Flop or Not? - Xbox 360 Exclusives

With 2008 already a quarter of the way finished, we still haven't seen any big name titles, which were also quality titles. Although there is little information about some of them, and a couple might not even release this year, the following is a list of this writer's opinion and analysis of the big games that could be huge. They will be rated as Flop, Possibly a flop, and Not a flop.

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Truplaya3888d ago

Im quite interested in Splinter Cell conviction, it might be something a bit different.

sonarus3887d ago

lets hope its a good different and not a bad one

Silellak3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

It sounds like The Bourne Cell Identity, which good be great or horrid.

decapitator3887d ago

So many wrong with this article. Am personally looking forward to everything on the list....well except.....**** ****.

TresTrendu3887d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction is going to be alot different. They are not just shoving this baby out. I think alot of people will be suprised by it. My most wanted game by far is Gears2 though.......Hands Down.

TheKungFool3886d ago

I really liked some of the splinter cell games, specifically "Pandora Tomorrow" and "Chaos Theory", but to me, there are just too many similar games coming out now.

Between Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and SOCOM, not to mention all the lesser than wannabe titles that try to copy those, I just start to tire of the genre, even though I usually enjoy the games.

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Daz3888d ago

I wait till i play them, before i judge.

jollygoodchap83888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Every other fool here watches 15 secs of video and judges it right there...or they wait for one single guys review and doesn't bother looking at any other reviews.

OOG FunK3887d ago

bubbles because its soo true

kewlkat0073888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

when they have not seen much of it or played it?

These websites..are crying for Hits...all ya need is faimbait questions.

"following is a list of this writer’s opinion and analysis"

That means I can write one too and post it,sh^t I gots opinions as well, will it get approved?

Whether a game make or break it, you really gotta see what kind of competition it has when it debut, with other games or games in the same genre.

Does it sell consoles?
Does it just satisfy it's fanbase or go beyond?
Does it sell "consistently" years after?

Example: Was Ms Pac-Man or Tetris Flops?
They sure are not up to par with todays graphics but why they are still played?

ukilnme3888d ago

Lol, I will approve it. You seem to have well thought, unbiased posts from what I've seen so far.

Ali_The_Brit3888d ago

il probably be named a fanboy for this but its true. the only really big titles xbox has going for them this year are splinter cell, gow2, alan wake. sony can show like twice that many massive hits

ukilnme3887d ago

That comment was not fanboyish enough. It belongs in the gamer zoner.

Montrealien3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Too Human and Ninja Gaiden 2 should be be there also. What does sony have this year? Resistance 2, Metal Gear 4, Killzone 2 (wich will be pushed back to 09) Haze, Socom (wich I think is the biggest of them besides MGS 4) and The angency.

You know what I see here? I see 8 awesome games that I will be playing this year and a bunch that I am clearly missing. But the bottom line is that I will be playing many more awesome games then any loser fanboys could ever dream of.

lawman11083887d ago

"the only really big titles xbox has going for them this year are splinter cell, gow2, alan wake. sony can show like twice that many massive hits " Yeah these will only sell around 10 million copys of games @ $60 bucks a clip..$600,000,000....thats a real bust pal.

Wait for the GTA IV numbers 3 to 1 easy the 360 will outsell the PS3

nextgengamer3888d ago

Until Gear of War 2 comes out, flop for sure.

Richdad3887d ago

Proof of Ms excellent Marketing, look at the article it heals more than it hurt. I can say it a .... you can guess it.