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GameStop sales slump as gamers wait on next-gen consoles

GameStop Corp, the world’s largest retailer of video game products, warned of weak sales this year, as customers delay purchases ahead of the launch of next-generation gaming consoles. Comparable store sales are likely to fall by between 5.5 per cent and 8 per cent in the current quarter, the company warned. (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

EXVirtual  +   709d ago
After the delay of Watch Dogs and Drive Club (PS4 exclusive), I thought this would happen.

Most of the launch games for the PS4/XBO are also available on current gen consoles.
Palaven  +   709d ago
Read the article. It is talking about lower sales on current gen because people are waiting to buy the games on the Xbox One & PS4. Not lower sales on next gen.
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neocores  +   709d ago
FYI watch dog was not a ps exclusive but hey nice way to try to troll.
A for effort
EXVirtual  +   709d ago
Troll? Check my comment history. I love the PS4 :)
I know WD isn't a PS4 exclusive, I meant Driveclub.
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dragonyght  +   709d ago
lol jumping on the gun are we?
there nowhere in that sentence, he said watch dogs was ps4 exclusive -_-
SuperBlur  +   709d ago
"Watch Dogs and Drive Club (PS4 exclusive)"

Dude you're seeing trolls where there isn't . Exclusive NO plural , he is referring to Drive Club
Zuperman  +   709d ago
I bet everybody is selling there current generation systems lol.
ZBlacktt  +   709d ago
Or he could have meant the PS4 WD bundle is the highest pre ordered one. Which it was... Or WD has exclusive game content for the PS4 which it does. But even still, he only said DC was exclusive in his comment.
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EXVirtual  +   709d ago
Ah, my mistake, misread it. Sorry. I also didn't mean WD was a PS4 exclusive, I meant Driveclub.
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3-4-5  +   709d ago
just wait until next months numbers.

They are having sale after sale after sale on used games right now so they are making money. The sales have been recently though so we won't see the numbers for a few weeks on it.

Doesn't this happen every gen though ?

And PS3 users seem to still be buying a ton of games.
deecee33  +   709d ago
Old article is old. This is from back in March. Plus, I'm sure Gamestop will clean up this holiday season.
Thomaticus  +   709d ago
They need to have better deals on the old stuff now.
Zuperman  +   709d ago
$4.99 for current gen games.
thehitman  +   709d ago
Black Friday wait for it.
AO1JMM  +   709d ago
That is my plan
Arcanine  +   709d ago
honestly lol
jahfen83  +   709d ago
I can see that. Im not buying ghosts cause I'm waiting for it on ps4
Oschino1907  +   709d ago
I pre-ordered the Ps4 hardened edition on the SEN website last night. Just waiting for Ps4 to get here the 15th so I can hit the "download to Ps4" button.

I swore off GameStop and cancelled all my preorders a few weeks after renewing last fall. They just imo have some of the worst customer service and midnight launches. Refuse to spend another dime or min of my life there.

(Lived like 2min walk from GameStop used to be EB games before, shopped there since my first PC in elementary school and I could shop alone, almost 20 years now. This last gen it just went downhill in every aspect but mostly customer service.)

Amazon or local Sony outlet for physical, SEN for digital.
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Edi007  +   709d ago
Me too i wait for next gen now i m playing the old current gen games that i miss like infamous, resistance 3, borderland 2
cunnilumpkin  +   709d ago
the whole next gen will be a slump in sales

xbox1 and ps4 will never sell even close to what ps3/xbox360 did

and the wii u.....well, we all know what happened there

wii was a fluke last gen

and ps4 and xbox1 will be lucky, LUCKY to get 50 million units a piece in the next 7-8 years
vikingland1  +   709d ago
Why do you think that?
thehitman  +   709d ago
I think the next-gen consoles will sell much more than last gen. The economy will probably.. hopefully be in a much better shape than it was throughout most of this gen and I think everyone is really willing to upgrade at this point when your friends have something new you wont want to just sit back and watch them. I dont really know where your pessimism is coming from but I know you are far from right.
mysteryraz11  +   709d ago
u are on a ton of console threads,stop spreading your negativity u pc nerd
Slysi  +   709d ago
I'm all ready for next gen now, not buying any new games until next gen now
KNWS  +   709d ago
Too much negativity on the web doesn't help either. Sony fans and X box fans both hating on each others console and spreading disinformation, turns lot people off. Some just prefer to wait and see which console gets the most praise after launch.
generalthadeape  +   709d ago
That's kind of where I'm at-- had the PS4 preordered the day after E3 started-- changed it to Xbox One after all the 180s-- (DOH!).

Now, I feel real bad because of all the bad news that continually comes from Microsoft's direction-- I mean, it just doesn't stop does it?

I'm to the point where I just want to feel the controllers in my own hands, see the results of side by side comparisons and see for myself what the benchmark tests have to say about which console is "better".

This is really too bad because I would like to be part of history while these two video game consoles launch-- but all of this bickering back and forth has really put a damper on my excitement for either system right now.
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takohma  +   709d ago
I wonder what kinds of sales are they going to have. I have a decent backlog to get to. I just don't have enough time or motivation lol. I'm waiting a few months to get the PS4 and X1. Think I'll wait until income tax, most likely there will be more games for it. I'm amongst the minorities who thinks this gen still has a couple years left in it.
Oschino1907  +   709d ago
I was in the same place when ps3 came out. So many ps2 games and I bought a bunch of them I missed when they dropped in price after ps3 launch (I didn't play ps2 online).

Was waiting for tax return in 2008 (after cod4 mw and halo 3 came out, friends let me borrow both systems while they each were on vacation that Winter). I knew I needed one or the other after playing those games online. Luckily most my friends stuck with PlayStation and one offered to loan me money to get it before my tax return.

Ps3 still has plenty left in terms of system and games but I am more then ready to upgrade to a ps4 and vita tv. Will still have my 2 ps3s but I am sticking with next gen for new games for the most part.

I already like you have a big backlog (thanks ps+ sales and games) and with ps+ it will continue to grow without having to buy anything. Might grab a few sale items here and there to add to digital library.
N8  +   709d ago
I'm missing out on batman because of the ps4
Campy da Camper  +   709d ago
Youre not missing much. Played it for couple hours and either my mind is simply stuck on Nov 15th or it really is meh. Just doesn't seem to have to fun factor that AA and AC had. I dunno...graphics also seem blah.

TBH, I'm so ready for my ps4 I think I'm looking for flaws lol
danny818  +   709d ago
This was published in march.... The heck
AO1JMM  +   709d ago
All I have purchased was GTAV and other than that I will be waiting for the PS4.
objdadon  +   709d ago
I've been to busy playing gta 5 online! Im getting the ps4 in a couple weeks but I'll probably still be playing gta 5 online.
DEEBO  +   709d ago
Just left gamestop about a couple hours ago
we had a meeting gearing up for the holidays.
lol i also got a write up for selling a skylanders collecter or something BS like that.oh well
but sales should be fine with the new consoles coming out.
people are just waiting for this things to hit the street.

lol funny thing is i also skip batman waiting for the ps4 to hit on the 15_
gta online will help me kill time before the ps4 drops.
Daves  +   709d ago
I don't disagree, but we've just spend BILLIONS on GTAV and are still playing that.

How much money do you want from us!?
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romancer  +   709d ago
The article is dated March 28. Apparently bad news does not travel fast.

A post-GTA5 update on Gamestop sales is in order.
JediDiah  +   709d ago
Maybe I should go all digital seeing I was offered only 14 bucks for TLOU at Game Stop. Guess how much they will sell it for?

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