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Sony Using 'Methodical Approach' With Gaikai, Will Eventually Stream PS4 Games: IHS Senior Analyst

"Sony has revealed its plans for Gaikai to provide backwards compatibility to PS3 games via Cloud streaming for the PlayStation 4. However, the question that has stuck with everyone since the service was announced was whether it would also be used to stream PS4 games in the future." (PS4)

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GTgamer  +   174d ago
Looking Forward to Gaikai here's hoping it works well.
DOOMZ  +   174d ago
So in other words, they will be doing EXACTLY what they were bashing XBOX ONE for...
GTgamer  +   174d ago
I don't get it could u elaborate
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SlavisH2  +   174d ago
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   174d ago
Not exactly. They agreed that the cloud was the future but that right now, the average internet connection was not fast enough for an always online solution. Add to that the fact that not everyone has a stable connection (or a connection at all.)

Basically, what they meant was that one day, always-online would be great but that it wasn't possible yet.

And btw, Sony is talking cloud gaming while Microsoft is talking cloud computing. Not the same thing at all.
Gaming_Guru  +   174d ago
Microsoft was more about always-on using cloud computing while this is more about streaming games on different devices using cloud computing. One was used for control while the other is used for flexibility.

On top of that Microsoft uses cloud computing for things that should be downloaded locally like single player AIs or parts of the single player, while Sony used it in Uncharted for things like balancing out online game modes on the fly even down to weapon placements on the map.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   174d ago
Who's "they"?
DigitalRaptor  +   173d ago
Here's a quote for you ignorant, desperate to downplay guys:

Mark Cerny: "To the extent that it's possible to do computing in the cloud. PS4 can do computing in the cloud. We do some things today. Matchmaking is done in the cloud and it works very well. If we think about things that don't work well, trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won't work well in the cloud."


Gaikai is mainly for streaming games from the cloud, not what Cerny criticised Microsoft claims for, which was 'increasing raw power/graphics potential' to make up for significantly weaker hardware. None of what Cerny criticised correlates to what Sony is doing with Gaikai and increasing performance in the cloud.
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patsrule316  +   174d ago
"Sony has revealed its plans for Gaikai to provide backwards compatibility to PS3 games via Cloud streaming for the PlayStation 4."

So... the author considers saying they will stream some games at some point, without saying when the plan will start, how much it will cost, how the plan will work (subscription ala netflix/pay per game/ etc.), which games will be available, or even if it will work well, as revealing their plans? I would consider it not revealing their plans.
sigfredod  +   174d ago
I don't think so, the Playstation is a worlwide product, and a based cloud only console will not work at that level, even now on the tier 1 internet speed country a great percentage of users don´t have the bandwith necesary not even talk in tier 2 and tier 3 country those are millions of current customers, one of the mistakes that us as gamers commit is to state i have 50 gigs fiber i'm ok, and don't think on the other 50 million fellow gamers than don´t
alexkoepp  +   174d ago
Wow so even sony admits the power of the cloud is real...
GTgamer  +   173d ago
So your telling me that they bought Gaikai a cloud gaming service but don't believe in the cloud streaming -_- i know your a xbox fanboy but can you be more productive with your comments.
alexkoepp  +   173d ago
No I'm saying Sony fanboys dismiss power of the cloud as PR talk from Microsoft, Sony says they plan on doing ps4 games through the cloud at some point but none of those fanboys are out and about saying that "graphics can't be done by the cloud" even though all evidence points to entire games being computed server side and streamed...
DigitalRaptor  +   173d ago
@ alexkoepp

"Sony says they plan on doing ps4 games through the cloud at some point but none of those fanboys are out and about saying that "graphics can't be done by the cloud""

Hmmm I wonder if that would be because we all know OnLive and Gaikai have existed for years, with the ability to stream games. This is nothing new.

So the basis of your comment goes from "even sony admits the power of the cloud is real" to "Sony fanboys dismiss the power of the cloud". Who is it? Do some research and make up your mind.

They never said cloud computing couldn't be done and have been exploring it for years. However, their criticisms hold true. You might want to actually explore what Sony said about cloud computing before jumping to make stupid comments.

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Palaven  +   174d ago
So now that Sony are doing the same thing as Microsoft it is possible now?
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Xsilver  +   173d ago
U need to be slapped tbh its not the same Sony cloud is for streaming games MS cloud computing was for apparently improving graphics only when connected to the internet smfh people like you deserve one bubble.
Palaven  +   173d ago
^Simmer down. Typical fanboy, turning to violence, people like you don't deserve to have an account.

When has anyone said that the Cloud is only for improving graphics? The Cloud is going to improve gaming on the Xbox One & XBL in many ways but I can't explain that in simple enough terms for you to understand.

Your comments must be interesting with you being a Sony fan on N4G but only having 3 bubbles. /s

Victim? From a comment on the internet? LOL. Grow up.
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GTgamer  +   173d ago
Typical idiot playing the victim big claps for you. Trolling on a Sony article maybe you should practice wat you preach and grow up :).
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Blaze929  +   173d ago
U mad bro? He just asked a question, hop off
Lboogieskells  +   173d ago
@Blaze929 ... Palaven was trolling.

@Palaven...Sony announced their Gaikai cloud service back in Febuary (before Microsoft) and has been offering cloud storage for playstation plus owners well before that.

Mark Cerny commented that cloud processing is not useful when it comes to improving graphics now. Even in this article they are reffering to future endeavors.
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yarbie1000  +   173d ago
Xbox One just recently showed Halo 4 streaming on mobile devices. So obviously it can stream as well. PS4 is built for streaming. XB1 Streaming, rendering, dedicated servers etc
scott182  +   173d ago

"So now that Sony are doing the same thing as Microsoft it is possible now?"

What did Microsoft do before Sony? Sony was always going to have a cloud system in place with Gaikai and Openstack. How Sony uses it was never completely known by anyone...

I assume you're talking about cloud compute in the first place. While I think it is possible, I also think fanboys blow up what it can do way too far. It is for simple CPU calculations to improve online game speeds a bit. I believe it is possible for either company to do...
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ssj27  +   173d ago
There is a reason why you have two bubbles..

Sony said "whatever m$ an do with could, we can also do.."
why is that hard to understand? is not like m$ has some kind of exclusive super power that other corp. can't have.

Sony got Gaika to steam games, they already have the infrastructure to do so patents and the experience. M$ can or will also do it.. sometime in the future, but Sony seem to have the advantage in this tech.

You xbone fan act like cold is exclusive to m$ and dedicated servers are also exclusive to you, it's pathetic and sad.

pc, nintendo and sony fan make fun of the cold making the games run better, because 1, they will not and an't use that technology now, 2) sony can also do it or pc or nintendo if they want to, but is not possible now 3) it's funny because m$ is desperate and said such a thing because their next gen console is weaker than the PS4 and they said such a thing to not look weaker but is silly and stupid.

for example whatever forza is doing the "drivatars" is possible in any game even in the PS3 xbox360 games, that feature is not magical or exclusive to xbone and is pathetic that some of you think it's lol.
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