‘Battlefield 4’ Xbox One impressions from Xbox One Tour event | Examiner

XMNR: Battlefield 4 is part of the Xbox One Tour that hit Atlanta on Friday and this Examiner was able to give the game’s multiplayer a spin. This happened in the midst of controversy over rumors that the game is running at 720p on the next-gen console so how did the actual experience compare to rumors?

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aviator1891636d ago

Glad to see the x1 version chugging along well.

finbars751636d ago

How is chugging along well when it was to someones opinion.Not everybody is going to know the difference between 720p and 900p.The one thing im glad to hear is that its running at 60fps and it was fun.I think maybe I have over stepped my boundries in the other posts concerning the resolution for the xboxone and gotten away from what BF4 is about.Its easy to get caught up in all the stuff on N4g I must admit.I guess it shouldnt really matter to me what the resolution is on the Xboxone since im not purchasing one.I hope that the game is a succes on both next gen consoles along with PC.I cant say much for current gen since I got to watch the whole SP and Mp on twitch tv yesterday before they pulled it late last night.I have to be honest with everyone is that current gen looks like shit graphically and gameplay wise.Not to impressed but llike I said im buying it for the PS4 so there wont be any worrys there.peace out and happy gaming to all those looking forward to BF4

aviator1891636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Well, I just read that the author found the demo to be smooth, held a constant framerate, and looked hence, my 'glad to see the x1 version chugging along well' comment.

Oh, and I also got to play bf4 a few times on a few events, so there's that. And from what I played, I can't say I don't agree with the author.

And I don't know why I got those 15+ disagrees for my original comment.. I just said that I'm glad to hear that the game is coming along well on the x1. Anything wrong with what I said?

H0RSE1636d ago


merely mentioning the X1 without any sort of snide or sarcastic comment, is enough to warrant disagrees on this site, let alone comments that actually reflect a positive attitude towards the system.

Frogman1636d ago

Perhaps instead of concentrating on the console wars perhaps you should spend that time on your grammar. 😉

mrnice1635d ago

have you played them. no have you seen them side by side no.i have. must say ps4 very nice killzone looked and played great.but xbox one just ran so much better.on call of duty ghosts and battlefield 4 ps4 crashed twice. as for graphics lol 50 percent not even 2.if xbox one was running 720 when played battlefield 4 and ghost they looked the same.i am getting both but for online gaming ps4 will never come close by a long shot

Pogmathoin1635d ago Show
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Bigpappy1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

It is funny how all the specialist here keep jumping on every rumor that they fine negative on the internet, regarding X1 and then try to sell them as fact. Before the saliva dries on the keyboard, here comes someone who actually played the MULTIPLER, not even the single player, to tell them how gorgeous the game is. Whether 720p or 1080p or what ever in between, it is gorgeous.

But we all know that has really never been what this is all about. You really hunger for proof of concept. You want undisputable proof that PS4 is 50% more powerful than X1. You can put away the Viagra and let that boner go down. You are not going to get that proof, because its just is not the case.

Zack_attack1636d ago

That was funny as hell lol. Quite true as well.

ATi_Elite1636d ago

Bubbles+ FUNNY

LMFAO that's the Funniest yet Truest Post I have seen on N4G in a while.


Fanboy = PS4 50% more Powerful than the XB1 FACT!!!!

Me = "Yet we just witness the almighty Killzone:sf get downgraded and PS4 can't run BF4 at 1080p EITHER"

Fanboy = 900p is BETTER! Sony did it for a reason!

Me = "LMFAO"

VoodooRob1636d ago

Couldn't agree with you more.

4Sh0w1636d ago

Yeah and whats funny is COD Ghosts would be the worst example to prove superiority of either console, no hate but COD Ghosts is just a modest upgrade graphically over the current gen versions.

ThanatosDMC1635d ago

NOOO!!! I need my PS4 Viagra!

fossilfern1635d ago


dantesparda1635d ago

Hm, all you MS fanboys going on and on, when finbars comment wasnt even really bad. Yet this site is overrun with nothing but Sony fanboys right? You fanboys are delusional.

Fact! dropping from 1080 to 900 resolution and dropping from 150K to 85K polygons on Ryse is a downgrade, PERIOD!

Going from 30FPS SP/MP to 30fps+ SP/60FPS MP plus more textures is a upgrade, FACT!

I know the truth hurts, especially when the X1 has been nothing but a letdown, but you fanboys have got to deal with it.

Just about every game on X1 has downgraded, KI (to 720), DR3 to a dynamic resolution (in other words will drop below 1080), and now its look like COD & BF4 on X1 might be at 720.

All the meanwhile, DC is targeting 60fps. All i see is downgardes on X1 and upgrades on PS4. Honestly i think both systems are underpowered, but the X1 has got it even worst and you MS fanboys are the bigger fanboys for supporting such a company as MS with their greedy intentions and their inferior system for more money.

Pogmathoin1635d ago

BigPappy, bubble for you.... no one likes to hear the truth.... but let them finish the boner off....

H0RSE1635d ago


"I know the truth hurts, especially when the X1 has been nothing but a letdown, but you fanboys have got to deal with it."

- How has the console been nothing but a letdown, when it hasn't even launched yet?

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Bigpappy1636d ago

You should have said X1 is an overpriced piece of junk. That would have earned about 160 agree if this gets to the hot topic session.

I don't care about agree so I just say WTF I think needs to be said. If I can't say what I really feel, what is the point of posting anything.

VoodooRob1636d ago

Knowing this biased site of course

andibandit1635d ago

Thats the recipe for going from 1 bubble to 10

MiHX21635d ago

The bubble system is abused in every form....

Ace_Pheonix1635d ago

You are mistaking bias for general concensus. The site isn't biased just because they see the XBONE for what it is. And I wouldn't say it's a piece of shit, I'm sure it'll play games just fine. But the fact that MS is a dick and their console is inferior is too obvious for the majority to ignore this gen.

H0RSE1635d ago


But when you speak of the X1 being "inferior," what are talking about? Hardware capabilities? This doesn't equate to the capabilities of the console as a whole. What about functionality, features, OS design, online service, accessories, games, etc. In these regards, "inferiority" largely comes down to preference. I might be playing BF4 at 720p instead 900p, but I'll be playing with my friends, which results in a better overall experience.

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gusgusjr1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

lol, hey come on man I'm buying an xbox 1. That comment was uncalled for but funny.

FANTA11801635d ago

the fact xbox one has a stronger lineup ,more bang for your buck factor and just overall better functionality gets alot of sony fanboys mad.

but pay no mind.

razrye1635d ago

How has the xbone got a better line up? I didn't know that you have inside information from santa monica, naughty dog, etc.

Rainstorm811635d ago

More Bucks for your Bang....**fixed**

I'm not a fanboy but more bang for your buck is put it nicely

EdFry1635d ago

chugga chugga chugga
chugga chugga chugga
*sidenote: I would love to see it running on the X1,
any trailers yet specifically of?

DrJones1635d ago

On the examiner site you got 40 agrees and one disagree for the same comment. On this site you got 47 agrees and 35 disagrees. Difference much?

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objectivePSfan1636d ago

I'm sure the game is a blast to play but am still shocked at the resolutions the xbox one is putting out.

UltimateMaster1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Sorry, but I haven't seen anything even after reading the article.

"The multiplayer demo was based on a small slice of the Zavod 311 map with an 8 versus 8 Domination map."
No 64 player battles.

"The current rumors of 720p for not just Battlefield 4 but Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One were started Saturday by former IGN writer and current Furious Fanboy site operator Jeremy Conrad. "

"It didn’t look as good as the PC version in the recent beta"

Even after reading this, I really don't see anything good nor "stunning".
He did say it once tough.

I would have much preferred seeing how the game actually look first hand.

MiHX21635d ago

DEMO.This PINGAS Demo has 8v8.
1)In the full version for next gen consoles, there are 64 players.
2)It is a rumor...Don't try to say that it's a fact.
3)You are just sad...

PFFT1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

You know that anything and almost everything coming out from that idiot Jeremy Conrad's mouth could be straight out BS right? That fool DESPISES MS with all his being and he is clearly a Sony nut dangler. So any little rumor that is negative towards the XB1 he will use it to stir uneasiness within the crowds. So i would take everything he says with a ton of salt.

TristanPR771636d ago

Then it should look even better on the PS4.

BBBirdistheWord1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

it's because the CBOAT posted a cryptic message on neogaf which only Ps4 fans can decypher, ok, because only ps4 fans should decypher the message and anyone else who decyphers the message will not get it right and will possibly expose his true identify from the way he writes and that will expose him in the industry and that cannot be his will as he writes cryptically only for the chosen few.


No kidding. That is the extent of a PM i received just now. Sad.

razrye1635d ago

Playstation 4 is the better system. End off.

BBBirdistheWord1632d ago


if the ps4 is as good as your spelling, then we are in trouble.

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Funantic11636d ago

So those were just rumors before started by a fanboy named Jeremy Conrad....oh ok. X1 day one.

FrigidDARKNESS1636d ago

Yelp, yesterday was nothing but Fud day on x1 to cover up for whats happening with Sony today.

MCTJim1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Here is a hands on review of this level of the game. He said it looked "Stunning." I think the whole rig a more all and rumor mill will churn and churn until launch day when people can finally play their chosen platform and make comparisons. For me this is a day one on the X1 download as well as Call of Duty. I wish I could buy more, but my wallet will be deflated with the PlayStation launch as well with KillZone.

angelsx1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

On XboxOne look stunning?What about pc on ultra?What's the word?

KillerByte231636d ago

Obviously it look better on the PC, still looks stunning on consoles

MCTJim1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

That is indeed what the man said. As for BF running on PC..I really dont know and dont care as this is a console article.

Edit, He did say it didnt look as good as the PC's

MRMagoo1231636d ago

If you are actually getting both consoles as you say, I must ask why on earth would you get the lesser versions on the xbox one rather than the better ones on the ps4 ? it just doesnt make any sense at all completely serious.

jackanderson19851636d ago

Friends also getting on the Xbox one ? It's how ill decide what console to get multiplats on (same this gen). To me I can't spot the difference between 720p and 1080p while actually playing a game through. I've seen the difference in those digital foundry articles comparing the games but even then I still think it's nothing. I realise some people are hell bent on this being a complete necessity but to me it's an added benefit that I wouldn't recognise is missing

MRMagoo1231636d ago

k fair enough, i easily see the diff on my tv with 720 to 1080 and its only 40inch....but then again i sit pretty close to the tv. Thanks for the none fanboy answer that was refreshing i agreed and gave you a bubble up for wellsaid.

FANTA11801635d ago

how is it a downgraded version ?.. do you own the systems ?

Ashby_JC1635d ago

Here is the main problem Mr magoo....a rumor got started.

And people like you are already using that rumor as fact "why would you get the lesser versions on xboxone rather then the better ones on the PS4"


Its pretty clear why this rumor was put out there. Because they know this rumor will be used as FACT.

Im getting both consoles myself. XBOXone thats where ill be getting BF4. Now lets say the rumors are true and the PS4 is indeed 1080 versus 720 on the X1.

Me personally...wouldnt bother me because I wouldnt have them side by side to compare. Now if 720 makes the game look like shat and/or unplayable I would be pissed BUT I dont see that ever happening.

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