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Call of Duty: Ghosts on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is 6v6 only, Xbox 360 requires 3GB install

According to the new information that surfaced, the game will feature 12 players online instead of the usual 18 players count which the series has seen in the previous titles, this limitation might probably end up on PlayStation 3 as well. The next-generation version of the game and the version on PC will both feature the usual 18 player count online. (Activision, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Mikelarry  +   645d ago
taking out features so that users are more inclined to get the next gen version... activation you sly dogs

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iamnsuperman  +   645d ago
I do hope this isn't true and if it is I hope that isn't the reason because I hate that tactic with a passion. It annoys me to no end when companies do this. I am not sure what Activision has to really gain by doing that though
Mikelarry  +   645d ago
exactly you would think that with the current gen having a much larger install base than next gen you would want to please those consumers more. but hey what do i know.

@ blackoo

very good logic. not a lot of users will be getting next gen and for activision to pull a stunt like this there might be a back lash. i already hate that i cant have 8 of my buddies in the same game as me (bf4 players please don't reply saying just get bf if you want to play massive i tried it it wasnt to my liking). we just have to wait and see
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malokevi  +   645d ago
It's not true. Mikelarry is trying to pass off speculation as fact. How about instead of inventing controversial explanations, we wait for a genuine one?
mikeslemonade  +   645d ago
You're lame and boring person if you play current gen COD to begin with.
UltimateMaster  +   645d ago
3Gb on the Xbox 360.
They sure want you to get that HDD.
Because they can shove more DLCs down your throat.
darren_poolies  +   645d ago
But it's pretty much always been 6v6, the only gamemode that actually used the full 18 player count was Ground War and on the vast majority of maps that is a clusterf*ck.
SegataSanshiro  +   645d ago
Ultimatemaster, nobody is shoving dlc down anybody's throat. Nobody is forcing you to buy it and if you feel that way then you are weak minded, stop trying to be edgy and give up that " f the system " mentality
decrypt  +   645d ago
Poor console gamers. No BC and now this. I think they just would be better of buying no games for current systems now. Just hold of for the next box. Then disregard all their current libraries. Buy games on the next box.
ZombieKiller  +   645d ago
Activisions gain is they get to sell a "new" game every year without developing it.

I bet its because they added all these new features and the current gen versions suffer frame-rate drops. So instead of waiting and actually developing the game to run better, they keep the same time frame, knowing people will buy it anyway.

Mike....EPIC PICTURE dude.....
Mad Aizen  +   645d ago

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Abash  +   645d ago
This is honestly very low of them if they did this just to get more people to get the next gen versions
Mikelarry  +   645d ago
i really hope it turns out false but with activision i always was expect the worse.
black0o  +   645d ago | Well said
i disagree ..
the cur-gen install base is over 160 M (ps360) while the next-gen stands at 0

activision won't benefit form the next gen consoles sells like MS and sony, activision makes money from selling copies of COD, it doesn't matter if its cur or next-gen copy

i think it has to do with the dynamic environment in MP
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thehitman  +   645d ago
Ya I agree especially looking at how the next-gen version looks it looks like they just upped the resolution w/ upgrading the textures and effects for the MP so it doesnt seem like they invested that much into the new platforms anyway. Dont see why they would entice people to play there in such a manner.
H0TSHELLZ  +   645d ago
I Agree with black0o, they added all kinds of features in theater, MP, and then there is still...Extinction Mode.
Relientk77  +   645d ago
That image made me LOL
Mikelarry  +   645d ago
its a gooding :)
Crazyglues  +   645d ago
Wow 6 on 6 ....WTF? --> That's super Lame
KidBroSweets2  +   645d ago
The only cod game mode with more than 6v6 is ground war so it's really not that lame because that was one of the fewer played game modes offered.
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AlexanderNevermind  +   645d ago
Its the only mode I care for in COD. If they removed it from Next Gen then this game would probably be a no buy for me.
RobAlmighty  +   645d ago
Every Call of Duty main game mode is already 6vs6, if this wasn't posted how would you have expected anything different?
OrangePowerz  +   645d ago
If the maps are the same size as always 6vs6 is all you need. 18 players on previous maps in CoD was always too much.

Also I doubt they will gimp the current gen version on purpose to sell more next gen copies because there are many many more people on current gen and they would have announced that already earlier if they wanted to push sales of next gen versions. Also let`s not forget you can upgrade for 10 bucks to the next gen version.
Mikelarry  +   645d ago
but what if you are not able to afford next gen or not interested in next gen yet for what ever reason. it just does not make sense that a feature that was previously available is now exclusive to next gen console.
EPiCDiNGO  +   645d ago
The same thing that Apple do with newer iPhones and Macs lol
Opossum  +   645d ago
This is going to be stupid... no matter how much we hate it until something better does cod... here we go
cyclindk  +   645d ago
Picture is humorous, thank you.
DrJones  +   645d ago
Makes no sense to do it for that reason. Surprised you got so many agrees. The money base is in the current generation. The reason for player reduction is clearly because of technical limitations.
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Back-to-Back  +   645d ago
I wonder if COD ghosts on ps3/360 could be 9v9 if there were no dogs? hmm things to wonder
assdan  +   645d ago
What does activision gain from selling more on next gen consoles? They make $60 from the sale on every version. Maybe they wanted better graphics online.
optimus  +   645d ago
Actually, they make less than that once the distributors and retailers get their cut from the game.
assdan  +   644d ago
You're right, next time I'll do a ton of research to figure out exactly how much a company makes for every sale because that's what makes this argument valid.
optimus  +   644d ago
Well seeing as how you specifically asked what does activision gain? Giving you the impression that they make the full $60 you spend on a game, i simply told you they don't make that much...you don't have to do a ton of research...here you go...

Console maker: $12
Retailer: $12

Obviously if they were to develop AND publish they would gain a little more but in this case Infinity Ward gets the $9 portion.

As others have said, the player count has not changed in past call of duties outside of the mode that people are pissed about now. If they were to increase the player count for the next gen systems then they run the risk of getting less sales on the higher install base of the current gen and thus lose money...THAT is what makes the argument valid...

...as you were.
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assdan  +   643d ago
You in know way disproved the point I was trying to make. I change my argument from they make $60 on every copy to, they make the same amount on either version. Jesus H. Christ, I've never seen anyone miss the point of an argument more than you. So congrats.
optimus  +   643d ago
I wasn't trying to disprove any point other than you saying they make $60 on the games they sell...and please refrain from using the Lord's name in vain...

As you were.
famoussasjohn  +   645d ago
They took out ground war (possible limitations due to RAM on curreng gen to put in the destruction and such in MP) and I believe the standard on next gen is 18 players on all maps and gamemodes now.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   644d ago
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Godhimself_In_3d  +   644d ago
my thoughts exactly
tonywood  +   644d ago
Yea man......that's quite whack!
Prople keep eating the cod, halo, and gears crap. And I keep hearing about the $10 for trading in this gen's cod (and I think bf4 too), like that's a great deal for the consumer.

Its cool though.....because activision will do the samr thing to cod that they did to both guitar hero and tony hawks. (Run it into the ground)
andrewsqual  +   644d ago
And its bad enough they never give the PS3 version the 50 vs 50 we know the console can support because the other console can't, is an even bigger kick to the balls to PS3 owners then.
ambientFLIER  +   644d ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you think the PS3 can support 50x50?????? wow...
Gamer1982  +   644d ago
Of course nex gen gets extra players but that doesnt make the game smaller. The massive difference in game size of 6gb vs 50gb comes from that HD texture pack. Until they stop making a last gen version completely they cannot get the nex gen version down to a reasonable size as they would have to modify the engine for outputting only HD textures. They could have made a new engine to support both new and old consoles but that would have been a lot more expensive than just sticking a HD texture pack on. Activision are ran by shareholders and want to squeeze every penny out of this game that they can.
Flyingdog670  +   645d ago
No ground war then? That sucks...
lsujester  +   645d ago
That's the only thing I ever play. I never cared for COD matches with low player counts.
Pascalini  +   645d ago
It's not true don't be silly now
TheBurger29  +   645d ago
they will probably come up with some lame excuse about 360/maybe ps3 being too weak for more players... well look at bf
mushroomwig  +   645d ago
Look at Mag, 256 players.
TheBurger29  +   644d ago
exactly! IW is so lazy with their games its ridiculously sad
Starbucks_Fan  +   645d ago
WOW that would piss me off if that was true.
Deadpoolio  +   645d ago
Except anyone with even the smallest semblance of common sense knows it's not true.....But everything always has the conspiracy theory nuts, with their OMG, OMG conspiracy, it's all on purpose...Those companies with 0 stake in next gen consoles are trying to make people buy something they get a 0% share in
T2  +   645d ago
Ground war is all I ever played ... Oh well was planning for bf4 anyway
strigoi814  +   645d ago
as expected from activision
GentlemenRUs  +   645d ago
Is this even legal?

Gimping features for older consoles to make people buy the next-gen(even though cod isn't next-gen) is below the line for the most dumbest move ever.

Congrats Activision! You have won the "Most Dumbest Development Decision" ever Award!
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Nakiro  +   645d ago
Why wouldn't it be legal?

They can do whatever they want with their game.

It's total garbage that they would do it but nothing is confirmed yet so we are probably never going to know.
It's pure speculation.
DrJones  +   645d ago
The reasons are technical. They would lose millions of dollars if they purposely screwed 160 million gamers over. (Current gen user base)
svoulis  +   645d ago
Could it be because of the advanced sound and other new features they are bringingto current gen? I don't mind 6 v 6. Groundwar was usually nothing but spawn camping lagfest
Deathdeliverer  +   645d ago
That is dirty as hell. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself. You telling me the 360 and PS3 suddenly can't handle even the basic 8v8? I haven't played a cod since modern warfare 2, but I'm upset for all you guys that decided to wait for the upgrade.
jeromeface  +   645d ago
It's the first time they've rebooted the engine since Cod4, if you want 9v9 play BO2
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Deathdeliverer  +   645d ago
That's what they call a engine reboot? Does not look different at all. But then again I'm not a call of duty expert. And I don't want 9v9 or anything else cause I don't want the game at all. Just saying if they are holding out on features, which it seems that way to the uninitiated, then that's weak.
Deadpoolio  +   645d ago
It's not a new or rebooted engine...They already admitted that they lied....They said that 2 years wasn't long enough to create a new engine so they again tweaked the same 10 year old engine....Which is pretty sad that the one80 can't handle a game at 1080p with a 10 year old engine
Skate-AK  +   645d ago
Probably has to do with how unoptimized the engine is this year.
mhunterjr  +   645d ago
I doubt they are doing this to push the next gen sales.
The current gen version of the game will reach waaay more people. The next gen version's sales will be limited to the number of people who actually get their hands on a next gen system, which will only be about 3 million.
5eriously  +   645d ago
Thanks for the information. So now I know which game to skip on my PS3's
NarooN  +   645d ago
Coming up with such a BS excuse to try to get people to buy the next-gen versions, lol come on.
jatakk  +   645d ago
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svoulis  +   645d ago
Says it on the bottom line right next to the flash very hard to make out but it's definitely a 1-12 players online
Killjoy3000  +   645d ago
1) None of you were going to buy this game to begin with
2) If you were, then you were going to buy it for either PS4, X1, or PC.
3) They aren't doing it to surge next-gen sales. Each version is $60.
4) The dynamic events in the Maps and enhancements to the engine just set it a bit over this generation's limits.
5) A very small percentage plays Ground War to begin with.
6) The framerate on previous entries was already a bit shaky on GW.
7) Who cares, CoD is lame anyways, BF4 and Killzone: SF FTW.

The End.
Grimhammer00  +   645d ago
I Think its very possible that third party AAA games & publishers broker deals with Sony & MS for launch titles to be appealing/better than previous gen.

So I'm not convinced that this 12max players isn't possibly a next gen incentive.
DrJones  +   645d ago
Think economy. 160 million ps3/360 owners. 0 next gen owners. You can't possibly believe Activision to be that stupid.
Zjet  +   645d ago
It's understandable, as time goes on games require more and more, COD included, the Dual rendering for the scopes alone is enough.

The funny thing is no one noticed that it is now only 1-2 player split screen, where as every other COD has been 1-4 player split screen.

Funny how no one notices this.

Do hope the Next gen versions offer 1-4
RevXM  +   645d ago
12 players...
The Fish AI must take its toll on old gen consoles.
Look out for fish in them puddles online!!!
3GB for Fish AI!(jk) Infinity Ward decides to show 4GB 360 owners mercy leaving them a total 1GB of space, oh lord what a relief! Lmao.

Sorry Im having the time of my life laughing right now.
Is this serious?
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Sadist3  +   645d ago
If you include the fish and dog, that's actually 8 players per team. Maybe the 9th player will be DLC
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SaturdayNightBeaver  +   645d ago
5v5 or 6v6 is the way i like it the most. Thats how it should be IMO!
FANTA1180  +   645d ago
why is everyone so surprised that next gen versions dont have a huge graphical difference same thing happened when ps3 and xbox 360 released ... these are launch games made on an older platform ...
C-Thunder  +   644d ago
6vs6 just like Titanfall...
cell989  +   644d ago
Titanfall is 6v6? really? thats a turn off for an online only game, I was expecting epic battles with at least 8v8 players
C-Thunder  +   644d ago
Yes, 6vs6 with a bunch of enemy ai tossed in to make sure everyone feels good about their k/d ratio.
cell989  +   644d ago
either this is some marketing ploy to boost the next gen versions or Activision has some of the worst developers working on their games. So much trouble to get the game running at 1080p 60FPS, with an engine as old as the xbox 360 itself. Really? they cant hire some good coders to revamp the whole engine and keep up with todays staandards? Just how much money is Activision investing on actual development of the game? I bet they have a bigger budget on marketing for the game than the developing aspect lol, yet the masses will buy this game by the millions, further giving them a reason to keep the same practices
ambientFLIER  +   644d ago
Have you guys thought that it just may be a.....misprint on the case?????

antonioad14  +   643d ago
Dont worry guys its fake i have prove that it is if you have a ps3 go on the market place go to call of duty ghosts ps3 look in the descripsion it says 1-4 plays ofline and 2-18 network players so dont worry
XBLGR  +   636d ago
wait MIKESLEMONADE "You're lame and boring person if you play current gen COD to begin with." soooo, tell us what next gen COD is like saying as you have a next gen console.....

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