David Cage Says Indies "invent the future"

Quantic Dream boss and Beyond: Two Souls dev, David Cage, recently discussed the future of the gaming industry and said he’s most interested in indie developers, saying they are the ones that “invent the future.”

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-Gespenst-1302d ago

...For AAA companies to co-opt and milk. The only developers that should exist are indies.

Jovanian 1302d ago

This is sort of why I feel indies getting locked up in exclusivity to the PS4 is a great disservice to the industry as a whole

CrossingEden1302d ago

Um, I definitely triple A over indie games. I prefer GTAV, Last of Us over amnesia.

ifritAlkhemyst1302d ago

The average indie game is exactly like 100 other indie games, just like the AAA stuff.

Amnesia is the tits though.

AnotherProGamer1302d ago

Most indie games aren't new or innovative its mostly 2d platformers most innovation came from AAA developers that made and defined every game genre

Tontus1302d ago

I don't like indie games, they are mostly shit.

DigitalRaptor1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

You would've had to have played most of them to make that statement.

Hicken1302d ago

Just like most AAA games.

Go figure.

_QQ_1302d ago

I can't take most of what this man says seriously but indies are pretty important, some may eventually become AAA studios.

tarbis1302d ago

Like Naughty Dog, Media Molecule and many Sony 1st party devs who started as indies.

Themba761302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I hate to say it but he's right indies are the future like it or not. AAA companies don't last forever nothing does. you need indies to grow and become AAA companies of the future.