xbox controller, frankly.

As far as "Sony has yet to prove themselves," that's laughable, to say the least. One company has won awards for its controller's design, while the other has not. One design has stood the test of time, with minimal changes, while the other received massive revision in one generation, and then again as the new generation hit. One has been using long-lasting internal batteries for years now, while the other is still using AAs you buy from the store. The connection technology in one is just now catching up to what's been in the other for a full generation. One has had pressure sensitive buttons rather than digital.

Who has yet to prove themselves?
XboxFun  +   835d ago

The original duelshock won ONE award, not award (plural) as you so often saw Dragon incorrectly post and decided to go with it.

You must have small girl hands if you think the 360 is bulky and FYI, the DS4 is now just as big. And I laugh at your lame attempt of "asymmetrical", just how uncoordinated are you? And triggers that felt way too loose and sounded like old screen doors? Did you some how use you younger nephew's controller because that is NOT how any 360 controller over the 7 years have ever felt or sounded.

"One has been using long-lasting internal batteries for years now,"

Wrong, those internal batteries will wear out, as do all internal like batteries. In fact now some older ps3 controllers can't even hold a long enough charge and drain quickly.

"The connection technology in one is just now catching up to what's been in the other for a full generation."

You must be talking about Sony catching up to MS because MS has won an award for their connection technology for their controllers and finally...

"One has had pressure sensitive buttons rather than digital."

That has been dropped by sony because NO ONE used it.

Also did we not get articles about Sony looking at the 360 for design improvements and even considered placing the analogs in the same spot as the 360's? Yes they did...

Much to prove Hicken, much.
ilovefatgirls  +   835d ago
i would love this to be legit, i find the xbox pad very counter productive because of button placement everythings just a little too far apart unless youve shovels for hands
p_bateman  +   835d ago
No AA batteries needed lol.
ATi_Elite  +   835d ago
Well we all know the Dualshock 4 work well with Windows 7
Pliskin-ecu  +   835d ago
Works with Wiiu ?
the worst  +   835d ago
nobody has a wii u lololol (I kid I kid I kid)lolololol
Pliskin-ecu  +   835d ago
works with pc ? Titanfall + dualshock 4 ?
the worst  +   835d ago
you can finally play a fighting game with a great d-pad on the 360. there will be an update real soon from M$ to block it
MCTJim  +   835d ago
Well, for me, I wish it was the other way around. I wish the X1 controller would work on the PS4....but I guess I will be trying it anyways to see if it really works.
GirlOnFire  +   835d ago
Good I'm never using the 360 controller again. I'll use the DS4 I have !! Yay ^~^ so much better! I'm getting used to it now.
Funnymonkey013  +   835d ago
I think that If DS4 were to work with X1 that would be neat cause then people who play fighting games they can just use the DS4 as it would be much better 4 fighting games then X1 controller.
sandman224  +   835d ago
Where can you get a dualshock 4? I'm in the USA and all retailers don't have them yet.
GirlOnFire  +   835d ago
I got it from GameStop. It was on the wall behind counter. I was like "holy rabbies!" I bought it and now I'm broke I just paid off my PS4 lol. ^~^
Also I heard Amazon shipping them out now hope I helped.
AceBlazer13  +   835d ago
no more need to buy batteries ^_^
reckless_gunner  +   835d ago
I'm with everyone else, this is great news. I think "some" of the Amazon pre orders are shipping dual shock 4 controllers already. I'm waiting to see what happens with mine. I've also see that the ds4 can connect to pc via bluetooth: http://www.ps4accessories.c... but I'm not sure about using the x360ce program. If you're lucky enough to have the ds4 already, try bluetooth on pc for the sake of the ps community. It would be appreciated!!
Philaroni  +   835d ago
Not sure how this works, I have the DS4 got it at Gamestop just two days ago, I plugged it in to my 360 after seeing this and nothing works. I have MvC3 so I will try that next but I feel this is fake unless they can show it being connected and any other steps needed in order for it to function right.

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