First Pictures of Knack's Actual Retail Cases Show That Some PS4 Games Are Already Out Into The Wild

The first pictures of true blue (not just for display purposes) retail cases of Knack are starting to appear, showing that the game is out in the wild, at least in Canada.

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Kayant1606d ago

Ahhh the magical wilderness... Loving the blue theme going on with PS4.

C0LLAT1606d ago

This blue is going to look cool with the BF4 case.

TheTwelve1606d ago

Blue is my favorite color. It's going to be a good generation.

dontbhatin1606d ago

same here! Lets be best friends :P

Game4life1606d ago

wiiu has blue too but the ps4 blue is much better. It just looks better to me

ShinMaster1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


@ Game4life

True, but to me Nintendo will always be associated with the color red and PlayStation with blue

Qrphe1605d ago

Don't use may-mays you don't fully understand.

strigoi8141606d ago

toronto have this. go to yonge and dundas gamestop. they are already selling knack

Abriael1606d ago

Canada is going to become the most hated/envied country of the next generation.

christrules00411606d ago

The controller I can understand but the game aint worth anything until the PS4 releases. Well unless a limited edition game released early.

Campy da Camper1606d ago

Lol you know there is that one guy who will put this in his ps3, it won't work, then he will take it back and complain its broken.

lonz3581606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Looking forward to seeing "Only On Playstation" a lot next gen.

jay21606d ago

I'd be crying with no retail unit to play!

strigoi8141606d ago

yeah having the controller, the camera and knack. but without the system is like having an aquarium with no water and fish inside

s8anicslayer1606d ago

More like having Keys and a gas tank with no car..:).

christrules00411606d ago

More like having the fish and the water filter without the tank.

DrJones1606d ago

More like having the water without the tank and fish.

solid_snake36561605d ago

Or like having fish but no aquarium to put them in lol

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TheFutureIsBlue1606d ago

That's too much teasing lol. I'm hoping Amazon sends some consoles off early =p

FamilyGuy1605d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if Canadian game store weren't caught selling console early too at this point. I think Sony said they were okay with this though because it saves people time to get the games and accessories early. Even Amazon is going to be shipping the accessories early.

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The story is too old to be commented.