Xbox Live connection hits another speed bump

Xbox360fanboy writes:

Reports are coming in from readers that Xbox Live is currently encountering intermittent connection issues, by that we mean playing online, voice communication and even connecting to the service seems to be touch-n-go. The support page for has verified the service has hit a snag, while Major Nelson updated the situation at 11PM EST letting Xbox Live users know that "[the] team is updating [the support page] as conditions change."

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TrevorPhillips3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

ever since this update got released ive been signed of my xbox live 7 times Microsoft just stop releasing more updates your making it worse. I hope it doesn't continue like this when GTA IV gets released

Feihc Retsam3885d ago

I when I'm on Xbox Live lately, it feels more like the PSN than Xbox Live

Nevers3884d ago

that was almost subtle...

Foliage3884d ago

That's odd, I haven't found Live to be stable at all lately. Have you ever used PSN?

Bathyj3884d ago

Whys, that Chief?

Did they stop charging you?

Did they put in dedicated servers?

Did you stop sucking?

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Alcaponeyou3885d ago

when macroshaft has issues, it's not their fault.
but if konami has issues, sony is to blame?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

+I'm sure Micro$oft will give back some money to their customers...

Oh Look there's a Pig Flying!!! ;-D

BrianC62343884d ago

This is another huge reason to buy GTA IV for the PS3. At least you'll be able to play online. Micro$oft obviously hasn't done anything to fix their network. So anyone who buys the 360 version will have to worry about RROD and no Xbox Live(which they have to pay for).

Rocko3884d ago

I said from the beginning that Konami didn't know what the f**k they were doing.

TrevorPhillips3885d ago

I know nobody disagrees with me but Microsoft always screws up with there update releases

toughNAME3885d ago

This is pretty much the first time that problems affecting Live have affected me personally.

I recently finsihed some DLC Objective and was playing around in Forge on Blackout and all of a sudden it said I was disconnected from Xbox Live. I had to press the guide button and it took almost 20 seconds to sign back in.

I am seriously considering trading in my 360 for a 3rd PS3!

nbsmatambo3885d ago

Wat do u mean "3rd" PS3? wat happened to the first 2 =o?

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