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Namco Bandai Games re-released their console action adventure game from developers Ninja Theory for the PC audience, but with the game coming some years later, how well does it stack up in today's competitive market?

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Magnus1792d ago

Its a shame I always thought this title was great a sleeper hit.

Robearboy1792d ago

Agreed, i thought it was harshly treated because of Ninja Theorys "move to the dark side" and going Multiplat - The game was pretty good, only lacking in the amount of comat moves available

bunt-custardly1792d ago

Quote from review:

"If you have a controller and mess with the game files, then there is a decent game here that’s worth playing, especially for the asking price. As it stands, Enslaved doesn't possess the kind of polish or user interface expected from today’s games and therefore scores less than its console cousin."

kevnb1792d ago

PC has higher standards, but still a fun game.

Venox20081792d ago

I like this game 8\10 from me

jc485731792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

the thing is, NT games were always an "8" game. 8 is not bad, but I wish they put more effort into their games. Enslaved is still a great game under my book.

Venox20081792d ago

7 is not bad, 8 is good :)

RBlue_Desire1792d ago

7/10 game.
Needs more moves, though that was fixed by DmC.

Zefros1792d ago

I loved this game, worth a shot on consoles atleast. to bad it didn't do well and no sequel will be made.

Relientk771792d ago

This game was fun on consoles, beat it awhile ago. Def worth the playthrough

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The story is too old to be commented.