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Final Fantasy XV: Everything there is to possibly know

A roundup of all the info surrounding Final Fantasy XV. (Final Fantasy XV, PS4, Xbox One)

KingKelloggTheWH  +   547d ago
I can't wait for this game, among all the next gen titles it is definitely the one I am most anticipating.

Just hope we can get a release date soon.
Magicite  +   547d ago
I just so hope it will be a game-killer!
Majin Uchiha  +   547d ago
The industry needs this game desperately, i hope it returns Final Fantasy to its former glory, not enough jrpg's, hell rpg's in general. Here's hoping it releases before we all have gray hair lol
KingKelloggTheWH  +   547d ago
Rpg's have gotten so bland.We need something great again.
d3nworth1  +   547d ago
Ever notice how Noctis kinda looks like Sasuke
Jihaad_cpt  +   547d ago
pretty sure the Japanese voice over is the same guy that voices Sasuke.
Darrius Cole  +   546d ago
Isn't that one the standard Japanese archetype looks though, like a young girl in a sailor/school-girl outfit.
shenjie   547d ago | Spam
Hanso  +   547d ago
when do you think is release?
I say summer 2015
KingKelloggTheWH  +   546d ago
I'm guessing winter 2014
Subby  +   547d ago
Please let the English voice acting be good. Please let the English voice acting be good. Please let the English voice acting be good.
leahcim  +   547d ago
I´ve lost my patience with this
I don´t care about this anymore

this shit have 2016 release date
I am sure there will be a ton of better games until we reach that date.

the only way that squenix could not die for me is releasing type-0 on the vita here in the Americas before the launch of FFXV

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