Looking at a Homogenized Gaming Future

In days of the past, gaming hardware was very diverse. There was very little in common between an NES and a Master System, and less still between a Genesis and Super Nintendo. PC gaming was a totally different beast from any of the consoles all the way up until this current generation, and you don’t really start seeing proper ports until the Playstation era and they were spotty at best. As we look onto what the Wii U, Playstation 4, and Xbox One next gen gaming PCs will be like, one thing is certain. Unlike eras of the past, there isn’t that much different between your choices as a gamer.

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MAULxx1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I think there's still significant differences in hardware when comparing the PS4, WiiU, Xbone & PC.
There are even more differences when it comes to the way you interact with these machines. Controllers are different, UIs are different.
The thinking/philosophy behind the new consoles are all different.
I think the WiiU offers something totally different than PS4 & Xbone. It's the one that comes with a second screen that is the controller. The Xbone is designed to funnel your TV through it & as dumb as it sounds to me, others may use it.
PC offers a broad scope of differences.

kazuma9991874d ago

ps vita and ps4 is the same as wii u

MAULxx1874d ago

There are similarities.