DICE Discusses Changes Coming To Battlefield 4 Console Controls

Game Informer: As every player who participated in the console versions of the Battlefield 4 beta quickly realized, DICE made some subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the control scheme. As a result, the Battlelog forums were aflame in debate regarding whether or not the game is improved because of them. To understand DICE's thought process behind making these alterations, we spoke with Battlefield 4 executive producer Patrick Bach.

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D3acon1673d ago

Ridiculous, people complain about the silliest things. It took less than an hour to adjust to the control schemes and in my opinion it made the vehicles more intuitive and easier to control.

I thought, at least on PS3, the melee button had always been R3, something that bugs the crap out of me but I make due. I can't tell you how many gun fights i've loss just from pressing the R3 too hard. I would just rather disable the feature, more likely if i'm using a knife i'm already dead.

no_more_trolling1673d ago

its not complaining about the slightest things.......
its the control scheme people have been using for years, of course they will want to use the same control style that they have been using for years

plus the vehicle controls are horrible with the new config

you have no clue what youre talking about

shimme011673d ago

I cannot reverse tanks properly with the new setup :( I tried so hard to like it, but finally went back to veteran.

Also chopper controls made my brain hurt. Back to vet there too.

2v11673d ago

Idk but on ps3 the melee for me is on the r2

wsoutlaw871673d ago

I dont mind the button layout change but the helicopter controles are terrible

swishersweets200311673d ago

i love the change to the controls. did the swap with the prone back to r stick and it took me as well a few minutes to adjust. I dominated people with the tanks and the helicopters. Had matches of 40-0 many times in the choppers.

I agree that too many people made too much of a big deal out of nothing. You get people stuck on muscle memory game playing. They couldnt handle the change.

Nothing to worry about for those that want the old style considering they heard the publics complaints. For me im going to stick with what they brought forth. I have no intention of going back to bf3 style controls.

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Tru_Blu1673d ago

I don't see why they saw the need to have a button bring up battlelog mid game. Who the hell wants to check battlelog in the middle of a game while others are out to kill you.

TheBurger291673d ago

yea i wasn't happy about this

wsoutlaw871673d ago

Ya and it slow to if you push it by accedent.

Tru_Blu1673d ago

ws, agree.. train us for years to hit select to spot and then put that battlelog button on it. ugh

HappyWithOneBubble1673d ago

Good. I like the old controls. I don't want to play BF4 with COD like controls.

MidnytRain1673d ago

PC gamers usually get to swap any function to any key. I don't understand why this hasn't been made available to console gamers.

Maxor1673d ago

PC gamers get a ton of things that the console do not and great controls is one of those things.

Plus button mapping have never been apart of the console experience which is all about taking what's being spoon fed to you, for better or worst.

Elwenil1672d ago

The Gran Turismo series has had custom button mapping for years. It can be done on consoles, it just takes a developer willing to do it for their fanbase.

ATi_Elite1673d ago

Man I can't wait for the consoles to announce KB/m support.

Heck we all know the Dualshock 4 and XB1 controller works very well on Windows 7

Avernus1673d ago

I never understood this. Yea playing with m/kb is more precise, but why not just get a PC? :/

annus1673d ago

Go ask someone who plays on console instead of PC, they bring up a lot more reasons than just a controller.

Avernus1673d ago

I play on console, and a couple casual games on PC. I rather console personally, even though I know what a PC is capable of.

Just m/kb on my console just doesn't appeal to me. Meh, to each their own I guess.

trenso11673d ago

the only thing really good about the KB/m is the precision from the mouse, the keyboard part isn't as good for moving a character around as much as an analog stick imo.

Maxor1673d ago

Plugging a mouse and keyboard into your PS4 will allow you to completely dominate everyone else on the server. You'll be playing BF 4 the way the it's actually intended. You'll be free aiming naturally and with precision dictated by you very will instead of having to finesse the auto aim.

You'll be a god as you lord over the other clumsy gamepad saddled players. Nope, no one must ever be allowed such powers on the console.

ATi_Elite1672d ago

Good Point! great post!

One day a Proper game will release and allow us PC Gamers to OBLITERATE consolers and there gamepads in FPS supremacy.

Athonline1672d ago

I remember back in 2011, in Eurogamer Expo, there was a BF3 booth. While the booth was sponsored by nVidia and BF3 was on PCs, they gave you the option of either using a 360 controller or a keyboard/mouse.

I am a terrible BF player, but on that day I was dominating ^^ Most people were using a controller and shouting how they missed the "x" kill xD

Same story with a friend of mine, in Warface tournament in Eurogamer Expo 12... He plays RPGs/RTS mostly on his PC, but still ended up 2nd!

quinten4881673d ago

I hate this, why is it so hard for them to let players set their own fully customizable controls. I like knifing with R2 better

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