Battlefield 4 Commander tablet app launches on November 19th

The official Battlefield 4 commander app launches on Nov 19th on iOS and Android devices.

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pwnsause_returns1486d ago

you would think they'd integrate this to the battlelog app... whatever, as long as it works, its all good..

OrangePowerz1485d ago

Just in time for the launch of the game on the Xbone but not on time for any other platform.

Lawndart19811485d ago

Or a European PS4 player.....

Bio_Mod1485d ago

I JUST smashed my damned phone
Sods law i guess

alexkoepp1485d ago

This game is optimized for windows 8, where is the windows 8/windows phone apps? Who the F uses iOS?

pandehz1485d ago

I was wondering too.

I would love to have it on my Surface. Best tablet out there.

porkChop1485d ago

"Who the F uses iOS?"

I hope you're joking. iOS and Android make up nearly the entire market. Windows and BB are practically non-existent.

Not saying the app shouldn't be on mobile Windows devices though, it absolutely should be.

pandehz1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Yea it was a bit of an exag from his side but basically its more like:

'Windows 8 is the best tablet/mobile OS so why cant we have it there and why do ppl still use ios its just horsecrap''

Truth1485d ago


While I agree iOS is garbage... I believe Windows 8 is just as garbage. I like flexibility and neither platform gives me that while Android does.

OrangePowerz1485d ago

Most people use iOS and Android. Windows Phone 8 has a small marketshare.

Lord_Ranos1485d ago

Windows phones are great. they deserve more attention than the boring Iphones.

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sibbor1485d ago

Looking forward using this app on my Android tablet. Will be interesting to see how it pans out, because it sounds like an interesting concept.

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