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sibbor1486d ago

Sweet. I remember they Telltale Games said that it'll be coming to the PS4. I'm really looking forward playing it on my upcoming PS4. It'll be awesome, for sure. Season 1 was really nice... it even made me shed a tear.

grumpc1486d ago

It made me cry like a girl.

Flyingdog6701486d ago

Oh yea! Bring it on! :D
Hopefully i can get a new ps3 before it releases though!

s45gr321486d ago

I am guessing next year well the wolf among us barely started but I am excited to play the second season of the walking dead. The first one was sad, depressing and dramatic every moment was tense every decision was heart breaking. Despite all of this I can't wait to play it getting my tissue box ready

Jovanian 1486d ago

Oh please let clem be alright. I've been waiting months on a horrifying cliffhanger to see if she made it out alright

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The story is too old to be commented.