Eurogamer: Haze - Multiplayer Impressions

Eurogamer writes: "We've already brought you our hands-on impressions of the single-player and co-op modes in Haze, so now it's time to sink our teeth into multiplayer in Free Radical's upcoming PS3-exclusive shooter.

Given how often the - perhaps unwelcome - comparisons with Halo have been pulled out of the bag in the past year, it's to Haze's immediate credit that its multiplayer is distinct from Bungie's opus. Helpfully, it's also got very little in common with the present occupant of the FPS throne, Call of Duty 4. In a genre that's crowded with far too many me-too games, that's a huge plus point.

Much of Haze's distinctive flavour comes from the two opposed forces in the game - the Mantel Troopers (who you play for the first part of the single-player) and the Rebels (to whom you defect for the rest). Rather than simply having different models and weapons, these two sides actually come with radically differing abilities, strengths and weaknesses."

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BilI Gates3886d ago

Wow nice preview. I know it's a lot to read but be sure to read the whole thing.

yanikins1113886d ago

Where am i meant to be getting all of this money?

Bazookajoe_833886d ago

i hope it will be as good as my expectations...

CaliGamer3886d ago

This game might be good, love Free Radical so I have to say that I will be watching this once closely. I'm diggin the different sides concept, this might be a sleeper hit.