PS4 'Perfect Day' Commercial Gets New Meaning in Light of Lou Reed's Tragic Passing

Hardcore Gamer: Although Reed would probably lament the fact that a commercial of all things would recall the strength of his music, the "Perfect Day" ad now acts like a stirring tribute to the master musician and hopefully has inspired a new generation to discover his brilliant work.

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ZodTheRipper1698d ago

Now it's a nice tribute to him, love this commercial. RIP Lou Reed.

admiralvic1698d ago

No doubt. I am sad I keep seeing the abridged version now a days. RIP Lou Reed, hopefully your memory will live on in PS Gamers for years to come.

pedrof931698d ago

Lou Reed passing is sad.

One of the greatest Rock'N'Rollers ever.

Tctczach1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Ever? Ehh. That's a big statement.... especially for Reed.

*Not trying to be mean. It's just Reeds name doesn't come up a lot when I discuss greatest rockers ever.

dillhole1697d ago

Whose name does come up?

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BobBelcher1698d ago

lol, so a video game console commercial is a tribute to Lou Reed... C'mon now guys. I doubt they're gonna show this commercial at his memorial.

SecondSon1698d ago

For us gamers that liked his music it is a tribute :/

SilentNegotiator1697d ago

I have to agree. Just because he died, doesn't mean that anything featuring his work is a "tribute" to his career now. Especially a TV commercial that just happened to be featuring his music when he passed.

Jovanian 1698d ago

I've been listening to a ton of velvet underground lately...very unfortunate and coincidental that lou's passing coincided with my spontaneous desire to listen to his music. It's gonna be tough listening to sunday morning again

Savantcore1698d ago

Haha is this a joke? I enjoyed this advert as much as the next person but come on, this is a tenuous and shoddy coincidence.

Savantcore1698d ago

No I didn't. The author is trying to suggest that Lou Reed dying offers this advert some sort of poignancy, when it's just a cheap attempt at touting an old man's death as some massive benefactor to PlayStation's marketing team.

You know what's going on at Sony right now?

"Hey, you hear Lou Reed died?"
"No way! Didn't we use his music for that ad?"
"Yeah we did"

The end.

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The story is too old to be commented.