Sony Shows that Games Run on Actual PS4 Consoles at Events With Pictures, Debunks Rumor on Using PCs

Sony Computer Entertainment is showcasing the PS4 in Italy at the Games Week trade show in Milan, and the staff at the booth finally decided to debunk the widespread rumor alleging that games at events and on demo stations are running on PCs and not on actual PS4 hardware.

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whoyouwit041847d ago

Haven't both Microsoft and Sony already done this?

Abriael1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

That's Microsoft, not Sony. Unless Major Nelson has suddenly jumped the moat :D

xPhearR3dx1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Yeah I know, I assumed you meant Microsoft since you didn't specify and there's pics of the PS4 in the article. Sony has been showing off the PS4 at their stores for a couple weeks now. I saw someone post a picture of the PS4 itself and the controller up close last week while playing Knack.

I guess this is where the picture came from. One of these.

pixelsword1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Yeeeah, the hatemongers need to get their act together:

if they used PCs, then the whole PS4 overheating thing that was blown out of proportion (in a container with no ventilation, when container was opened PS4 went back to normal operating parameters) wouldn't make sense.

There's also numerous people who took pics of themselves playing the PS4.

The only reason why Nelson had to show pics was because when a Xbone-looking station malfunctioned at an event, it showed a PC running windows:

Now, it could be that it was merely running the xbone through the PC like they said you could do, but will that give the xbone's graphics a boost, and not representative of the actual graphics? I don't know, time will tell; since that incident happened, hatemongers decided that the PS4 had to have been running on PCs as well.

bintarok1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

The real question was what 'games' that being played on the actual PS4 in the events. People are keep bashing it because they could only see Knack, DriveClub, and indies. They haven't seen BF4 or COD running on retail PS4.

edit. i forgot to include KZ4 in the actual list. Tx abriel.

Abriael1847d ago

@bintarok: this one plays Killzone. You can see it from the label at the top.

Army_of_Darkness1847d ago

How do I know it's not a pc in the form of a ps4 huh?? This is madnessssss!

sAVAge_bEaST1846d ago


Well it is a Super Computer, in the form of a Ps4.

DOMination-1846d ago

PS4 in "playing a playstation4 game" shocker.

Whatever next.

1nsomniac1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Microsoft did upload pictures of "real" Xbone systems in action at an event after they had already been caught out once but they were quickly debunked again as 1 blue screened to a Windows 7 OS.

Proving that not only did they lie about it running on the console AGAIN but also that they didn't have enough faith to even run there own Windows 8 OS with their own gaming software.

Khajiit861846d ago


I would love a desktop with an xbox one built in it. "Kinect load windows"

Army_of_Darkness1846d ago

I wonder if my disagrees were due to the lack sarcasm humor? :-$

BBBirdistheWord1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

of course there were real ps4s on display.

How else would they have got a pic and video of a real ps4 overheating while in operation?

In fact there were numerous reports of real ps4s glitching, also.

It was a real ps4 and it did overheat/glitch. No question.
No matter how much the ps4 fans disagree.

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BX811847d ago

How did the next gen start with excitement and end up like this? WTF happened? We are no longer talking about features and our favorite games we can't wait for. Instead were waisting time on stories like this and rumors.

PeaSFor1847d ago

we are pretty much "killing time" while waiting, its normal.

ThanatosDMC1847d ago

Pretty much because we want the new consoles all ready.

Abriael1847d ago

@ThanatosDMC: unfortunately I'm quite sure there are many out there that would wish the opposite.

fullmetal2971846d ago

Nah, its what fuels the fanboy wars and this website is nothing but a giant war room.

Khajiit861846d ago

Dude I cant wait to get in line at bestbuy for my PS4.

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sigfredod1847d ago

That is why the state on the article they explain that still some myths running around on tweeter and people that still believe is truth thats why the show the pics again

1nsomniac1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Although Sony has been using real ps4's for a long time as seen by Yoshidas on stage demo a while back. Although xbone used massively overpowered pcs then they came out admitting they were pcs but then said, "here, ok these are now running on real xbones" with xbones in full site only to find out yet again that there not actually connected & again connected to hidden pcs again!!

Microsofts actions so far have been disgusting for the entire release of the XBone. It has nothing to do with fan boyism. The 360 was great, the XBone is a console being pushed by corporate idiots who want to get as much profit out of as little work without the slightest bit of knowledge of their subject matter!!!

That's why there's so much hate for them now!!

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891846d ago

After looking at these pics of the ps4 in the sealed plexiglass boxes and all the overheating rumors, I hope sony have started adding a vent with a exhaust fan. Not that hard to install. #endtheps4abuse lol

maddskull1846d ago

microsoft weren't
showing games with the xbox one first they were using a powerful pc

saber000051846d ago

Microsoft on multiple events used PCs instead of Xbox1

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xPhearR3dx1847d ago

Well considering the thing launches in a little over 2 weeks, I'd hope they weren't using PC's to show off PS4 games. E3 was around 6 months before launch. Made sense then, not now.

Abriael1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

You'd be surprised how many comments I see on articles even like yesterday with people alleging that PS4 games still run on PC on demo stations and at events.

It surprises me every time. No matter how many times you tell them that it's 100% inconceivable that store demos run on PCs, because Sony (or microsoft) would never, ever give access to a PC including files from games to store clerks they have no control on. Can you imagine what kind of can of worms that would open?

pyramidshead1846d ago

haha this will definitely shut any xbox fanboy up about the games running on PCs.

Even they will some how try to find some way to spin this like the ps4 is photoshopped into the picture or something ridiculous.

Nice to see Sony squashing rumours.

iamnsuperman1847d ago

I didn't realise this was a big rumour. They could have east put the PS4 on something nicer than a cardboard box

Flyingdog6701847d ago

Well at E3 they probably ran on dev kits, but in recent events and the demo stations, i'm sure that they were running on the actual hardware. Still, some people would still say they were running on PC's.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1847d ago

Because kzsf looks that good.

Foxgod1847d ago

Both Ms and sony used pc,s in the past.
Its obvious, if games where fully ready to be shown earlier, then they might as well have launched the consoles earlier.

The hardware and software where simply not mature enough yet.
But a good pc will run anything you trow at it.

DoesUs1846d ago

Will it play XB1 games or PS4 games like Ryse or KZ:SF?

Be terrific if possible.

Foxgod1846d ago

if the source code is compiled for those platforms, then yes.

LoydX-mas1846d ago

It is bizarre that only here on N4G could a post like yours get so many disagrees when what you posted is absolutely correct.