Miyamoto To MTV: Why 'Wii Fit' Is Not 'Mario Fit' - Also Talks The Pleasure Of Goals, Hardcore Gamer Complaints And New Characters

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Last week I interviewed Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto about "Wii Fit." The interview will be used for an upcoming MTV News piece on the game.

But we can't fit everything on air and I wanted to give Nintendo fans and all Wii owners access to the full conversation before the game comes out on May 19.

Miyamoto talked to me about everything "Wii Fit" - the Balance Board, the challenge of making an exercise game in a world of un-fit people, the connections between this game and things like "Brain Age," "Donkey Kong" and the Power Pad…

He even addressed how this game relates to "Smash Bros." designer Masahiro Sakurai's recent comment that it's become hard to make new character-based games.

And he took, head-on, the challenge from hardcore gamers who say "Wii Fit" is a bad thing."

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