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Submitted by Legacy212 834d ago | news

Analyst: Xbox One will outsell PlayStation 4 at launch

"While many forecasts still give an edge to Sony/PS4 in North America sales, we continue to expect similar or even slightly higher sales of Xbox One by the end of the launch window," Sebastian told investors. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Mystogan  +   834d ago
I'm an Xbox Fan and even i have to Lol at this. But next year will be a different story though..
mushroomwig  +   834d ago | Well said
What's happening next year?
theBAWSE  +   834d ago | Well said

ps4 has more pre-orders

ps4 is launching in more than double the countries of xbone

is this so called 'analyst' on MICROSOFTS payroll? you have to wonder

@mystogan.. I'm with @mushroomwig,whats happening next year? or was that another waste of a bubble
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Unreal01  +   834d ago | Funny
Didn't you hear, Kinect Sports Rivals is out next year.
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xHeavYx  +   834d ago | Well said
This guy will be teaching the class "How to make stupid predictions 101" soon
HammadTheBeast  +   834d ago | Well said
The rest of the first party PS4 exclusives are announced, and analysts wisen up.
Mystogan  +   834d ago
Titanfall will happen. Halo Will Happen. Quantum Break Will happen. nuff said..
Pogmathoin  +   834d ago
He must be on MS books.... Anyone whos says something fanboys disagree with must be...
Love the trolls calling out trolls.... All saintly and innocent.... Me included....
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gaffyh  +   834d ago
It says he's going by eBay listings wtf, is that serious? It's not a big leap to get to his theory based on previous history of the 360, but eBay listings?!
Sitdown  +   834d ago
It does not matter how many countries you launch in, but how many consoles you have available to purchase... All reports have been that Sony is pushing out more units, so by default they should sale more...... They can't even keep up with demand.
NewAgeisHere  +   834d ago
Next year MS will be giving away free Xbones with every Windows cause they won't sell well...xD.
GTgamer  +   834d ago
"Titanfall will happen. Halo Will Happen. Quantum Break Will
happen. nuff said.."
Halo is gonna do as good as it always does to tbh you wont see a difference halo fans are gonna buy halo plain and simple some new adopters sure but that's it.
Quantum Break from the people who brought us alan wake good game but was nothing spectacular so i wouldnt hail it just yet maybe when you see 5 minutes of gameplay.
Titanfall that might be your only argument here tbh unless it turns out to be bad only online games tend to have a ruff start remember simcity.

Now my question is whats happening next year again?:/
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   834d ago
uh oh. A user hasn't SEEN Titanfall!
brometheos  +   834d ago
Next year is big! Infamous, The Order, Driveclub, possibly some unannounced games. Idk what's happening for the xbox aside from Titanfall though.
P0werVR  +   834d ago
Title a bit misleading. Analyst ment the by the end of the "launch window". Which makes sense when you consider Titanfall.
pyramidshead  +   834d ago
@hammad nailing it

OT: I'd be surprised if it did and props to MS if it does.
Scatpants  +   834d ago
NateCole  +   834d ago
ND next game.
NukaCola  +   834d ago
This is inaccurate as all hell. Even if the Xbone sells out, PS4 is launching in 2.5 times more countries with more than double preorders in every location to include normally Xbox dominated US and UK. Not saying Xbox One won't do well, but by common logic shows Sony has placed the PS4 in a very huge advantage point. On top of that the more expensive PS3 caught up and out sold the 360 by almost 2 million more units after the 360's major head start. With the early release in the US, higher specs, and more affordable price, I see only huge success coming with PS4 next month.
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   834d ago
What's the length of a launch window?
UltimateMaster  +   834d ago
It's official, I'm never depending on any analyst to try to predict the future.
They clearly suck at it.
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assdan  +   834d ago
I'm pretty sure the PS4 is doing better everywhere this analyst isn't very good.
DOMination-  +   834d ago
Sony might be shipping to more countries but it doesn't really count when its one whole console to Brazil and a whopping three to the UAE or wherever it was. In fact that is more pathetic spin than anything MS have ever done.
Army_of_Darkness  +   834d ago
I think that miley syrus breaking ball video fucxked him up.. . Like, who saw that coming? !
andrewsqual  +   834d ago
PS3 total global sales will leave 360 sales in the dirt even more, same for PS4 too for the rest of the consoles' lives.

Seriously though if anybody has any reasons as to why Xbone could ever catch up to sales on PS4 when the last console had a year headstart and was just a tad more popular than the Xbone you might say (lol), then please, tell us why.
andibandit  +   834d ago

Nice try
Narutone66  +   834d ago
Must be the successor of Pachter, always predicting the opposite.
indysurfn  +   834d ago
He based it on Ebay price difference. Lets test his logic with a actual example of this.
Lets look at the PS3/xbox360 launch and the ebay prices then.

When PS3 launched it was actually selling for $2,000 on ebay. What happened 6 weeks later there where plenty of stock setting on shelves, and xbox360 lead just like the prelaunch numbers told us it would.

Same will happen this time to except prelaunch numbers tell us it will be Sony's machine not just leading, but dominating.
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Sarick  +   834d ago
Maybe this.

Restrict or heavily tax the money to Japan, China and other international nations but allow domestic transactions to have different rules/limits. I added the link for reference. I'm really not sure but I know a lot of transactions will be limited in a few months. From my understanding this shouldn't affect big companies but there isn't enough to go on.

Also that big debt ceiling in USA comes up again early next year. What if these guys took it to the next level and actually defaulted. In any case a potential US dollar crash wouldn't be good for the gamers or console sales.

I'm also skeptical that GridEx II(just before PS4 launch) won't have unforeseen issues in it's simulated mass power outage of Mexico, Canada and USA.

A lot is riding on 13-17 of November 2013. Much more is going on then the launch of PS4. In all seriousness it's been hard to discuss gaming in general.

Anyway, I'm just throwing out possible issues that could happen in USA. These could seriously effect 2014 console sales etc. Lets try and look at the bigger picture of what's going on in the world. It's simply not all cookies and cream.

Send me a Private PM instead of a comment reply please I don't want this to go off topic any more my discussing these issues directly.
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SilentNegotiator  +   834d ago
"Quantum Break Will happen"

It's so cute when fanboys pretend to know anything about Quantum Break or Order 1886 or some other game with no gameplay previews or predecessor.
mikeslemonade  +   833d ago

3.7 million PS3s sold by the end of the year
2.4 million X1s sold by the end of the year
warczar  +   833d ago

For your information Gameinformer just did a 12 page article on "the Order" so there is plenty of info out there on that. It's so cute when the users of the word "fanboy" act like they know anything at all.
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vishmarx  +   834d ago
poor disguise troll.
it most likely will outsell ps4 at launch simply because its got more games.come feb-march and it will never catch up to the ps4 in its lifetime
Triella  +   834d ago
No it's just a question of logic : Xbox One will outsell PS4 at launch but only because the latter comes first in the US and later in Europe while Xbox One as only one launch date inbetween. But by PS4 european launch everything will get back to normal.

And I can easily predict that by December 31st Sony will have sold more than double what MS will = 3 million vs 1.3~1.4 million.
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bigc072004  +   834d ago
Wanna know what I find funny? When ps3 came out at $500-$600 you xbox fanboys were using that against sony fans as something wrong with it. Now you will be buying a $500 VCR with dated hardware, lack of games, and thousands of cool apps. Have fun with that. I'd rather have a slick looking platform with the same games as you along with some nice launch exclusives on top of it....for $400 and a better online experience. Sony focused on the gaming aspect this go around. MS focused on the stupid apps like twitch and the lame motion sensor technology. Thanks but I'm good.
MarkusMcNugen  +   834d ago
Yeah, fanboys get out of control but you are just as much of the problem as the xbox fanboys. You just equated an Xbox One to a $500 VCR which is just stupid, and then claim the PS4 will have a better online experience which is subjective at best. Not to mention you insinuate that Xbox One doesn't have any launch exclusives.

To sum up, its people like you who are the problem.
Blaze929  +   834d ago
i dont get why a bunch of n4g gamers and nobodies think they know better than someone who's job it is to know this and get paid for it? Apparently from Microsoft's payroll too (lol)

I mean, maybe he's right juuuuust maybe? I wouldn't know, not my job. But you all seem so sure LOL. please, go.
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theBAWSE  +   834d ago
Yeh because his paid he must know what his talking about considering his analysis comes predominantly from.... EBay!!!!

but why would I expect any different from you calling people nobodies... throwing stones from his mother's glass basement..
Death  +   834d ago
The author was using ebay markup as a way to guage demand. The Xbox One is getting 60% markup to PS4's 50%. Taking a quick look at ebay it looks like both see an average of $250 mark up in buy it nows. This is actually the opposite of what the author found. The fluctuation in PS4 prices is much greater with some asking much higher prices than I seen for Xbox One.

In short from what I can see and what the author seen it is pretty clear using ebay as a way to guage demand is stupid at best. Either he shouldn't be paid for that analysis or I should. I'm leaning towards neither of us should be paid for looking on ebay. Props to him for getting a check and me being stuck living in my moms glass basement. Thank god she took my bucket of rocks I found on the beach away.
kneon  +   834d ago
And why do you think this analyst knows better than all the other analysts that see the market going the other way?
AceBlazer13  +   834d ago
Economics is usually common sense that's why most of us can call bs on this claim. and do you think that the people on this site are jobless ? wouldn't be surprised if some n4gers are analysts themselves
Bigpappy  +   834d ago
N4G fanboys will jump to point out that PS4 is selling in more countries, when the guy is actually and obviously only predicting North America. I agree with him by the way, not necessarily for day one, but by year end. The holiday season will be huge for M$ if they can match demand. Casuals will be the huge difference makers, and will go heavily for Xbox features.
Destrania  +   834d ago
And I don't get how someone can be such an idiot, but yet here we are.
Gamingcapacity  +   834d ago
Casuals will jump on the consoles with the lowest price. The only thing that will sway the mass casual audience is the huge advertising campaigne that MS will most likely have (bigger than Sony for sure)

This could even itself out with similar sales on both platforms in NA. Rest of the world will be Sony.
Hicken  +   834d ago
There are millions of people who have jobs and are inept at them. This guy is one of them. And there are millions of "nobodies" around the world that can do his job better. I imagine quite a few of them are on N4G.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   834d ago
Lol blaze just lol i will leave it at that fml.
mistertwoturbo  +   834d ago
Anybody with any tiny itty bitty miniscule bit of knowledge on the games industry knows that based on the entire year since the PS4 has been announced combined with the constant barrage of negative news and image of the Xbone one ANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD the $100 cheaper price point on the PS4, pre-order numbers from all the retailers, praise from both developers and consumers on the PS4 hardware, ALLLLLLLLL points to the PS4 outselling the Xbone...

You'd be the absolute most ignorant analyst in the entire world to think otherwise.
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rainslacker  +   834d ago
Thing is for every analyst that gets paid to do this sort of thing, you can find another analyst who gets paid to do this sort of thing and they will say the complete opposite.

They may be right, they may be wrong. Does it really matter?
badz149  +   834d ago

that's just dumb. two words, Michael...Pachter...

and if he's anything to go by, should know the rest!

and this is based on eBay?? WTF HOLY FAIL BBQ!
Mr Pumblechook   834d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(3)
RAGE91  +   834d ago
Thats the thing. Once its sold in the 13 regions it has right now, and is released in all other regions it equals more sales
Platinum_Neutral  +   834d ago
Hahaha that was well fitted there! Made my day. Thanks
ovnipc  +   834d ago
I agree. Im getting the x1 at lunch but stil ps4 wilk sell more. When ps4 get more exclusives then i jump in to ps4. This guy its wrong ps4 will sell 2:1.
Kurt Russell  +   834d ago
I'm getting a tuna sandwich at lunch.
KNWS  +   834d ago
I ordered my X Box 1 day one edition at gamestop September 3th. But anyways i was on the gamestop page the other day for XB1.

And gamestop had a notice up in blue writing. Preorders after 5th of September is not guaranteed at launch after this date!

This either means there sold out two months before November or there is not enough XB1'S out there for everyone on launch date.

I think the PS4 will sell lot more consoles at launch, mind you, but Microsooft is not struggling to sell their console.
clewis94  +   834d ago
@Mystogan You forget PS4 has Infamous, DriveClub, The Order 1866 plus maybe Naughty Dogs new game at the end of the year.
Real_gamer  +   834d ago
Drive club u mean ridge racer ? Infamous sucks like rest of it they used to make it's not all about graphics it's about gameplay and story too the order 1866 bloody hell there is too many horror games coming out so who cares about it evil within will be better than the order and next time make sure Sony dev not gonna try steal gears of war gameplay for the order lol
warczar  +   833d ago
can someone help me decipher what the real gamer is trying to say here? ^^
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Magicite  +   834d ago
PS4 is launching before X1, so how can it be outsold?
T-Dawg6  +   834d ago
It's releasing 7 days before the Xbox One... It won't make much of a difference
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aiBreeze  +   834d ago
Both consoles will probably sell out before Christmas. At that point, you can't really boast about who is out selling who. A fairer idea would be come E3 next year when both consoles should be on the shelves, then you can judge who is outselling who.
HugoDrax  +   834d ago
"A fairer idea would be come E3 next year when both consoles should be on the shelves"

Not with TitanFall & InFamous on shelves...

-Infamous = FEB 2014?
-TitanFall = MARCH 11, 2014 (This is a console seller, regardless if it's on X360 & PC)

E3 2014 = JUNE 10-12,2014
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irepbtown  +   833d ago
Your first sentence makes no sense.

Example: If I have 10 doughnuts and sell them all, you have 5 doughnuts and sell them all, who will have the bragging rights?

I reckon they'll both sell out before Christmas, however based on pre-order, PS4 will have sold more (assuming it continues to outsell the competition).
hellzsupernova  +   834d ago
I can see the xbone outselling the playstation at launch I really can thanks to Microsoft ability to spend billions on advertising where Sony can't
Plus America is still xbox territory.
irepbtown  +   833d ago
I may be wrong, but isn't PS4 ahead on pre-orders even in America?
solar  +   834d ago
Anzil  +   834d ago
Ya when sony releases uncharted 4 and all the other games they got comin!
avengers1978  +   834d ago
The guy specifically says in North America, not actually saying he's right, but there is a pretty good chance of that happening. I'm from ohio and there are lots of Xbox fans around here.
iiwii  +   834d ago
Not everybody in America rides Microsoft. I have 12 local gaming friends who all are on PS3 and will be moving to PS4 this gen.
Agent1  +   834d ago
We can all predict and speculate, but the truth comes out once the consoles release next month. Only then shall the actual facts stare us at he face.
MRMagoo123  +   834d ago
Thats right guys you heard it here on N4G, even tho the ps4 is selling in double the countries with probably double the allotted consoles, the xbone will somehow sell more, just ignore the polls from every single web site that has ever done one and how there is over 2 times the amount of ppl getting a ps4, the xbone will sell more.

This ANALyst needs a new job i think, and i thought patcher was bad lol.

Logic seems to fail this man pretty badly.
GhostTurtle  +   834d ago
TBONEJF  +   834d ago
Those analyst are a bunch of dumb a$$e$ if you ask me
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Eddie20101  +   834d ago
That is the stupidest article I have read all year.

Thee reason for higher sales is because the Xbox One people are greedier. How does that even make any sence. LOL, LOL, LOL.
AndrewLB  +   834d ago
I have far more confidence in this research firm than a bunch of fanboys considering Baird is HIGHLY respected in the business world, is ranked 14th on the Fortune 100, beating out Microsoft by 16 spots.

One typically doesn't become such a well respected firm by making unsubstantiated claims.

I can't find any connection between Baird and M$. In fact, they tend to be at odds, with Baird siding with google during some recent conflicts.
showtimefolks  +   834d ago
yeh who are these morons again? are these like patcher who predicted that GTA3 would sell 300K lol

not only will ps4 outsell xbox one at launch but it will do so through the gen, sony are delaying launch in japan in hopes of giving more consoles to USA market and when it does launch in Japan, it will sell really well

if $599 price point
hard to develop for
beginning of PSN which wasn't great
not many games for first few years

if all these things couldn't stop ps3 from outselling xbox360 than what makes anyone think that now MS can beat sony when they are launching at the same time

wishful thinking MS
MynextGen  +   834d ago
Yes I think XboxOne will outsell Ps4 guaranteed
Gamer1982  +   834d ago
Its possible and only because there could possibly be more xboxes in America this holiday. There is a reason MS held back to certain countries. There won't be any in stores available as those who cannot get PS4s this holiday will probably end up forking out for an xbox instead. Of course If both Sony and MS release the same amount of consoles MS ain't got a prayer.
iamnsuperman  +   834d ago
"The conjecture is backed up by data from eBay listings, which shows Xbox One mark-ups 60 percent north of the console's $500 price tag whilst those of PS4 are just a tick lower at roughly 50 percent more than its respective $400 asking price"

I do not understand this reasoning.

OT: I don't think it will just purely based on the price.
#2 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   834d ago

Is my reaction.


Nexus 7 2013
RandomDude655  +   834d ago
Supply has an adverse reaction on price. It's not demand, as PS4 is polling higher in all regions. AKA low supply means higher price. If the xbox one is in lower supply, how would it sell more than ps4? Analyst is stupid.

BOOM headshot
#2.2 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
dumahim  +   834d ago
To me it sounds like he isn't factoring in supply and demand. I haven't looked, but he would have to take into consideration how many consoles are available. PS4 seems to have went into production weeks ahead of Xbox One. If there are less Xbox Ones to be had, it's no wonder the price could be higher.

I don't see how anyone can look at game pre-order numbers and figure Xbox would match or exceed PS4 sales. Xbox has arguably the better launch line-up, but PS4 still has more game pre-sales.
lonz358  +   834d ago
Doubt it.
Angels3785  +   834d ago

Ebay its basis xDDDD what an unprofessional analyst....not even preorder numbers? This is an analyst 100% ignorant to the industry.
#4 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Walker  +   834d ago
You wish !
JuniorCE  +   834d ago
Fanboy analyst... Oh I see... LoL
Magnus  +   834d ago
Of course retailers will have a hard time keeping stock on the shelf. It depends how much stock both Sony and Microsoft have shipped out. And also its a new piece of technology and people go goo goo for new technology Apple knows this well when it comes to the Iphone. And sales between the PS4 and XB1 are going to be hard to predict right now because both consoles are brand new and what it comes down to is what can the console provide for me as the player and what are the games coming out to it.
solidworm  +   834d ago
Bryan574  +   834d ago
I guess people like the NSAbox.
ruefrak  +   834d ago
I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't forgotten that MS and the NSA have a very cozy relationship.
Grown Folks Talk  +   834d ago
It might even matter if you were still required to have Kinect hooked up for the system to function.
aiBreeze  +   834d ago
^^^ Sure, just remember not to send any joke bomb threats over XBL messaging.
ruefrak  +   834d ago
And it's not just Kinect "watching" you, but it's about supporting a company that gave the NSA the keys to the encryption for their users' email. How am I ever supposed to trust Microsoft with my privacy?
Rimfro  +   834d ago
You could probably trust Microsoft as much as you can trust Sony. How quickly we forget the PSN hack...
Grown Folks Talk  +   834d ago
It's amusing that a society who has accused the government of spying on them since well before my 37 years on earth, all of a sudden become pushed over the edge by a video game console. They can gather info on you any time they like, & have been able to for quite some time.
MRMagoo123  +   834d ago

What on earth does ppl hacking psn have to do with MS knowingly sharing info ? nothing at all but i guess you might need some more straws to clutch.
Legacy212  +   834d ago
never understood this spying anxiety. Do people do illegal activity in their house or are all drug kingpins here? Anyways for the article im pretty sure he means only in north american and im the guy who posted this. Even i dont believe xbox one will outsell ps4 in north america and im getting an x1 but who knows maybe people like the skype stuff and extra media stuff.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   834d ago
No, it's just called respect... Do you want random people, to have access to your electronic files. While making a file on you??? I don't ,,
Plus it's technically illegal to do in the U.S., but not for the all powerful NSA, and their Crony Capitalist;s such as M$..
#9.2.1 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
SirBradders  +   834d ago
^^ What he said.
Also microsft dont just hand it over for free they sell it so they sell you an overpriced console and then make more money of you by selling your data.
Having or not having stuff to hide is beside the point, we are entering an age were our freedom is being taken away behind closed doors.
Campy da Camper  +   834d ago
No, but some sleazy perv in IT dept decides do a little snooping and sees ur girl in her panties while laying on the couch is enough for me to say forget it. Let us not forget mobile WiFi hackers doing drive through in neighborhoods turning on the kinect to see if your house is empty and if you have stuff nice enough to warrant a quick break in.

Or, shady as heck insurance companies buying user data to see what your lifestyle habits are so the can jack up your premiums.

And yes, if the govt wanted to take a looks-see at what you are doing they will. Cameras from vendors that are always looking into my apartment are not welcome. I don't use motion controls or voice commands so I have ZERO reason to have them. Having one on my phones is bad enough but that thing is not always aimed into my living quarters. My recliner has the right arm that opens up and has place for remotes and stuff. My phone is in there, in the dark any time I'm at home.
PHIBALNATION  +   834d ago
Campy are you really that paranoid ?They make medicine for that. How often is your girl laying on the couch in panties? All the time u say, chances are she a ho.
PirateKing  +   834d ago
This is like Dorothy trying to phone home with her red slippers. I wonder if these fanboy analysts convince themselves this is true, that it will somehow magically happen.
#10 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
matrixman92  +   834d ago
Idiot: Xbox One will outsell Playstation 4 at launch
AbortMission  +   834d ago
Idiot #2: Xbux Wun is moar powerful than PS4 becuz CLOUDZ!
ssbains  +   834d ago
Analyst looking for press and exposure, he should try dropping his pants, that will get him more notearity than this prediction drivel. Did he know about the 720p debacle with Call of Duty and other 3rd party games?
C-Thunder  +   834d ago
I don't think it's possible just on the basis of units available at launch. Then we dive into price and now multiplayer all running better on ps4...there are uneducated consumers, but not all consumers are uneducated.
josephayal  +   834d ago
PS4 sales will far exceed Xbox one
TechMech2  +   834d ago
I'd say ps4 will outsell Xbox one every month until halo 5 launches, but I don't think that will be enough to get most gamers to switch to Xbox one.
SirBradders  +   834d ago
Thats why they stopped bringing halo to pc because they know they would be loaing sales.
Neo-Axl  +   834d ago
"Analyst: Xbox One will outsell PlayStation 4 at launch"

captain_slow82  +   834d ago
this guy needs a new job lol

wait i have to edit lol

"The conjecture is backed up by data from eBay listings"
am sorry but im laughing even more hahahaha
#18 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
donman1  +   834d ago
And real strong medication.
Stevino123  +   834d ago
Pachter's an analyst?
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   834d ago
Because of how long this last gen has been and a culture change with how lay people are now open to spending more on "premium" electronic products (ipad etc) I can see more normal people jumping in early this generation. Those lay people know nothing about the things we talk about on here and certainly here in the uk I can see them jumping for the One out of nothing but brand awareness. Many of my non "gamer" friends fully believe the One will have the control everything and everything is intergrated dream working on day 1! I try and tell them they will be disapointed if they think the media stuff is going to work this side of 2015. Advertising works.

On another note: maybe they are including all of the Xbox Ones mountain dew and whatever other random US junk foods are giving away every 2 minutes.

If they really are giving one away every two minutes for a month thats half a million units!!!???!!! there must be a catch to that!

edit - found it, ok its not for a month. its for a 5 hour window on what looks like 7-14 different days its a bit confusing.
#20 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TuxedoMoon  +   834d ago
There are gamers and there are casuals. Gamers are the people who read up and keep up to date with what goes on in the gaming sphere. Casuals don't and typically just get a console because of word of mouth. A lot of gamers won't buy the Xbone, but there's a high chance that a lot of casuals will simply because they had the 360 before. Those casuals might see the PS4 as "too foreign" for them too (not because it's a japanese console, but because of the controller and interface. It's simply different from xbox and what they're used to). The Xbone will probably sell well in the US...cause after all...The Xbone is a console by Americans and FOR Americans.

This is all just based on Mights, Chances, and Maybes. We all think that the ps4 will outsell the xbone, but you never know what could happen. For all that could happen, people might start picking up the Wii-u!
WeAreLegion  +   834d ago
Maybe...but parents see $100 cheaper.
donman1  +   834d ago
Will do what... Hahahahahahahaha. Not going to happen. Not even in the US market worse yet globally.
smoothop  +   834d ago
Both consoles will sell well, it don't matter what surveys they do online because that ain't going to be the vast amount of people buying them.

People need to just get over the fact that people will buy what they like, i'm getting Xbox first and i'm happy, my money and I ain't going to let anyone sway me because they have a lot of hate built up.

Happy gaming what ever you decide to buy people.
The_Ozymandias  +   834d ago
123pol  +   834d ago
hahahahahahahaha !
lazyboyblue  +   834d ago
We all know the ps4 is the one to get but we still don't know which way the casuals will go.
For all we know the 2 million preorders for ps4 could be followed by 4 million mums, dads and grans all wanting xbones for the kiddies.
badkolo  +   834d ago
just on the hype alone and larger country list its much more logical to presume that ps4 will sell more and lead the roost for a while. it makes no sense for the x1 to lead with the negative press and in 13 countries.
wenaldy  +   834d ago
R0n0rve  +   834d ago
I'm getting an Xbox One and I totally disagree with this... But that does not mean that the Xbox One has a good amount of pre orders.
Belking  +   834d ago
MS has already stated that xb1 is ahead of xbox360 preorders. I don't know if they will beat ps4 but gamers are realizing that xb1 has the stronger lineup and features. It's not gonna be the blowout people are expecting and with the watchdogs and driveclub delays this hurts their preorders even more.
christocolus  +   834d ago
this is going to be really exciting to anxious to see how things play out.
KYU2130  +   834d ago
I have nothing against XB1 but you can't use watchdogs against PS4 alone. It is a XB1 game as well. So the loss of Watchdogs hurts both houses. As for XB1 preorders being sold out. I have said it before i can still walk into my local Frys Electronics and order one. but everywhere i look i can't find a PS4.
Who  +   833d ago
I will eventually get both consoles - the first being a PS4, however I am not impressed with their launch titles. I have to say, XB1's launch looks a bit more appealing only because I'm a diehard KI fan.
jay2  +   834d ago
Lol just no
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