UT3 goes 3D with new mod

A new mod has been released that allows Unreal tournament 3 to be played in 3D. Glasses are required.

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TheHater3860d ago

I have to download this mode. I still have two pair of 3D glasses I got from seeing a 3D movie :)
These mods keep getting better, and better every day

ruibing3860d ago

I wish I had a pair too, anyone know a place online that sells them cheap?

bourner3859d ago

what do you think to the mod ? does it work well ?

Forgranted3860d ago

This is a movie of Unreal tournament 3, kind of like machinima. It is not playable. But its definitely worth checking out.

TheIneffableBob3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

You can play Unreal Tournament 3 in 3D if you want to.

Stoned Alone3860d ago

i cant wait until this is cooked up for the ps3

LeonSKennedy4Life3859d ago

I tried it with the glasses I got from Sharkboy and Lavagirl. SHUT UP! IT WAS GOOD!

It didn't look that good, but it's probably just the cheap glasses.

nbsmatambo3859d ago

it really wasnt, srry =/

CyberSentinel3859d ago

OK. I Know what I'm dealing with now. Lol.

sumfood4u3859d ago

trying to make a quick but off of something worth playing!

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