Edge Preview: Haze - Free Radical may have produced a console FPS that you can't compare to the usual suspects

Edge writes: "Watching Haze's development from the outside has been a strange experience. After an initial rush of information the November release date came and went, and the month-by-month delays that followed didn't inspire confidence – although whether that was more to do with Ubisoft's financial statements or hesitancy on the part of Free Radical isn't clear. But things are funny sometimes: behind what looked like a stuttering and slightly troubled end to development, Free Radical has taken the time to refine Haze beyond expectations.

Looking at screens of the Mantel troopers might seem to belie that. After all, here are black-garbed military men with guns, surely one of gaming's most overused archetypes. They're not even fantastic looking, and alongside some of the textures are undeniably below the level expected on the PS3. Indeed, several elements of the gameworld are visually unexceptional. It's a technical rather than an aesthetic failing, however, because the world of Haze has a distinct visual quality that is far removed from other titles in the genre. This can be as simple as the ubiquity of the Mantel logo to the more usual pleasures of watching your team spread out and take up cover effectively. It's a game that has managed to craft a world rather than a tech demo, and if that means that the mud occasionally gets blocky close-up you learn to live with it."

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Skerj3887d ago

Wow, the preview confirmed what I had hoped Free Radical achieved from the delays. Even though it does look aesthetically generic in some areas, it's still unique enough where you don't really care (Resistance). Unfortunately due to the timing of the release I don't think I'll be picking it up on launch as I'll still be playing GTA4, Persona 3: Fes, and waiting for MGS4. Maybe in July though.

riksweeney3887d ago

I only ever played GTA3, the other ones never did anything for me.

What I'm basically saying is that I'm going to pick it up.

Skerj3887d ago

I actually want to get it next month but I'm already stretching myself thin between the two games I'm getting between now and that launch. So it'll be July before I could actually give it some time.

meepmoopmeep3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

yeah Skerj. i'm in the same boat as you. GTA4, P3:FES will be taking up most of my time until MGS4. plus i have MGS2 that i have to finish. I'm waiting to see if more friends get this game to justify me getting it. If only Free Radical could have got Haze out in Feb. or March it would have sold more games then in May. But i hope it does well in sales.

LastDance3887d ago

Ocarina of time is still better then most games ive played.. and i still play it. I still play SOTC and ICO.

Graphics mean sh!t. the best games ever made are inferior graphically to the current generation and are 10 times better.

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yanikins1113887d ago

So maybe some rock textures are crap. Im not going to be shooting at rocks.

joydestroy3887d ago

wow. the graphics may look bland, but look at that vegetation in the last pic. that's pretty good.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

As long as the gameplay delivers I can live with sub par graphics. Anyways, if this is successful, it will probably become a franchise, and they will up the ante in the graphics department
(a la Resistance2).

Viva La Resistaunce!

shine13963887d ago

yeh this isn't pushing graphics but its free radical, they're all about perfecting gameplay. will get this come end of may...but I know mgs 4 hype will be at fever pitch....

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