Jack Thompson sends letter to Take-Two chairman's mom

Jack Thompson is at it again. Just days before the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, the attorney sent the following letter to the mother of Take-Two executive chairman Strauss Zelnick.

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Gazman3860d ago

It would be so funny if Jack got sued over the letter for harassment or even deformation of character.

KidMakeshift3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

If this is real then Jack(ass) Thompson could, and hopefully will be in some deep sh*t

I don't know the legal term, but this is a form of harassment. It might not be threatening but it's still ill-intended

Why can't he just die off like Johnnie Cochran

shine13963860d ago

Jack sent a letter to his mum?

yeh...moving on..can't really can you....he should maybe take a rule out mafia movies...don't invovle family...things get ugly when family gets involved....
anyone willing to bet jack gets sued?

Leo Atrox3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

Granted, it was the Chairman himself who first brought his mother into the GTAIV controversy--a fact which Mr. Thompson is surely relying on to keep him out of trouble--but even still, sending a letter to an elderly woman to disparage her son is absolutely nothing short of harassment. While he is already in legal trouble for his antics, this could actually be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back. Though unlikely, this little stunt could actually put Mr. Thompson in jail for a few days to have a "time out". It is absolutely unconscionable and uncalled for. While I appreciate Mr. Thompson’s cause, his antics put him right up there in despicable company with those members of the Westboro Baptist Church who protest at the funerals of slain US servicemen. Good intentions do not justify this type of behavior; the ends will not justify these means.

Palodios3860d ago

My opinions on the whole battle aside, you have to admit, he always gives gamers something to laugh about.

Idmpc3860d ago

Well actually I think Mrs. Zelnick could write back
"Dear Mr Johnson.

I took your advice and I decided to see with my own eyes what my son's game is all about. And I have to tell you that it shocked me, as I never had so much fun in my entire life.

Thank you for your concern,

Mrs. Zelnick"

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Neurotoxin3860d ago

Oh Jacky boy.

Hows about Campaigning against something worthwhile, Like perhaps Prohibiting Guns being sold to people in America.... This would stop a large portion of Gun Crime, but not all.

So people maybe play GTA 4 and kill someone, Perhaps its the person to blame not the game.......

Gish3860d ago

Or it would make it so that law abiding citizens now had no access to firearms while criminals could buy them on the street. Not going to happen. I don't own a gun, but support gun rights. Ever hear the saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people"? What this country needs is better parenting skills. Not just parents saying yes or no to allowing little Johnny to play violent games, but some solid ethics and morals. That all being said, I can't wait to get my hands on the game!

waltercross3859d ago

is that Parents for some part arent even allowed
to parent anymore, Example punishing your kids
are much different now, most states outlaw spanking
and if cought you'll be charged with a crime.

It's no excuse I know but it does hinder the
parents job as a parent.

InMyOpinion3860d ago

The issue is not with video games. They try to put the blame on video games when in fact the problem is much deeper rooted. It's ridicolous really. Kids get to be around guns, but not video games. Just look at all the school shootings. Those kids were each carrying a small arsenal of weapons. Everything from handguns to machine guns, grenades and shotguns. It must be the video games fault that the kids carry those weapons right?

cwir3860d ago

He doesn't do all that sh*t pro publico bono! He's like those fake ecologists who blackmail developers that they will do protest about some construction or whatever unless their organisation gets paid.

No one would even know of his existance if it wasn't for GTA and games alike.

Besides he is an idiot. If this letter is true, then he just fu** himself up. I believe that is some sort of harrasment.

I say Rockstar should ignore him. Gamers should ignore him. Game magazines should ingore him (and not write about him and his stupid letters). If what he's saying is justified then take it to court! Prove it!

Ehh. Nevermind. 6 more days :)

KS19853860d ago

Man, how old is Jack, squealing on Strauss Zelnick's Mommy.

What is it with people taking a desperate cheap shot. I expected somthing more ground breaking from Jack, but this is stupid. Is he trying to band GTA IV or trying to get Zelnick grounded?

frey3860d ago

What an asshole, Jack should be sued for this, it is harassment.