How Women are Mistreated at GameStop

Gamnesia: "As the games industry continues to diversify, we see great strides in the further integration of individuals atypical to the average white male. Some of the best contributors to sites like Kotaku and IGN are women. Some of the largest gaming franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed or God of War, are also headed up by women. Games retail has become another area that’s seen dramatic growth in female integration. In Texas, retailers such as GameOver VideoGames have embraced women as leads, helping diversify the sales experience to allow broader connections with an expanding consumer base. Yet, as great as it sounds on a periphery level to see women enter this retail space, seldom have stories been told highlighting their experiences. I sat down with a female GameStop employee to gain insight on what it’s like to work in a male-centric environment."

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PoSTedUP1636d ago

sure, discourage women for working at game stop because of some douchbags/s. im not saying it rarely happens but things like sexual harassment should be reported, not doing anything about it makes it your fault for it continuing to happen.

and the headset question incident, well, guys hear better than girls but girls see colors better, so i would have went with the guys decision too. thats not always the case, but its pretty stupid to think a guy isnt going to take another mans word for something they know they share the same interest in. its like a girl asking a guy for beauty advice, sure he may have an idea, but if there is another woman on hand she is most likely going to ask her too and go with her opinion.

SecondSon1636d ago

That is not what I found strange.

I don't understand how she denies getting promoted for being a girl when she admit she used her female flirting advantage to get more sales?

If she boasted her boobs to get guys to buy more games then she did get promoted for her boobs!

I am by no means sexist but this particular woman would not be as successful at her job if she had a sex change and she admits that.

PoSTedUP1636d ago

yeah very hypocritical and she admits that. my point was that this is just one incident, not all women are mistreated at gamestop. men and women are mistreated everywhere, women obvioulsly get a different treatment under circumstances for their gender, as well as advantages. what i found really funny is that the article states that gamestop should have better training for harassment... like... isnt that what school and parents are for? to be taught basic morals? lol?

mistertwoturbo1635d ago

Should be "How Everyone is Mistreated at GameStop"

Brix901636d ago

Gamestop will be the next Blockbuster in 10 or more years. Advice to investor buy and make sure you sell in a couple years. I mean look at Gamestops stock fell when Xbox announced DRM console.

-Mika-1636d ago

Im srry but I don't feel srry for this woman or any other woman that works at that company. Everytime I see a female gamestop employee. They're using their breast to get sales. The last time I went to gamestop, there was this female employee who literally had her huge breast in my face. I was shocked and disgusted on how she was dressed at work. I refused to be served by her and allowed someone to skip me because I did not want this girl to get any money or credit from me.

DarkBlood1636d ago

so your attacking them for having big breasts? are you nuts or something?

Sci0n1636d ago

lol shes just jealous cause she has a bird chest lol!

SilentNegotiator1636d ago

Mika is a brilliant troll that designs all of "her" comments with maximum efficiency in making people angry.

DarkBlood1636d ago

well i would say slightly annoying rather then angry for me.

Pozzle1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I'll take "Things That Never Happened" for $500, Alex.

If this girl was dressed inappropriately, it's up to the manager to say something about it. Maybe it was a hot day? Maybe she spilled coffee on her work shirt that morning? Maybe she (like many other big breasted women) has difficulty finding appropriate work clothes to cover her big boobs? Or maybe she just likes showing off her cleavage? As long as she's doing her job properly, who cares? It's Gamestop, ffs. Not Chanel.

The fact that you were "shocked and disgusted" by the top of a woman's breasts to the point where you refused to be served by her says more about you than it does about the employee. Showing off cleavage isn't a crime. And just because a woman has cleavage, that doesn't mean she deserves to be mistreated in the workplace. That's just...horrible.

nan01636d ago

let me convey what your subconscious is saying

Me horny. me wish that was my store. Me cover it up by shouting equality and derpity herp derp dee derp

Pozzle1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


That's....not what I was saying at all. o_O
Maybe you should look at your own subconscious if you read my comment and interpreted "horny" and "herp derp" from it. Is not wanting to see people (women or men) mistreated really such an outlandish idea that people think there must be some hidden agenda behind it?

GrandpaSnake1636d ago

i totally agree, i fall completely helpless at the sight of bulging breast. But what if its a guy shoving his bulge at me? yeah i would find it disgusting and i wouldnt want to encounter him. so i totally understand.

trancefreak1636d ago

Mika is a she according to her profile so it all makes sense.

Campy da Camper1635d ago

Back from ban-land I see.

OT. I will always give my money to the girl who is pushing her breasts in my face. Like I would want the scrawny guy to help me when a woman is willing to give me a free show.

Mad Men ftw.

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WeAreLegion1636d ago

The company is not responsible for this. I absolutely HATED working for GameStop, but this is not the company's fault. All journalism, whether it be important world issues or gaming, eventually becomes this drivel.

Hicken1636d ago

Exactly my sentiments. I enjoyed my time around the games, and the regular customers I had, but the overall experience of working for GameStop sucked.

That being said, people are far too quick to jump on reasons to hate the company.

This article is crap. The interview is crap. I dunno what it was like at her store, but at the one I worked at- and the two nearby- we were pretty close-knit. No way would any of us dudes have let that sort of behavior slide if we knew about it. And if we didn't, there IS a hotline you can call about inappropriate behavior and such(never needed it, don't remember the number) that's pretty damn accessible, as it's right in the monthly book with all the other important numbers.

That said, this is all some lame-ass attempt at making it seem like GameStop is to blame. It sucks that she was harassed, but it doesn't seem like she did anything about it, so how in the hell would GameStop even know?

As a good friend of an easy dozen or so female GameStop employees, I can say this woman's experience is probably not typical. Which makes me wonder why the article tries to paint the picture that it's commonplace.

DragonKnight1636d ago

I blame this article on coolbeans for starting up a blogpost about sexism. DAMN YOU COOLBEANS!

Seriously, this needs to stop. The next thing we'll have is "how women are mistreated on youtube gaming channels."


cyguration1636d ago

Are women mistreated on YouTube?

Because it seems like an equal breeding ground of hate-mongering on there.

I would be lying if I said I didn't read YouTube comments just to strike a laugh or two from some of the videos.

DragonKnight1636d ago

I only used it as a ridiculous example because the amount of "feel bad for women" articles that keep popping up is just pathetic. All people are terrible to all other people regardless of gender, that's just a fact.

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