Australian Playstation 3 GTA IV Bundle Confirmed

Available from May 1st for a strictly limited time is the Playstation 3 GTA IV Pack containing the 40GB Playstation3, a SIXAXIS controller and a copy of the legendary game...

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sonarus3887d ago

Hmmm i wonder why it isn't available on the 29th

chaosatom3333887d ago

maybe because it's Australia.

MURKERR3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

in that advert but i guess sony are adult enough not to mention the 360 directly (only gamers who know both consoles will understand the references),same cant be said for microsoft im afraid. theyve mentioned ps3 at every opportunity microsoft take note have a bit of class

the 'what you can do on 360 while waiting for the 5min instal time on ps3 was the lowest i think microsoft have sunk to'

yanikins1113887d ago

This is why I think that informed consumers will choose the ps3 if they are yet to upgrade to a next gen system. The word "free". The australian economy is looking good on paper but for your average worker it isnt that great. So the word free used in an article this much really holds some weight. Microsoft cant write an add similar and i think its going to cost them. Sure the ps3 is more expensive, but it works and everything is included out of the box. It makes it sound like a better deal than it is, and its a good deal.

MURKERR3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

agreed,but theres also the references to-wifi no need for additional ADAPTORS,blu-ray winner of FORMAT wars,more exclusive games especially highlighting mgs4 which we all know microsoft themselves wanted remember when a representative was at a presentation for mgs4 saying its an amazing game they'd love it on 360 and many insiders were speculating he was there to try and tie up a deal for the game but nomatter how hard they tried they couldnt.

the digs are obvious to us but not to a casual gamer its like sony are saying we could call out 360 but we wont go by names unlike microsoft have done

yanikins1113887d ago

Microsoft really made themselves look like losers with that recent article. Sony are classy. Hell, put a 360 next to a nice shiny ps3 and tell me which one stinks of class? Yup. You know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it.


MURKERR3887d ago

yanikins this game gonna kick ass will we finish it before mgs4 tho?

see you online dude be on my side in the turf wars lol

yanikins1113887d ago

Can i finish it before Haze? And can i finish that before MGS? GTA4 isnt a finisher for me. Its all about running around killing sh!t. Def add me to psn tho. I'm always up for a good blood bath.

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TheHater3887d ago

that not a bad deal considering that you save 70 Dollars. Oh and it seems that Sony finally let the cat out of the bag with the bundle after denying it for the past several weeks

Condoleezza Rice3887d ago

I expect this bundle to be confirmed for EU territories in the near future

pwnsause3887d ago

i love how its making the letter sound like as if killzone 2 is definitely coming this year

King_many_layers3887d ago

I'm guessing that it's looking promising for KZ2 to be out this year then. They really must have been crunching down on this game. can't wait.

Nice to see a bundle for Australia. I'm imagining it'll sell fairly well considering some of the things happening with the XBOX360 over there.

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The story is too old to be commented.