Rocksmith 2014 Edition Review – Who Knew Learning to Play Guitar on a Console Could be so Fun? | COG

We go hands on, literally, with this guitar shredding game, and find that the 2014 version is a solid experience.

"I have never taken any sort of guitar lessons; I can read some music and I tend to play mostly by ear, so while I can play pretty well I’m no virtuoso. When games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero had their days in the spotlight I would turn my nose up at them. These games did not teach one how to play a real guitar or master any sort of chord progressions. I could see how fun it was to just hit the colored buttons and seemingly make music, but it kind of screwed me up. The few times I tried to play them I had a hard time trying not play the real chords and structure. When the original Rocksmith arrived in 2011 I thought that it certainly was an ambitious undertaking to try to dethrone fake guitar playing, after all those games with plastic guitars had a firm grip on the music genre and they still have a huge following."

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