The Crew Hands-On Gameplay Video: We Taste The Open-World Driving Playground

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester plays next-gen racing game The Crew, filmed and narrated by a Ubisoft representative. "It's patently clear that Jon SUCKS at racing games and should be beaten with reeds."

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IRNMUNKEY1451d ago

Looks fun. Map is huge! Hope looks this good on actual console.

Blues Cowboy1451d ago

Should do! Probably running on a beastly PC dev kit but Aliens CM taught publishers to keep on the level specs-wise. Ubisoft are usually trustworthy with their demos afaik.

bobsmith1451d ago

Looking forward to all the new racing franchises The Crew, Driveclub which are next gen only and Project cars coming to ps3 and 360 hopefully ps4 too