Top Gaming Network Partnerships to Join

Heres a list of some of the most popular Gaming Networks to partner with when starting your own Youtube Gaming Channel. But the big question is how do you know which is the best gaming network to partner with or which would be the right one for you...

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UltimateMaster1483d ago

Youtube has a ton of gaming channels.
Not all of them are good.
Some of them are pretty biased too.

yarbie10001483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

I've been a Youtube Partner for years - No Network. And I'm very happy. Was surprised that the first suggestion is to not join Youtube. I don't like to share money with Networks when I don't have to. I usually get a message once a week from the top network providers. They all copy & paste the same info in the emails, and they all offer me exactly what i'm already getting with the Youtube Partnership program. Revenue between $3-$10 - custom thumbs, live streaming etc. I just haven't found any benefits unless you get with a group who is going to promote your channel. Then you would need to have a pretty large promotion in order to make up for the difference in the cut that they are gonna take. \

And Ubisoft wasn't mentioned for publishers that allow you to monetize. Its a complete myth you need a network to post gameplay vids.

SpiralTear1483d ago

I think the networks are just a more reliable way to avoid copyright problems. TotalBiscuit had a nasty run-in with a copyright claim, but he had credentials, but for a new start-up channel, copyright can be a big problem. In a way, it can also discourage and scare away fresh talent from appearing on Youtube.

Of course, this is not a constant fact. If you yourself haven't had issue with copyright even when not on a network, that's really good. I do know that a lot of the networks are straight-up garbage, one big one being Yeousch (which is flooded with shooter vids and misleading thumbnails).

It's good that your situation is working out, because with copyright being such a rampant problem, networks are able to feed on newcomers and misuse the partnerships. Kudos!

yarbie10001483d ago

I agree with everything you said. It is a form of insurance. But I agree with your last statement. I think a lot of them just feed off of people and use scare tactics.

The other day one of my friends in a network had a claim filed against him. His network ("M"ajor network) told him to file a counter-claim. That is the exact same thing I have to do if something happens. So I can see it from both sides.

But I wish more publishers would come out and say specifically that you are free to upload and monetize your gameplay videos. I think if there was a true union for gamers - thats what they would be pushing for (And maybe there is - I don't keep up with it that much tbh) But I was really impressed that Ubisoft did exactly that pretty recently. I don't think it was given enough coverage.

I do want to point out, because it may have come across wrong - i'm not bashing on networks. Some do offer benefits that i'm not privy to know i'm sure. I was just putting out there what worked for me, because I do hear a lot of people say that its impossible to do gaming and be a youtube partner.


iRobotGaming1483d ago

What I meant when I said not to join Youtube was mainly for people posting Gameplay Videos. These are the channels that would most likely get Copyright Strikes. I took a look at your channel "The Red Dragon" and noticed all your videos are mainly focused on gaming news and not actual Gameplays or even Walk Throughs. So in your case it would be ok to partner with youtube without having any issues.

yarbie10001482d ago

I do cover a lot of news,especially recently - but I do walkthroughs also - let's play - tutorials. I'll be doing a lot of BF4 tutorial videos. I've done complete guides for a number of games including Splinter cell, Dishonored, LA Noire etc.

I've contacted all the major publishers myself and received permission as added security - but I've had several tell me - (I'm talking major publishers here) - You are free to monetize your content - you just can't make someone PAY for access to that content. So I couldn't charge you $1 to let you have access to my video. But an advertisement on the video is different. it's just like an adsense advertisement on the side of a webpage.

thatgamereviews1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Just curious, what is your youtube account?
Edit: Just saw that is was The Red Dragon. Sorry.