Developer Of Assault Android Cactus (PS4/PSV) Responds To Kevin Dent's Claims About PS4

PS4 Indie Dev and Neogaf user Paz (developer of Assault Android Cactus for PC/PS4/PSV) responds to Kevin Dent's claims about the PS4.

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Majin-vegeta1638d ago

*Sits back and watches it unfold.

TheGrimReaper00111637d ago

Anything's better than tv nowadays

Sevir1638d ago

🍚🍚🍚 just popped the popcorn!

PoSTedUP1638d ago

M&M's and article drama, my favorite :)

johndoe112111638d ago

More drama than a bollywood movie.

maddskull1637d ago

and more lies also from what i read

Lykon1637d ago

Arthur dents brother init

ZombieKiller1637d ago

Lol "anything's better than tv nowadays"

--but but bu- it will be on the xbox one!

SMFH...Vegeta I like your line of thinking.

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Thatguy-3101638d ago

Lol people need to stfu already and just wait until the consoles release. It's beginning to get annoying now. It's the whole resolution debacle, people not getting reviewed versions of ps4's,then others saying how ps4 is being rushed etc. Overall the whole thing is getting tiresome.

aceitman1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

its because they didn't get afree ps4 , they thought sony was going to give them one like the ps3 but didn't preorder one, so now they throw a hissy fight and talk bs. im sure they will knock down ps4 game reviews for this.

brometheos1638d ago

Seriously. These YouTube reviewers are so wrapped up within themselves to where they feel entitled to the year's most anticipated product for free. Its really pathetic. Let them knock off however many points they want, I couldn't care less for their reviews in the first place.

first1NFANTRY1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

the ps4's video share feature will render reviews obsolete. why would i read a fanboys review when i can experience the game first hand by taking over my friends console.

if i was Sony i wouldn't even sweat it. it's about time these jocks found another occupation anyway.

"Oh the times they are a changing"

Knushwood Butt1637d ago

Can't wait to see the back of all these so-called journalists.

Khajiit861637d ago

I agree. Reviews do not matter. The only review that matter to me is my own.

Deadpoolio1637d ago

I don't think that's completely it...I get the feeling that some of these youtubers seem to think that because they are small that they should have not only gotten a system to review for free but also been allowed to post a review before the Nov 12-14th press event in New york....I'm sorry I love Adam Sessler and occasionally Total Biscuit but again they are youtubers nothing about that deserves any special treatment. It's not a company's job to make sure tiny websites and Vloggers get to continue their tiny little businesses.

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Eonjay1638d ago

Yeah right! This has to be dragged out until after launch. You see, if you offer people two choices and give them the facts they are probably going to go with the better product.

Or as Dent would say:

How DARE you not accept a weaker product at a higher price.

Boody-Bandit1637d ago

Which is why I'm going with the PS4 and not looking back. I refuse to pay more for less.

FanboyKilla1637d ago

Lol what are u ps fanboys gonna do when the p4 launches and your looking around for games to play? The fustration you're gonna feel is going to be sickening. Knack is a waste of development time, money, and resources. Everyone has Ghost snd BF4. You Fanboys made your bed now lay in it. And about paying more for less, ps4 features are weak. Wet paper towel weak. Nothing revolutionary, just a bunch of cut and paste from past and current systems. Lol. P4 Nov. 15. The next generation Nov.22!!! Sony didnt want to get beat out the gate again so they rush out. Open your eyes. Patch for features they been promising since day one. Lack of quality games and content, not to mention the system looks dated when side by side with x 1. No im not talking about graphics. Xbox One is gonna change everything, and sony will be right behind them trying to tack on things that the system wasn't even built to do. All at the expense of you. You being the one who is in here lying to your fellow man, saying the p4 is the best, just cause you like it. Im not downing in one who does like it, if you do i hope you have fun. Thats what its about not 720p or 1080p. As of launch p4 will release but the next gen will not be with it.

ShwankyShpanky1638d ago

We've also got a couple other 'insiders' responding to Dent:

CBOAT's response:
"thenrr is nithug here regardiHdng devkit exPeses, etc
That's sbaseed rin!Real!tty.

"Seisirohsly. U ar clowned 4 a rezon man"

[translation: There is nothing here regarding devkit expenses, etc, that's based in reality. Seriously. You are clowned for a reason, man.]

And FamousMortimer's responses:
Short version: "You are on fucking drugs. I mean that literally. There's no way you made this post sober."

Long version:

Mikelarry1638d ago

Thanks for the translation because I was lost just trying to read that

Narutone661637d ago

That's just how CBoat write. It's to prevent anyone from exposing him. He's a famous insider posting leaks/breaking news in NeoGAF.

DOMination-1638d ago

If CBOAT doesn't want search engines finding the crap he posts, maybe he shouldn't post on the biggest gaming forum on the net.

BBBirdistheWord1638d ago

CBOAT sounds like a big baby.
He talks like a baby.
He writes like a baby.

Honestly, his 'coded' way of writing is about the level of a ten year old girl texting her friends about her latest Justin Bieber rumour.

Apparently he codes his text so as not to identify himself, but the translation of his baby-speech doesn't identify him anyway.
So what the heck is that all for?

Sevir1638d ago

CBOAT doesn't speak english as its not his native tongue or language, so thats why there is a need for a translation.

TheObserver1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

That is only one of the reason. It is also to prevent Stylometric analysis and finding out who s/he really is.

There's a reason that s/he is still around for a decade after dropping truthfacts that someone like MS doesn't want you to find out.

BBBirdistheWord1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

@ theobserver

let me repeat myself
"Apparently he codes his text so as not to identify himself, but the translation of his baby-speech doesn't identify him anyway."

so that debunks the stylometric analysis.

In fact, other users on neogaf translate his text into plain English, which is used for all the rumours, which are taken at face value, which are assumed to be true because it's Neogaf.

So. his posts which are taken as truth as per the neogaf translation would identify him anyway.

Please clear this up for me.
He posts his texts in code so he won't be identified. Then the neogaf community deciphers his post to spread truth about the next gen , but only so much as not to identify the Cboat. Then we are all expected to accept this coded, then deciphered (but still obfuscated so as not to identify cboat) post as reliable truth???

come again?
Your post makes little sense and I am hoping you can clarify?

Please tell me how this can possibly make sense?

LeCreuset1637d ago


Did you click on the link? That would have explained it for you. It's not coded to hide facts that could reveal his identity. It's coded to hide his true writing style, which could be compared to writings known to have been done by his true identity to figure out that he is CBOAT.

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The_Villager1638d ago

I thought NeoGaf posts were not allowed to be approved on this site?

thekhurg1638d ago

Anything PS4/Xbone related - especially if it's some type of head-to-head topic is auto-approved regardless of source.

iamnsuperman1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I thought they weren't either. It is a forum post

As it has been approved we might as well talk about it: Right who is Kevin Dent again? Nice to see other people questioning what he wrote (like what ShwankyShpanky point out even though we do not know who the butt source is but he has been fairly reliable)

Christopher1638d ago

posts directly from a developer or publisher are allowed regardless if it's on a forum, twitter, facebook, youtube or reddit.

BBBirdistheWord1638d ago

That's interesting, Cgoodno.

Did not know that.
Where in the TOU does it say that?

black0o1638d ago

so if it a known dev it's allowed .. good to know

wishingW3L1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

if you take couple of minutes to read the rules you would know that forum posts from a game developer are allowed.

"You can also link to forum posts if the post is made by an industry professional."

BBBirdistheWord1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Thank you, wishingW3L

That's EXCELLENT news for all of us!

As long as you have a BLOG or FORUM POST and you derive income from it (even if it's a net loss), you can post it as news on!


let me start a blog and submit as news ASAP.
I can feel those advertising $ coming now!

This is awesome! It's never been this easy to legitimately post spam news or otherwise legitimately make money from ignorant users on N4g.

You heard it here first, people! get those blogs going! All you need is one paying advertiser to get started, as per n4g TOU.

This is how stories work on here, people.

As long as you have advertising revenue, you can post whatever you like!
It's Soylent Green!

I am excited and angry and saddened and flummoxed all at once.

Baka-akaB1637d ago

It's ridiculous , Neogaf have the primer source of intel( beyond the rumors) about many things game related .. to the point that so called big serious site have been shameless copypasting it (especially famitsu translations at some point) , but now that their flow of info and rumors isnt currently in Microsoft's favor ... it's all "its neogaf it's crap" " they are pro sony" ?

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0pie1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

i dont know kevin dent but from what i've heard from a lot of people, this guy is an idiot.

Apparently there is a video where he was invited by the destructoid staff and he was doing some weird and not really funny and awkward sexual joke also apparantly he say a lot of bs on his twitter account.

ShwankyShpanky1638d ago

There are links in the GAF thread to some of Dent's other tweets. "Unprofessional" would be one way to describe them.

(Misogynistic asshattery would be another)

KwietStorm1638d ago

Misogynistic asshattery. If you have that trademarked, you have got to let me use it some time.

Perjoss1637d ago

The word Asshattery is not used nowhere near enough in everyday conversation.

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